March 17, 2020

...and so we seam... the vulnerable spaces...

March 10, 2020

2020 Fundraising Marathon: The act or process and/or quality or state of being duplicated while duplicating

March 3, 2020

2020 Fundraising Marathon: Your Playlist Picks from the Past!

February 18, 2020

Cauliflower, Cream with Strawberries, a Mysterious Burrito, Spices of the Heart and Brass

February 11, 2020

Down with drizzled persuasions and up with friendly rainbows

January 7, 2020

Tuesday Afternoon... Meet Me On The Moon

January 5, 2020

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December 15, 2019

Songs of Sniffles & Swallows. Cuts of Cackles & Coughs. Infected Persuasion is hack for another week.

December 1, 2019

Friendly Persuasion... The Flavour Enhancer!

November 24, 2019

Compact and lightweight. Persuasion that won't weigh you down. Validity only applicable upon listening.

September 29, 2019

Who are you? Where do you come from? Why are you here?

September 22, 2019

Can you hear the thoughts of others? Forecast the next track? Influence matter with your ears?

September 15, 2019

Wake up to Friendly Persuasion, the next best thing to sleeping late

September 8, 2019

We know a remote farm in Lincolnshire, where Mrs. Buckley lives; every July, peas grow there...

August 18, 2019

Join us for our Weekly Sales Meeting, "Punctuating Pataphysical Percussion and Aural Absurdist Accentuation". You Can Better Your Best at the rustic Esso Motor Lodge off I-23 up Canada way at 2pm sharp. Arrive early for your complimentary cheese basket.

August 11, 2019

Just another Pancake, who sometimes Waffles

July 31, 2019

Sorry I Can't... I Have Plans With My Cat

July 17, 2019

Refer to bottom of unit for cautionary markings

July 3, 2019

The Sun Will Rise, For Everyone Under The Sun

June 28, 2019

It's live, live, it's all the way live

June 21, 2019

Just In Case You're Wondering about Pillow Talk amongst Pelicans

Ice-T - Intro - Power
The New Creation - Countdown To Revolution! - Troubled
Astrud Gilberto - Beginnings - September 17 1969
Gene Rains and his Group - Love is a Many-Splendored Thing - Lotus Land

Mike Simpson - Hyena Hippies - Jungle Odyssey
Irving Fields - Song Of The Islands (Na Lei O Hawaii) - Bikinis And Bongos
Ferrante and Teicher - Baja - Soundproof
Claudette Auchu - Pillow Talk - Claudette Auchu…
Guenter Platzek - Midnight Train - Wintergarden
Paul Mauriat - 36 North 140 East - Love Is Still Blue

Dieter Zimmermann and his Orchestra - Soul Finger - My World
Mauricio Smith - El Green Hornet - Bitter Acid
Armando Peraza - Mony Mony - Wild Thing
Ninapinta and his Bongos and Congas - Help - The Downtown Scene: Hits For The Hip
Joe Cain & His Orchestra - It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mambo Part II - Latin Explosion
Lalo Schifrin - A Taste of Bamboo (Hula Twist) - Gone With The Wave

Dudley Moore - Morning Walk - 30 Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia!
Claudette Auchu - Oye Come Va / Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me - Claudette Auchu…
Hot Butter - Slag Solution - More Hot Butter
Todd Rundgren - Intro / Breathless - Something / Anything?
Kandu & His Friends - Just In Case You're Wondering - 7"
Matt Berry - Top of the Pops - Television Themes
Stevie Wonder - Race Babbling - Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants

Don Sebesky - Dance The Night Away - The Distant Galaxy
Jeff Wayne - Horsell Common and The Heat Ray - The War Of The Worlds
James Last And His Orchestra - Equinoxe Part 5 - Paintings
Claude Denjean - Memories of Moody Blues - Moods
Nino Ferrer and Radiah - Looking For You - Nino And Radiah
The KLF - Some of 3AM Somewhere Out Of Beaumont where Witchita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard with Trancentral Lost In My Mind - Chill Out

Okapi & Aldo Kapi's Orchestra - Chant dans le style de Mozart - Pardonne​-​moi, Olivier!
Electric Light Orchestra - The Whale - Out Of The Blue

The Steve Miller Band - Macho City - 12"

Quatro - Trompette Grec, Je t'attends, T'as une clé? Attend moé pas, cauchemar dans ton bar - Les eclairs me donnent la vie

Mon Oncle Alphonse - J'Pense Que J'Vas V'Nir - Disco Gag
Percy Faith And His Orchestra - Pelican Dance - New Thing

Doc Severinsen - Summer's Coming Back! - Doc Severinsen & Strings

June 14, 2019

From The Touch Of Leonard Nimoy to The Erotic Diary of a Lumberjack

Leonard Nimoy - Maiden Wine - The Touch Of Leonard Nimoy
Les Maniboulas - Let's Go - 7"
CKGM - Montreal My Home Town (Instrumental) - 7"

Otis Fodder & Naomi Hall - Incorrect Music Theme (remix) - Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion
Denise Rosner of Camp Akiba 1976 - Big Spender - Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion
Bob Vido - Boo-Bah-Bah - Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion
Wildfire - Paranoid - Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion

Dave Kennedy - All By Myself - All By Myself
Bobby Brown - Lady Tennessee - Prayers Of A One Man Band
Michael Farneti - Georgia Peaches - Good Morning Kisses
Colleagues - Theme From Shaft - Live

The Ventures - Charlie's Angels - T.V. Themes
Hugo Montenegro - I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Others By Brothers
Dick Hyman On The Moog Synthesizer - Lay, Lady, Lay - 7"
James Last - Summertime - Well Kept Secret
L.E.B. Harmony - Childhood Forever / Kid's Dance - 12"

Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans - 酋長の娘 (Syucyo-No Musume) - エレキでつづる昭和50年
Altın Gün - Leyla - Gece
Janko Nilovic - Atchika Boum - Vocal Impressions
Chico Hamilton - That Boy With That Long Hair - His Great Hits
Peter Grudzien - The Unicorn - Unicorn / The Garden Of Love
Roger Gravel - Angie - Piano Bar Vol.1

Laurice - Dark Side Of Your Face - Best Of Laurice Vol. 2
Laurice - He's My Guy - Best Of Laurice Vol. 1
Laurie Marshall (Laurice) - The Disco Spaceship - 12"

Doris - Beatmaker - Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Baby
Jacques Crevier Et Son Ensemble (Illustration) - Le doux renard - Après Ski
Joseph Portnoy, L.B. McNally, Robert H. Aikman, Howard A. Rottenberg and Mrs Lynda Heisler - Medical and Social Aspects of Venereal Disease (excerpt) - Medical and Social Aspects of Venereal Disease
Commodores - The Assembly Line - Machine Gun
The Bar-Kays - Son Of Shaft - 7"

Henry Lawrence - Life is Just a Game - 7"
Moments and Whatnauts - Girls (Part 1) - 7"
Moments - Girls (French) - 7"
7-Eleven - The Strange Things - 7"
Dave Kennedy - Take It Easy - All By Myself

The Singing MacMurrays - I've Found a Hiding Place - Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion
Eve Engelbrite - I'm Your Woman/Man - Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion
Girl Joey (Manago) - Proud To Be Gay - Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion
Ken Bower - I Will Survive (Square Dance) - Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion

The Ray Siliconniff Singers (Michelle Boulé, Sport Murphy, Amy Anderson, Irwin Chusid with music by Wes Paich) - Silicones !!! - Incorrect and Proud! - The Incorrect Music Companion

Eddie Warner - Waad (from "Erotic Diary of a Lumberjack") - DJ Qbico Plays Unreleased Funk, Soul, Jazz & Rare Groove Soundtracks
Luke Zane - Liar (from "Ich - Ein Groupie") - DJ Qbico Plays Unreleased Funk, Soul, Jazz & Rare Groove Soundtracks
Ganja Express - Belly Dance (from "Drugs") - DJ Qbico Plays Unreleased Funk, Soul, Jazz & Rare Groove Soundtracks
Fernando García Morcillo - Title Theme (from "Night Of The Sorcerers") - DJ Qbico Plays Unreleased Funk, Soul, Jazz & Rare Groove Soundtracks
Jack Wheaton - End Theme (from "Penitentiary II") - DJ Qbico Plays Unreleased Funk, Soul, Jazz & Rare Groove Soundtracks
Lamont Johnson / Blue Mitchell - Jam (from "Thunderfist") - DJ Qbico Plays Unreleased Funk, Soul, Jazz & Rare Groove Soundtracks

June 7, 2019

I Am A Planet, Not A Prancing Horse

Darius - I Feel the Need to Carry On - Paul Major: Feel the Music Vol. 1
Adrian Munsey, His Sheep, Wind and Orchestra - The Lost Sheep - 7"

Klaus Nomi - ICUROK - Simple Man
Stewart Brodian - I Am A Planet / Things You Do To Me - Self Made Man
V.O.S. Trio - Voyage - Yesterday & Today
Irving Fields Trio - Sorrento Cha Cha - Pizzas and Bongos

Corpusse - I Heard The Chickens - Fan Favorite
Bob Chance - Mr. Doormat - Rock Country!

V.O.S. Trio - Time-Opening (Time Theme) - Yesterday & Today
The Links - Does Anybody Know What Time It Is? - Presenting The Links
The Links - Country Roads - Once Again
Jan Lewan - So Much Sunshine In The City - Remember Me My Love
Mike Adkins - Not A Prancing Horse - Thank You For The Dove
Donzelli's Group - La Lontananza - Donzelli's Group

Harvey Sid Fisher - Gemini - Astrology Songs
Eduardo Davidson - Le Chien (El Perro) - Le Chien / El Perro / The Dog
Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards - Swamp Girl - Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands: Murder In The Swamp!

The 5th Dimension - Diggin' For A Livin' - 7"
The Love Generation - Meet Me At The Love-In - The Love Generation
Nicole & Bernard Scott - My Bateau - The Initiation
Jean-Jacques Franchin et son Ensemble - Echoes - Pop Accordéon
Margo Ashby - Le Bon, La Brute, Et Le Truand (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly) - Sourires Smiles
Complices - Été 84: Appelez La Carole - D.E.W. It
The Mighty Sparrow - Revenge - Spicy Sparrow (Revised Version)
Rod Tremblay - Les Pee-Wee Instrumental - 7"

Galt MacDermot's First Natural Hair Band - Ripped Open By Metal Explosions - Galt MacDermot's First Natural Hair Band
Fergus MacRoy - Don't Think Of Me Then No - Mystic
St. John Green - St. John Green - St. John Green
Ohio Players - Pride and Vanity - Pleasure
The Three Degrees - Collage - Maybe

The New Rotary Connection - I Am The Blackgold Of The Sun - Hey, Love
Funkadelic - America Eats Its Young - America Eats Its Young
Prince - America - America

Den Sorte Skole - Gowla / Island Girl - III
Christian Marclay - Groove - Groove

May 31, 2019

Flashback Persuasion plays over 101 Smash Hits and other Selections of Fire and Romance

Tony Hatch Orchestra - Memories of Summer - The Avengers and Other Top Sixties Themes
Jack Wagner - Arrival At The Princess Terminal - This Is Your Princess Adventure
The Coconut Monkeyrocket - Destination Goo - With Birds
Jack Wagner - The Continental Dining Room - This Is Your Princess Adventure
Ella Fitzgerald - Savoy Truffle - Ella
Jack Wagner - Casino Jackpot - This Is Your Princess Adventure
18th Century Corporation - Casino Royale - Bacharach Baroque
Jack Wagner - Nightlife Entertainment - This Is Your Princess Adventure
Mme St-Onge - Chez Moi - Les 10 Plus Grands Succes
Jack Wagner - Captain’s Cocktail Party - This Is Your Princess Adventure
France Gall - Don’t Make War Captain Make Love - Long Box
Jack Wagner - London Pub Night - This Is Your Princess Adventure
Helmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins - The Tipsy Piano - 7”
Jack Wagner - Harbor Arrival - This Is Your Princess Adventure
The Association - Goodbye, Columbus - Goodbye, Columbus
The Barry Lipman Orchestra - Pop-Corn - Go Hits Go Nr. 2
James Last - Immigrant Song - Non Stop Dancing 12
Incredible Bongo Band - Apache - Bongo Rock
Horst Jankowski - Pata Pata - Get Easy Volume 4
Ray Martin - A Man Alone - Thunderball and Other Thriller Music
Pan Am - Medley - The Pan Am GO Commercials
Ray Martin - Destination Space - The Sound Of Sight
Commodore Condello’s Salt River Navy Band - The Time Machine - Greatest Hits
Pastoral Symphony - Love Machine - Love Machine
Harper’s Bizarre - Milord - Anything Goes
The Ray Charles Singers - The Straight Life - Slices Of Life
The Mora Arriaga Family - Introduction/Brazil - Musical Trip Around The World
Gilberto Gil - Frevo Rasgado - Gilberto Gil
The Mora Arriaga Family - Mexico - Musical Trip Around The World
Los Polivoces - El Modesto Gordolfo - Los Polivoces Trisagios
The Mora Arriaga Family - USA - Musical Trip Around The World
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Arkansas Coal - Fairy Tales & Fantasies
The Mora Arriaga Family - Canada - Musical Trip Around The World
Kid Koala - Radio Nufonia - Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs
L’Infonie - J’ai Perdu 15 Cents Dans Le Nez Froid D’un Ange Bronzé - Volume 3
DJ Z-Trip & DJ P - Rhinestone B-Boy - Uneasy Listening Volume 1
Double Dee & Steinski - Jazz - The Ultimate Lessons 2
Peter Wyngarde - Come In - When Sex Leers its Inquisitive Head
Les Paul & Mary Ford - Star Test - Unreleased Radio Promo
Slim Gaillard - How High The Moon - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
PAMS/Hellers/Shakespeares/Pepper-Tanner - Fodder Spots Mix - LPs/Unreleased/Various Promo
Ross Bagdasarian - Spanish Pizza - 7"
Clothilde - La ballade du bossu - 7"
Los Xochimilcas - Ella te ama - 7"
Pimpdaddysupreme - The Record Business - Unreleased
Kid Koala - Taboo Soda - Scratchcratchratchatch
Ginsonic - Laisse Tomber Les Filles - Monokini
Kenzo Saeki - Harley Davidson - Camembert et Sushi
Salma & Sabina Agha - Toba Toba - Sing The Hits Of Abba In Hindi
The Supremes - Chi Mi Alutera - Motown Around The World
Sonia - Aqui En Mi Nube - Ultra Chicks Volume 3 Baby Pop
Rita Pavone - Supercalifragilistic Espiralidoso - 7"
Harper’s Bizarre - Come To The Sunshine - Feelin Groovy
Big Blue Marble - Big Blue Marble Theme - Big Blue Marble
The Mystic Zephyrs - It’s Much Too Soon - Maybe
Chromalox - The Eight Seasons of Chromalox - The Eight Seasons of Chromalox
George Burns - The Sun Shines On My Street - George Burns Sings
The Two Petes - After The Goldrush - Live At The Ever New Montague Arms
Gato Barbieri - Picture In The Rain - Last Tango In Paris
Saturday’s Photograph - Summer Never Go Away - Fading Yellow Volume 3
Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim - Drinking Water (Agua de Beber) - Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim
The Mystic Zephyrs - Maybe - Maybe
Batgirl - Radio Spot
Cent Tours De Sans Tours - Générique - Cent Tours De Sans Tours
La Pandilla - A-chi-li-pu - La Pandilla
Jorge Gutierrez Zamora - Doe En Un Corazon - La Calaca
Bugaloos - If You Become A Bugaloo - Bugaloos
François de Roubaix - Chapi Chapo - 7"
Canadian Studio Choir - Viva Happiness - Signor Rossi
The Banana Splits - We’re The Banana Splits - We’re The Banana Splits

Bryce Bond - Canada - Let’s Go Places
City of Montréal - Echos de Terre des Hommes - 7"
Fantaisie Musicale - Fantaisie musicale sur un poste de radio - Fantaisie musicale sur un poste de radio
Jacques Michel - Un nouveau jour va se lever - Poemes et chants de la Resistance
Jacques Loew - Homme qui es-tu? - Homme qui es-tu?
Louise Forestier - From Santa To America - Les grands succès de
Jean Pierre Ferland - God Is An American - Jaune
Michel Robidoux & Pierre F. Brault - Les Planètes - 7"
City of Montréal - Echos de Terre des Hommes - 7"
Claude Dubois - Évolution - Claude Dubois
Sylvie Granger et Daniel Lepage - Le refuge du Père Cloé - Le refuge du Père Cloé
Chantel Renaud - Plattsburg Drive-In-Blues - Palmares Comique
Yvon Hubert - Sur la terre des hommes - Le jour de seigneur
Francine Morand et Yves Corbell - La Masturbation - Ton Sexe et L’autre, L’éveil de la sexualité
Guy Trépanier - Arc en ciel - Suite et début
Philippe Von Horns - Preperation a l’acte sexual (excerpt) - Pour Faire l’Amour
Christian Di-Maccio - Lindberg - Joue nos poètes
Yvan Ducharme - J’aime le métro, j’aime l’autobus - 7"
Christian, Karolle & Robin Di Maccio - Gonna Fly Now - En direct D’Hollywood
Banque Provinciale - Contact 20 Plus - 7"
L’amitie Musicale du Mont-De-La Salle - La fièvre du samedi soir - L’amitie Musicale en Concert 1989
Robert Charlebois - Phebus et Borée - Un Gars Ben Ordinaire
Jean Cosineau - La Légende du feu - Les petits violons
Georges Tremblay - Flash - Le neuvième silence
Ovila - Passe-moé un Québec - Passe-moé un Québec que j’mamuse avec
Jean Pierre Ferland - Pas Maintenant - 7"
Lise Thouin - L’amour ça ne se commande pas - 7"
Maurice Desjardins - Finalement - Musique de films avec
Les Karrik - La chanson de L’acadien - Le Québec en Action
Lucien Hetu - Last Train To Clarksville - Joue les Monkees
Night Moves - Introduction au cercle deux-temps - Night Moves
Serge Fontane - Wow - Orgue Disco
Jeunesse Oblige - Explications du concours - 7"
Bix Belair - The Swim - Monsieur Trompette
Sacha - Poupée de cire, poupée de son - Violon de danse
Les Enfants Terribles - L’as-tu envoyer ton deux? - L’as-tu envoyé ton $2.00
Jean et Janette - Le secret de la jeunesse - Le secret de la jeunesse
Donald Seward - Studio “B” Funk - 7"
Margo Ashby - Tijuana Taxi - À l’orgue Wurlitzer

May 24, 2019

Worlds of empty colors show the sadness in my longing for so much, so many things... I'll never know

Eddie The Rat with The Lounge King and Flavia & The Motonets - Friendly Persuasion Theme
The Hardy Tree - Near Windmill Bridge [Through Passages Of Time] Clay Pipe
John Foxx and The Belbury Circle - Empty Avenues [Empty Avenues] Ghost Box
Orchestra Of The Eighth Day - Before I Knocked [Music For The End] Flying Fish
The Radiophonic Workshop - The Strangers’ House [Burials In Several Earths] Room 13
Black Channels - Ghosts [Two Knocks For Yes] Castles in Space
Big Xity Marketstraw - Grass [Grass b/w Grass 7"] Sick Muse
Yo La Tengo - Green Arrow [I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One] Matador
Steve Kuhn - Time To Go [Steve Kuhn] Buddah / Ascensionale
Herbie Hancock - Joanna's Theme [Death Wish] Columbia

Sounds - Dinner Music for a Monster [Spooky Sound Effects] Sounds
Der Plan Featuring N. Senada - Abschied [The Sound Of Geri Reig] Kernkrach
Michel Magne et son Grand Orchestre - Tabou [Tropical Fantasy] Bel Air
Don Tiare And His Orchestra Exotique - Sampan Landing [The Music Of Les Baxter] Mercury
Teddy Randazzo - The Countess [The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.] MGM
Julie London - Soon It's Gonna Rain [Easy Does It] Liberty
Stéphane Venne - Premiere Nuit [Pile ou Face] Gap
Morley Loon - Agajee Dona Nooch (To Hunt No More?) [Cree Songs 7"] CBC Northern Service
Ben Vaughn - Constellation Drive [Instrumental Stylings] Bar/None
Noel Harrison - A Young Girl [7"] London
Poppy Family - Endless Sleep [7"] London
Ennio Morricone - Luce chiara per vergine "Curve Oscure" [Quando L'Amore E' Sensualita'] Cerberus
Pye Corner Audio and The Advisory Circle - Cloud Control [Study Series 07 - Autumnal Activities 7"] Ghost Box
Maria Kozic & The MK Sound - Trust Me [Midnite Spares] Efficient Space
Michele Mercure - 100% Bridal Illusion [Eye Chant] Freedom To Spend
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Sound-Magic's Death Ray Destroys The Vortex And Has Union With Infinity [Blood-Drums] Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks
Corpusse - Hot Water Pipe [Fan Favorite 7"] Rivet
Absolute Albert - In Flight [Noises] Biram
Christophers - Menstruation [Christopher Recordings On Sex Instruction] Christopher Recordings
Elmer Bernstein - I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (soundtrack excerpts) [I Love You, Alice B. Toklas] Cinema
Anthony Quinn with The Harold Spina Singers and Orchestra - What is Love? [In My Own Way… I Love You] Capitol
Lee Marvin - Wand'rin' Star [7"] Paramount

L'Orchestre de Jean-Claude Vannier - Les amours d'antan [Interprète les musiques de Georges Brassens] Philips
François De Roubaix - Pingouins sur la banquise [L'Antarctique & autres séances électroniques rue de Courcelles] WéMè
Mering & Rosenberg - Tears on Fire [Myths 002] Mexican Summer
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard - Real's Not Real [Fishing For Fishies] Flightless
The Budos Band - The Enchanter [V] Daptone
Ralph Carmichael - The Addict's Psalm / Rumble [The Cross And The Switchblade] Light
Charles Bernstein - Flight in the Night [Gator] United Artists
Henry Mancini - The Really Big Heist [The Thief Who Came To Dinner] Warner Bros.
J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - Across 110th Street (Instrumental) [Across 110th Street] United Artists
Gordon Parks with O.C. Smith - Move On In [Shaft's Big Score!] MGM
Les Baxter - Chain Fight [Hell's Belles] Sidewalk
Funkadelic - I'll Stay [Standing on the Verge of Getting it On] Westbound

Greg Foat Group - Ingen Reklam (Tack) [Cityscapes] Jazzman

May 17, 2019

You’re Really Something Special

Stelvio Cipriani - Love Is Blue [Cometogether] Apple
Mellow - Seek You [Dragonfly, A Soundtrack To The Motion Picture "CQ"] Atmosphériques
Ween - Zoloft [Quebec] Schnitzel
Tipsy - Hard Petting [Uh-Oh!] Asphodel
Michael Ellis' School Of Class - Flowers on the Wall [Educación y descanso] Siesta

Der Plan - Gummitwist [Japlan] Bureau B
Sandy Steele - Mind Your Own Business [12"] Uniwave
How To Get Rich In Rotterdam - Dapper Dan [D​.​A​.​P​.​A​.​ / ​Oefening Kunstbaardt in Rotterdam] Discos Transgénero
Montreal Synthesizer Orchestra - Do It Again [12"] Gatsby
William Castleman - Trailer [Space Thing] Modern Harmonic
Davie Allan & The Arrows - Devil's Angels [Devil's Angels] Capitol
Leonard Nimoy - You Are Not Alone [Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space] Dot
Disneyland Singers - An "Un" Song [Songs From The Electric Company TV Show] Disneyland

Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes [7"] Music Merchant
Jon & Robin - You Don't Care [7"] Abnak
Davie Allan & The Arrows - Hell Rider [Devil's Angels] Capitol
R. Dean Taylor - Back Street [I Think, Therefore I Am] Rare Earth
Chet Baker - Come Saturday Morning [The Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks - Volume 2] Motor Music
Gene Lawrence - After Sunrise [Psychemagik - Magik Sunset Part 1] Leng
Mellow - Airplane [Dragonfly, A Soundtrack To The Motion Picture "CQ"] Atmosphériques
Alan Parker - One Summer / Billy & Jo [One Summer] Finders Keepers
Ohio Players - Sweet Sticky Thing [Honey] Mercury

Robert Wyatt & Bertrand Burgalat - This Summer Night [7"] Tricatel
Moog Machine - Time of the Season [Switched-On Rock] Columbia
Hugo Montenegro - Dizzy [Moog Power] RCA Victor
Ken Bower and The Roadrunners - I Will Survive [7"] Chaparral
Guy Lafleur - Skating [Lafleur!] Unison / Sports
Pierre Malboeuf - Plastic No. 1 / Plastic No. 2 [Plastic Music 7"] Plastic Music
Kraftwerk - Dentaku [7"] Warner Bros.
Beach Boys - Here Comes The Night (Instrumental) [12"] Caribou
Shoko Asahara - Shonshi's March [The Sounds Of Japanese Doomsday Cults : Music By Aum Shinri Kyo Leader Shoko Asahara] Faithways International

Laurie Spiegel - A Folk Study [The Expanding Universe] Unseen Worlds
Concept - Condensed Energy [Invasion] Reveal
Emil Richards - Diamond (April) [New Sound Element "Stones"] UNI
Joe Tossini and Friends - Tomorrow May Never Come [Lady Of Mine] Joe Tossini Music / Efficient Space
Janko Nilovic - Machine Gun [Super America] Underdog
Laure Briard - Laure [Sur la piste de danse] Midnight Special
Mick Harvey with Channthy Kak & Xanthe Waite - Contact [Intoxicated Woman] Mute
Kana TNT - Kod Hang Kam (The Circle Of Karma) [Thai Funk Volume 1] Light in the Attic

New Bang - Pagan Pop / Mean Mug / Exotic Libations / Tijuana Grass / Smugglers' Cove [Valley Of The Tiki Beats]

May 10, 2019

Possibly Belgian? Probably Waffles

George Bean and The Runner Beans - Onward Christian Soldiers [Privilege] UNI

Donald Fagan - True Companion [7"] Asylum
Herbie Hancock - Textures [12"] Columbia

RAKAM - Easy Things Went [Beacheffort] RAKAMsongs

Daryl Hall / John Oates - Beanie G. and The Rose Tattoo [War Babies] Atlantic
Todd Rundgren - Izzat Love? [Todd] Bearsville
Jessica Harper - Special To Me (Phoenix Audition Song) [Phantom Of The Paradise] A&M
Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris - The Angels Rejoiced Last Night [Sleepless Nights] A&M

Louise Forestier - De l'automne à décembre [7"] Kébec-Disc
Le Groupe Ruelle - Samba Ruelle [7"] Stelc
Alain Braine - Ile ou elle [7"] Départ

Larry Martin - Deadly Edge [Do Not Lean Out Of The Window] Saravah
François De Roubaix - La Scoumoune (thème principal) [Les plus belles musiques de films volume 2] Barclay
Momus - Monsters of Love [The Hairstyle Of The Devil] Creation

Lonnie Liston Smith - Magic Lady [Magic Lady] Startrak
Keith Robinson - Just What You Wanted [Perfect Love] Orpheus
Christian Morin - Rise [12"] Flarenasch

Bob James - Treasure Island [BJ4] CTI
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Foolish Girl [Reinforcements] RCA Victor
The Blackbyrds - Happy Music [City Life] Fantasy

Philip Vyvial - Entre nous (l'amour rend fou) [7"] Warner Bros.
Francis Lalanne - Papa les p'tits bateaux [7"] Zelidre
Véronique Béliveau - Ordinateurs [7"] Paroles & Musique

Chagrin D'Amour - Blonde platine / Chacun fait (c'qui lui plait) [Chagrin D'Amour] Barclay
Mylène Farmer - Maman a tort [Cendres de lune] Polydor
Christophe - Succès fous [Les succès fous d'un chanteur fou] Les Disques Motors

Christophe Deschamps - Juste une fois [12"] Epic
Alain Chamfort - Je laisse couler [Tendres fièvres] CBS
Didier Makaga & Natali Kaufmann - Konchakecheke [12"] Pathé

Nick Nicely - 1923 [Elegant Daze: 1979-1986] Captured Tracks
Chris Cohen - No Time To Say Goodbye [Chris Cohen] Captured Tracks

May 3, 2019

Through the Magic Door

General Electric - Through The Magic Door [Go Fly A Kite] General Electric
Peter Beasson - Top Signal Two [Ouh La La !!... Vol. One] Les Disques Cosmogol
Waylon - Creme de la Creme [7"] GIP
Absolute Albert - Noises [7"] Biram
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Harry Breuer - In a Latin Moog [The Happy Moog!] Pickwick
Jean-Pierre Ferland - It Ain't Fair [Jaune] Barclay
Doc Williams - Don't Want To Work [Birth/Work/Death: Work, Money And Status In Country Music (1950-1970)] Iron Mountain Analogue Research Facility
Mike Fiems - Feelin' Fine [I Would Dream] Mapache
Janko Nilovic - Pop Impressions [Pop Impressions] Underdog
Hap Palmer - Haunted House [Movin'] Activity
Duke Of Burlington - Flash [7"] Maxi
Waylon - The Sparrow [7"] GIP

Honor Blackman - Men Will Deceive You [Everything I've Got] London
Astrud Gilberto - Holiday [September 17 1969] Verve
Mark Lindsay - Something Big [The Mad, Mad World Of Soundtracks] Motor Music
Honor Blackman - World Without Love [Everything I've Got] London

Contretemps - Comme je n'ai pas eu le temps [7"] Trans-Canada
Alane (Jean-Pierre Allane) - I Want You (J'ai dans le coeur) [7"] Disc'Az
Françoise Hardy - Point [7"] Reprise
Claude Puterflam - Cœur d’acier [7"] Disques Vogue

Jean-Pierre Ferland - God is an American / Le chat du café des artistes [Jaune] Barclay
Scarlet's Well - Petite Bourree [Strange Letters] Siesta
Pearls Before Swine - From The Movie Of The Same Name / Rocket Man [The Use Of Ashes] Reprise
Amon Tobin - On A Hilltop Sat The Moon [7"] Electronic Sound
Jonny Trunk - Nemo's Organ / Singing Fish [20,000 Leagues Under The Sea] Trunk / Four Corners Books
Jon Brooks - Open Land [Applied Music: Science & Nature] Cafe Kaput
Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth [Hollow Earth] Ghost Box
Alan Sutcliffe - Anna-Ann 4 Extract [Ems Synthi Aks Improv 1972 - 1973] Buried Treasure
Klaus Weiss - Scoria [Time Signals] Trunk
André Brasseur - Saturnus [Goes Discotheque At The Locomotiv] RCA
President - Ruk Chua NiRunDon (Love Forever) [Thai Funk Volume 2] Light in the Attic

Bernard Fevre - That Is To Be [Cosmic Machine] Because Music
Raymond Scott - Demonstrates An Electronium [100th Anniversary Doll And CD Set] Presspop Music
Black Channels - Oracles [Black Channels] Death Waltz Originals
Arthur Lyman - Moon Over A Ruined Castle [Bwana À] HiFi
Sounds And Silence - The Lyke-Wake Dirge [Classroom Projects] Trunk
Dennis The Fox - Whistle Stop [Mother Trucker] Modern Harmonic
Piero Piccioni ‎featuring Catherine Howe - It's Possible [Il Dio Sotto La Pelle] Easy Tempo
Perez Prado And His Orchestra - Exotic Suite Of The Americas: Theme of Two Worlds, Uamanna Africano [Exotic Suite Of The Americas] RCA Victor

Standard Life Assurance Company - What Is Money, Anyway? [What Is Money, Anyway?] Standard Life

April 26, 2019

Stick with us and lose hearing the natural way

Hellers - The Flight Singers…Talkers…Players…Swingers… & Doers [Command]
Frank Perry and the "Big Action Sound" - I Can Fly [Cool and Strange Thrift Store Compilation] Cool and Strange Music Magazine
Shooby Taylor - The Theme (Miles Davis) [Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn: Side One]

Jim & Tammy & Their Friends - God's Not Dead [Oops! There Comes A Smile] Singcord
Angelyne - Little Red Riding Hood Bitch Bitch Bitch Celebrities...At Their Worst! (Volume 2.9) [Mad Deadly Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God]
Doug Clark & The Nuts - Baby Let Me Bang Your Box - Pt. 2 [7"] Virgo
Terry - Roast Weenies Safely
Bernie Green with The Stereo Mad-Men - Mad Fans' Square Dance [Musically MAD] RCA Victor

Dick Clark Music Machine - Sales Discussion With Diamond P Sales Executive Merrill Barr [7"] Diamond P Enterprises
Love Unlimited Orchestra - Strange Games & Things [My Sweet Summer Suite] 20th Century
Galt MacDermot's First Natural Hair Band - On To A-Pot-O-Max [Galt MacDermot's First Natural Hair Band] United Artists
Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky - Golf Open [Stylissimo] Montparnasse 2000
Training Your Parrakeet To Talk - How to use the Training Side - The First Signs of Talking - Little Peter Parker! [7"] Custom Bird Records
Los Banditos - Kommissar X [Fuzzball 7"] Sheep
Training Your Parrakeet To Talk - Kiss Me (Smack, Smack) [7"] Custom Bird Records
Christian Bruhn - Komm' in fahrt - Der hansa-pils-hit [Popshopping] Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
Training Your Parrakeet To Talk - Take a Bite [7"] Custom Bird Records
Enoch Light and The Glittering Guitars - Love is Blue [Enoch Light And The Glittering Guitars] Project 3

Roger Gravel - Disco Flashback [Flashback] Airedale
Lime - Agent 406 [Your Love] Matra
Aragorn Ballroom Orcestra - Helm's Deep [(Theme From) The Lord Of The Rings 12"] Fantasy
Roger Roger - Strange Motion [Drama and Suspense] Crea Sound
This Mortal Coil - Red Rain [Filigree & Shadow] 4AD
Chris Carter - Lab Test [CCCL Volume One] Mute
Timelords - Doctorin' The Tardis (Minimal) [12"] KLF Communications
Brian Eno & David Byrne - Regiment [My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts] Sire

Mark Fox featuring Little Markie - Story Of An Alcoholic Father (Something's Happened To Daddy) [Little Bits For Children Everywhere] Mark Fox Family Ministries

Wendy Rene - BBQ
Jr. Walker - Home Cookin'
King Kurtis & The Kingpins - Cookout
Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces - The Hamburger Song
Joe Arnold - Cooking Gear
Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band - Whole Hog or None At All
Andre Williams - RibTips
Davis Jones & The Fenders - Boss with The Hot Sauce
R.T. & The Pot Lickers - Sticky Pig
Bill Robinson & The Quails - The Cow
Andre Williams - Pig Snoots

Jimmy McGriff - Groove Grease
Buddy Miles Band - Easy Greasy
The Fatback Band - Fatbackin'
The Interns - Soul Dippings
McKinley Sandifer - Rare Back & Stretch
Vibrations - Ain't No Greens in Harlem
The Flaming Ember - Filet de Soul
Junkyard Band - Sardines
Mickey & The Soul Generation - Southern Fried Funk Pt. 1

April 19, 2019

Everyone Needs Many Dreams

Electric Light Orchestra - Ocean Breakup / King of the Universe [On The Third Day] United Artists
Irma Glen - Song of the Sea [Music, Ecology, And You] Numinis
Ween - Ocean Man [The Mollusk] Elektra

Georges et Michel Costa - J'étais Hippie [7"] CBS
Idle Race - Impostors of Life's Magazine [Impostors of Life's Magazine] Daffodil
France Gall avec Alain Goraguer et son orchestre - Cet air-la [7"] Philips
Françoise Hardy - J'ai coupé le téléphone [7"] Reprise
Franslows Partie - Tous les garcons et les filles [7"] Vogue

Contretemps - Julia [7"] Trans-Canada
Dave Pell Singers - Keem-O-Sabe [Mah-Na-Mah-Na] Liberty
Hap Palmer - Funky Penguin [Movin'] Activity
Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra - The Joker [Bang Bang] Decca
Decades - On Sunset [Weirdsville!] Monsieur
Bobby Warren & The Rebelettes - Motorcycle Maniac [Wowsville!] Monsieur
Randy Lee - Solitary Confinement [7"] Everest
Bob and Jerry - Destination Pluton (Rat Race) [7"] Disques Vogue
Lieutenant Pigeon - The Villain [7"] Decca

Major Ursus - Ba-Dum Ba-Dum (Ba-Dum Ba-Dum-Dum) [Nutty Numbers] K-Tel
Judson Fountain with Sandor Weisberger - The Garbage Can From Thailand [Completely In The Dark] Innova Recordings
Sister Jean - Do-Re-Mi [The Fabulous Whistling Nun presents the Sound of Music]
Darrell Sisters Studio Arts Dance Center - The Bottom Line [Energize With Exercise] Black & White

Inner Dialogue - I Go To Life [Inner Dialogue] Ranwood
Martin Denny - Incense And Peppermints [A Taste Of India] Liberty
Bill Walker - Printer's Devil / Pulse of a Printing Press [Impressions In Color] Bergstrom Paper
Belbury Poly - Scarlet Ceremony [The Owl's Map] Ghost Box
John Keating - Upon Another Earth [Space Experience] EMI / Studio 2 Stereo
Janko Nilovic - Bossa Beach [Sweet Colours] Mondiophone

John Keating - Counterglow [Space Experience 2] EMI / Studio 2 Stereo
Mike Vickers - The Man In The White Suit [A Moog For All Reasons] KPM
Georges Rodi - Hypnosis [Kaleidoscope] Mondiophone
Karl Bartos - Vox Humana [7"] Electronic Sound
Parasomnia (Oliver Lewis) - Intro (feat Mickey Rourke) / Honey Trails [Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers]
Deux - Europe [7"] Electronic Sound
Lime - On The Grid [Lime 3] Matra

Mike Vickers - Pigtails [A Moog For More Reasons] KPM
Marni Nixon and Hal Smith - Everyone Needs Many Things - Side 1 [Filmstrips - Part 1: About Myself] Bowmar Early Childhood Series
Pat Prilly & Harry Breuer - Brazilian Chick (Le poussin Brésilien) [Moog Is Moog] Montparnasse 2000
Marni Nixon and Hal Smith - Everyone Needs Many Things - Side 2 [Filmstrips - Part 1: About Myself] Bowmar Early Childhood Series
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Daniel Longuein - Robot de Janeiro [Kartoonery] Montparnasse 2000

Chevrolet - Vega GT, Corvette, Camaro [Building a better way to see the U.S.A. Music] Chevrolet
Stu Phillips with Dino, Desi & Billy - Hong Kong : Big Wave Bay [Follow Me] UNI
Les Baxter and his Orchestra - Jungle River Boat [Ritual Of The Savage (Le sacre du sauvage)] Capitol
Bruno Leys - Hallucinations [Wizzz! Volume 2] Born Bad
Doug Randle - Coloured Plastics [Songs For The New Industrial State] Kanata / CBC
Hap Palmer - Far East Blues [Movin'] Activity

April 12, 2019

Visit your appliances, they miss you.

Blossom Dearie - Sweet Georgie Fame [That's Just The Way I Want To Be] Universal / Fontana

Arthur Lyman - Beautiful Kahana [Taboo 2] HiFi
Orrielle Smith (vocal by Janice Hall) - Tiffany Glass [Fuzzy-Felt Folk] Trunk
Doug Randle - One-Way Swimming [Songs For The New Industrial State] Kanata / CBC
Lee Hazlewood - Tulsa Sunday [13] Light In The Attic
Irving Martin & Brian Dee - Funko [Shut It! The Music Of The Sweeney] Sanctuary
Move - When Alice Comes Back To The Farm [Looking On] Fly

Oscar Young Band - Sun Tee Ching Guh (Tribal Mountain Love Song) [Damp Circuits: The Golden Era Of Synthesizers In East Asia - Volume 1] Sham Palace
Aris San - For Your Information [Seegal - Boom Pam - Paploma] CBS
Gabor Szabo - Somewhere I Belong [1969] Skye
Aït Meslayene - Yémma [12"] Stip
Bee Gees - Seven Seas Symphony [Odessa] Reprise
Johnny Rivers - Summer Rain [Realization] Imperial
Louise Forestier - From Santa To America [L. F.] Gamma
Claude Gauthier - From Santa To America [Cerfs Volants] Gamma

Kaméléon - Microcosme [Kaméléon] Pro-Culture
Rita Mitsouko - Dans la steppe [7"] Virgin
Sidan - Gobaith [Bird Songs] Finders Keepers
Merit Hemmingson - Mandom mod och morske män [Swedish Modern] Capitol
Mary Roos - Morgens um fünf [Get Easy! Vol. 4] Motor Music
Botho Lucas Singers - Zigarillo [Popshopping 2] Crippled Dick Hot Wax!

Braen's Machine - Competizione [Temi ritmici e dinamici] Schema
Georges et Michel Costa - Ce soir je veux rester chez moi [7"] CBS
Johny Glider - Theme d'amour [La diable aime les bijoux] Jupiter
Wallace Collection - My Way Of Loving You [Un beau monstre] Pathé
Narassa - Asta di distribuzione [Viaggio Pop N. 1 & 2] Cinedelic
Patcho - Patcho [7"] Atlantic
Christian Di-Maccio - Lindberg [Joue Nos Poètes] Di-Maccio

Electronic Concept Orchestra - Feelin' Alright [Moog Groove] Limelight
Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 (Disco Version) [12"] A&M
Bruno Nicolai - A Living Nightmare / Jennifer’s Recall [The Case Of The Bloody Iris] Finders Keepers
Ariel Pink - Dayzed Inn Daydreams [Pom Pom] 4AD
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman - Beyond The Milky Way / Gymnopedie No. 1 [Destination Space] Oglio
Doktor - As The Years Go By [12"] CBS
Zapp - Doo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing) [Zapp II] Warner Bros

Roger Gravel - Disco Flashback [Flashback] Airedale

April 5, 2019

In every artichoke you will find my heart

Barry Forgie - Ballata [Mindbender - Stringtronics] Vadim
Alanis Obomsawin - Odana [Bush Lady] Constellation
Pascal Auriat - Verseau [Sweet Colours] Mondiophone
Michael Maller & Myriam Chadcar - Myriade d'etoiles [Ballades pour deux voix] Auvidis
Jon & Robin - By The Time I Get To Phoenix [Elastic Event] Abnak
Marcy Tigner - Saviour, Thy Dying Love [Trombone] Christian Faith Recordings

Sister Jean - Farewell [The Fabulous Whistling Nun presents the Sound of Music]
Martin Denny - Buddhist Bells [Primitiva] Liberty
Kenyon Hopkins - The Red-Eyed Rats [Nightmare!!] MGM
Sri Darwin Gross - With Eckankar [It Just Is!] Eckankar
RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer - Blue Skies [The Sounds and Music of the RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer] RCA Victor
Creed Taylor Orchestra - Heartaches [Panic The Son Of Shock] ABC-Paramount
Stuart Phillips And His Orchestra - Uranus Unmasked [Music From Out Of Space] MGM

Stuart Phillips And His Orchestra - Mercury Muses [Music From Out Of Space] MGM
Les Baxter with Beverly Ford - Ruby [The Lost Episode] Dionysus
Jack Diéval son piano et son grand orchestre - Les jardins de Cannes [Dance And Mood Music - Volume 5] Chappell
Larry Norman - Walking Backwards Down The Stairs [Upon This Rock] Capitol
Dick Clark - The Fable of Fun Country [7"] Dunhill
Funkadelic - Atmosphere [Let's Take It To The Stage] Westbound
Roger Roger - Rhapsody In Green: Luxuriance [7"] Ed Sand
Il Gruppo (Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza) - Sunrise (Improvvisazione per Otto) [The Private Sea Of Dreams] RCA Victor
Creed Taylor Orchestra - Haunted House [Shock - Music In Hi-Fi] ABC-Paramount
Kema (Giulia Alessandroni) - Pescatori [La natura e l'uomo] Intervallo
Merit Hemmingson - Du har låtit din kärlek få försvinna / Jämtländsk folkvisa [Swedish Modern] Capitol
Giancarlo Barigozzi - Looking Through The Keyhole [Searching Into The Unknown] Music Scene
Graeme Miller & Steve Shill - Midwinter Rites [The Moomins] Finders Keepers
Egisto Macchi - Lampare [Città Notte] Roundtable / Omni
Beautify Junkyards - Radioactivity [Beautify Junkyards] Metrodiscs
Saint Etienne - Sound Of Water [Late Morning] Heavenly
Brian Eno - Weightless [Apollo - Atmospheres & Soundtracks] EG
Pink Floyd - Unknown Song [Zabriskie Point] WaterTower

Dennis Farnon & The New Dance Orchestra - Night Driver [The Library Archive] BBE
John Cameron - Swamp Fever [Afro Rock] Tummy Touch
Janko Nilovic - Open Country [Soul Impressions] Vadim
Move - Chinatown [Split Ends] United Artists
Tommy James & The Shondells - Breakaway [Crimson & Clover] Roulette
Ted Taylor Organization - He Who Would Valiant Be [Resurrection] Trunk
Hawkwind - Mirror of Illusion [Hawkwind] United Artists
Lime - Rendez Vous on the Dark Side of the Moon [Lime 3] Matra
Software Seduction - New Collision [Oz Waves] Efficient Space
Vanishing Twin - Dream By Numbers / Oblique Smile / It Sends My Heart Into A Spin [Dream By Numbers] Soundway
Susan Vaslev - Haunted House Theme [Music From Enchanted Forest] Wyrd War
Kaméléon - Omnibus Cactus [Kaméléon] Pro-Culture
Art of Noise - Beatbox (Diversion Ten) [12"] ZTT
Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team Show - Duck Rock (excerpt) [Duck Rock] Charisma

March 29, 2019

Kilrush St. Experience

New Birth - I Wash my Hands of the Whole Damn Deal [Comin' From All Ends]
Alain Goraguer - Déshominisation (I) [Bande Sonore Originale du Film : La Planète Sauvage]
Andy Stott - Violence [Faith in Strangers]

Red Mass - Riots In Paradise [Kilrush Drive]

Birds of Paradise - Awake In Dreams [Fremont St. Experience]

Red Mass - God's House [Kilrush Drive]

Henry Hall and the Gleaneagles Hotel Band - Home [The Shining (Original Soundtrack)]
Aleister Crowley - At Sea / The Fingernails [Original Wax Recordings]

SpaceGhostPurrp - Osiris of the East [Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp]
Jean Jacques Perrey - Mister James Bond [The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound]

Red Mass - Saturn [Kilrush Drive]

Birds of Paradise - Baby Daughters [7"]

Birds of Paradise - Please Stay [7"]

Birds of Paradise - Beehive State [7"]

Konstantin Raudive - Breakthrough, An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead [7"]

March 22, 2019

Turn On Your Love Light

Them - Turn On Your Love Light [Them]
The Undertones - Whizz Kids [Hypnotised]
Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Hero [Nobody's Heroes]

Raheem - Shotgun [The Vigilante]
Andre Williams - Only Black Man In South Dakota [Silky]
Brian Eno - Mother Whale Eyeless [Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)]

Basehead - Brand New [Plays With Toys]
Arabian Prince - Get On Up [Brother Arab]
NWA - Something 2 Dance 2 [Straight Outta Compton]

Steppenwolf - The Pusher [Early Steppenwolf]
Mr. Floods Party - Prince Of Darkness [Prince Of Darkness]
Love - Singing Cowboy [Four Sail]

Old Time Relijun - Vampire Sushi [Witchcraft Rebellion]
Arrington Dedionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa - Madu Mahadahsyat [Suara Naga]
Old Time Relijun - In This World [See Now And Know]

The Godz - Radar Eyes [Godz 2]
Snakefinger - Trashing All The Loves Of History [Greener Pasture]
Antoine - Qu'est Ce Qui Ne Tourne Pas Rond Chez Moi ? [Antoine]

Albert Ayler - New Generation [New Grass]

March 15, 2019

Onion Nonsense Samba (WFMU Fundraising Marathon - Week Two)

Martin Mull And Orchestra - 2001 Polkas, Cute Instrumental (From the Book of the Same Name) [7"] Capricorn

Happy Monsters - See See Monster [Happy Monsters] Happy House
Orchestra Peter Thomas - Hedono [Orion 2000] Roundtable / Omni
Marta Kubišová - Tak dej se k nám a projdem svět [Songy a balady] Supraphon
France Gall & Werner Müller und sein Orchester - Der Computer Nr. 3 [7"] Decca
F.R. David - Les rubis [7"] Polydor

Smiles - Just A Star [7"] Backatcha
Bob Bain - Poinciana [Latin Love] Capitol
Alain Markusfeld - L'Epave [7"] Barclay
Giselle et Julien - Le monde erotique de Giselle [7"] Musidisc
Patsy Gallant - Psychedelic Party [The Initiation] Initiation

Surfmen - Jungle Romance [The Sounds of Exotic Island] Somerset
Elisabeth Waldo and her Concert Orchestra - Quechuan Love Song [Rites Of The Pagan] GNP Crescendo
Gene Rains and his Group - Lotus Land / Africa [Lotus Land] Decca
Les Baxter and his Orchestra - Bird of Paradise [The Primitive and the Passionate] Reprise
Martin Denny - Tsetse Fly [Afro-Desia] Liberty
Les Baxter and his Orchestra - Lord, What a Morning [The Soul of the Drums] Reprise
Susan Christie - Rainy Day [Paint A Lady] Finders Keepers

Charlotte Leslie avec les Clastic Bodo Band - Monsieur Harrison [7"] Barclay
Bonnie Dobson - I Got Stung [Bonnie Dobson] RCA Victor
Triste Janero - Without Him [Meet Triste Janero] White Whale
Dudley Moore Trio - Field Day for Shirley [Genuine Dud] Decca
Yolanda Lisi - Chanson sur une seule note (One Note Samba) [7"] London
Antena - Chanson des jumelles [Camino del sol] Numero
Susan Christie - I Love Onions [7"] Columbia

Henri Salvador - Bêta gamma l'ordinateur [7"] Rigolo

Kalyanji Anandji - Y.O.G.A. (Edit) [Sitar Beat Vol. 5] Guerilla Reissues
Beastie Boys - 33% God / Dis Yourself In '89 (Just Do It) [Love American Style] Capitol
Funky 4 Plus 1 - That's The Joint [12"] Sugar Hill
Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team Show - Hobo Scratch [Would Ya Like More Scratchin'] Charisma
Pumpkin - King Of The Beat [12"] Profile
Boca 45 with The Good People - We're Right Here [Dig Eat Beats Repeat] Digga Please?

Dave Sarkys & Andre Perry - Rhythm Ace B.N. (Bossa-Nova) [USA Philly Disco Club] Mondiophone
Escort Radar Disc [7" Flexi] Eva-Tone Soundsheets
Tony Camillo's Bazuka - Theme From Police Woman [7"] A&M
Jean-Pierre Decerf - Strange Form [Space Oddities - 1975-1979] Born Bad

Kenneth Higney - Nonsense [Ambulance Driver] Kebrutney
Roger Roger - Vadrouillard 3 [Cosmic Machine - The Sequel] Because Music

March 8, 2019

Have a Good Day (WFMU Fundraising Marathon - Week One)

Gordon Thomas and Jim Roberts - Have a Good Day [Gordon Thomas and Jim Roberts] Samhot
Paul Scheibner - Walkin' My Baby Back Home [Your Broker Sings The Blue Chips] Market Watch Productions

Antoine avec Daniele Gilbert - Un an en Amazonie (Hot Love) [7"] Disques Vogue
Rita Pavone - My Name Is Potato [Rita ed lo] RCA Italiana
Jodie Foster - La vie c'est chouet' [7"] Carrere
T. Onodera and Los Onoderas - Immigration Song [Rock & Drums / Free] JVC
Roger Roger - Jerk Machine [Music By Roger Roger] Chappell
Rudy Ventura - Yamasuki [7"] Belter

Jean-Jacques Perrey - Cat in the Night [Moog Indigo] Vanguard
Dina Mariana - Mari Bergoyang [Indonesia Pop Nostalgia] Sham Palace
Os Fantasmas - Uma Gelada [7"] Commonfolk
Mandingo - War Dance: Battle [Mandingo III] EMI
Glenn Yarbrough - Sunshine Fields Of Love [Schlagers!] Warner Bros.
Paul Beaver & Bernard L. Krause - Peace Three [The Nonesuch Guide To Electronic Music] Nonesuch

Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band - Love Song for Libra [Electric Coffey] Sussex
Pete Jolly - Bees [Seasons] Dusty Groove
Stelvio Cipriani - La Polizia Chiede Aiuto [Amer] We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
Piero Umiliani - Lady Magnolia [To-Day's Sound] Schema

Paul Baillargeon & Dean Morgan - Sans raison [Viens, Mon Amour] Gap
Kema (Giulia Alessandroni) - Campeche [Alle Sorgenti Delle Civilta] Cacophonic
Miriam Burton - Congo Lament Part II [African Lament] Epic
Dominic Frontiere and his orchestra - Temple of Suicide (Ixtab) [Pagan Festival] Columbia
Theremin with Vocal Group and Orchestra - Mist O' The Moon [Music Out of The Moon] Capitol
Pierre F. Brault - Bataillon d'Afrique [Les Apprentis-Sorciers] Les Apprentis-Sorciers
Tony Mottola - Sredni Vashtar-Suite [Danger] MGM
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman - The Darkness Gives Me You Again [Music For Peace Of Mind] Capitol

Chevrolet - The Natural Laws (Laws of Motion) [Chevrolet Sings Of Safe Driving And You] Columbia Special Products
Y. Bhekhirst - Run My Car [Hot In The Airport] HDG
Irma Glen - Every Day Is Earth Day [Music, Ecology, And You] Numinis Recordings
Connie Heywey - Big Hai from Tokyo [Rocking With Barbara and the Biji Roks (Big Jim Biji/Connie Heywey)] J.O.i.F.U
Joseph Geczy - Bananas [Bananas] Abuda

Tom Wilson - All-American Boy [All-American Boy] Aboveground
Honey Novick & Chris Henderson - A Kiss Without A Hug Is Like A Donut Without A Hole [Solid] Wizard
Pier Heiken - Golden Fellow [7"] Reveal
Ernie Banks (Mr. Cub) - Teamwork [7"] Wanna

Dave Harris And The Powerhouse Five - Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals [Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals] Decca
Richie Allen Orchestra - In A Persian Market [Stranger From Durango] Polydor
Alfi and Harry - The Trouble with Harry [7"] Liberty
Charlots - Pas de Problèmes [Chauffe Marcel…] Disques Vogue
Eve Boswell - Voom-Va-Voom [Britxotica Goes Wild!] Trunk
Marie Wilson (with Ken Murray) - If We Didn't Have Worms [Gentlemen Prefer Marie Wilson] Design
Korla Pandit - Brazilian Baion [7"] Fantasy
T. Onodera and Los Onoderas - Walk on by [Rock & Drums / Free] JVC

Bolivar Blues Band - Channel Identification, Speaker Phasing, Speaker Placement, Level Control Adjustment [Testing 1…2…3] Bolivar Speaker Works
West Street Mob - Break Electric Pop Dance [Break Dance - Electric Boogie] Sugar Hill

March 1, 2019

Restez avec moi

Mr. Ondioline - La siffleur et son chien [Mr. Ondioline] Pacific

Les Charlots - Psychose (Toujours) [Chauffe Marcel… 7"] Disques Vogue
Birds of Paradise - Please Stay [7"] Hidden Volume
Delta 72 - The Champ [7"] Touch and Go
France Gall - Zozoi [7"] Jazzman
Perez Prado - On My Mind [Estas Si Viven (The Living End)] UA Latino
Nino Nardini - Jungle Jazz [Chappell Mood Music Vol. 16 : New Sounds!] Chappell
Charlie Fox - All [7"] Ambassador

Les Charlots - Quand je pense à toi [Chauffe Marcel… 7"] Disques Vogue
Enzo Bontempi - Italian Spiderman Theme [7"] Soulful Torino
Sign Of Four - Samba Moderno [Hammer, Anvil And Stirrup] Jazzman
Urfalı Babi - Disko Kebap [Istanbul 70 - Psych, Disco Folk Edits By Barış K - Volume III 7"] Nublu
T.J. Hustler Metaphysical Synthesized Orchestra - Cycle of Life [Age Of Individualism] Companion
Tom Tom Club - Booming and Zooming [Tom Tom Club] Sire
Rita Mitsouko - Restez avec moi [Rita Mitsouko] Virgin
Stereolab - French Disko [Refried Ectoplasm Switched On Volume 2] Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks

Began Began - Computer Wars [12"] One Way
Hot Ice - Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3 [12"] Gramavision
Ataraxia - The Unexplained [The Unexplained (Electronic Musical Impressions Of The Occult)] RCA
Negativland - Sycamore [Escape From Noise] RecRec
Marc Barreca - Radio and Television [Music Works For Industry] Freedom To Spend
Orbital - Numbers [Greetings from Düsseldorf] Electronic Sound
Suzanne Ciani - Liberator (Full Version) [Ciani 7"] Finders Keepers
The Evolution Control Committee - Rocked By Rape [7"] Eerie Materials
RIAA - Orange Claw Hang-Em'
Mono Pause - El Cebo [7"] Seeland

Funkadelic - P.E. Squad / Doo Doo Chasers [One Nation Under A Groove 7"] Warner Bros.
Michel Robidoux & Pierre F. Brault - Les planètes [Visitons les planètes avec Goldorak 7"] Poly-Sons
Luc Cousineau & Michel Robidoux - Telephone [Le Téléphone / Telephone 7"] Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Canada
Sign Of Four - Four Samba Electronico [7"] Jazzman
Ira Maya Sopha - Kawanku [Indonesia Pop Nostalgia] Sham Palace
Aeon Seven - Seven Breaks [7"] 45 Live
DJ Format - Kool & The Gangstarr Generation [7"] De-Ja-Vu
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Salsa Verde [7"] Names You Can Trust
Alex Mendoza y sus Poetas Del Ritmo - Bu-Ga-Luz [7"] Names You Can Trust

Enoch Light and the Light Brigade - Pass, and I Call You [Permissive Polyphonics] Project 3
Gabor Szabo and the California Dreamers - Are You There? [Wind, Sky and Diamonds] Impulse!
Friar Tuck - All Monked Up [Friar Tuck And His Psychedelic Guitar] Mercury
Dick Clark - Open Letter to the Older Generation [7"] Dunhill
Bob Chance - Wild It's Broken (Test Pressing) [7"] Emotional Rescue

February 22, 2019

Ooooooh. I feel excitement in the air.

Volkswagen (Music by Wilson Stone) - Lookin' To You (Volkswagen '79 - Music From The '79 Intro Show) [The History of the Industrial Musical - Cars, Trucks, Tractors & Implements]
RIAA - Scat Singer
Jacques Desrosiers - L'homme Mécanique [7"] Élysée

Central High School Cafeteria Band - First Rhapsody for Knives, Forks and Spoons - Part 1 (First Movement, Allegro Conbeat) [7"] Reo
Cees & His Skyliners - Rocking To Telstar [Music From Planet Earth Vol. 2 - Aliens, Teenie Weenie Men, Moonbeams & The Gayway To Heaven!] Stag-O-Lee
Marlin Wallace - Abominable Snow Creature [The Corillions / Double Album]Rasselin
Pat Prilly - L'horloge hantee [Moog Generation]Montparnasse 2000
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman - Huckleberry Duck - The Toy Trumpet [Raymond Scott Songbook] Daisyworld Discs
Japanese Jimmy Dynamite & The Greg Foat Group - Golden Boy Blues [7"] Jazzman
Sam Ulano - Samba / Merengue [Latin Rhythms] Lane

Mike Curb & Harley Hatcher - Teenage Rebellion [Teenage Rebellion] Sidewalk
Mike Clifford - The Magic Night [Mondo Hollywood] Tower
Danny Gale - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
J&H Productions - The J&H Productions Tape [J&H Productions 10" Lathe Cut] One Kind Favor
Allison - Just The Way You Are

Frogs - I'm Sad The Goat Just Died Today [My Daughter The Broad] Matador
Biz Markie - A Message From The Biz / Bennie And The Jets / Biz's Bonus Beats [7" Flexi] Grand Royal

David Whitaker - Strip Poker at Caesar's Palace [Ce Soir Après Dîner 7"] Jockey
Jean-Pierre Festi & Yvon Ouazana - Exciting Mrs. Brown [April Orchestra - musique pour Radio-TV - vol. 1] CBS
Peter Thomas & Mocambo Astronautic Sound Orchestra - Piccicato In Heaven [7"] Mocambo
Sammy Davis Jr. - Baretta's Theme [7"] Philips
Stu Phillips - India : Mahahbalipuran [Follow Me] UNI
Françoise Hardy - L'Ombre (Strange Shadows) [Françoise Hardy] Reprise
Lalo Schifrin - Haunting ["Medical Center" And Other Great Themes] MGM
Victor Davies & Skitch Henderson - Carboniferous (Green and Lush) [The Beginning And End Of The World] Golden Toad Music
Andrzej Korzyński - Czołowica Reprise [Trzecia Część Nocy (Third Part Of The Night)] Finders Keepers
Pierre Henry - Machine Danse [Machine Danse] Philips

Analysis - Surface Tension [7"] Survival
O Yuki Conjugate - Beyond Control [Untitled 10"] Emotional Rescue
Cat Temper - Afterburner [Purring For Vengeance] Cat Temper
John Foxx - Film One [7"] Electronic Sound
Cosey Fanni Tutti - Heliy [Tutti] Conspiracy International
Beautify Junkyards - Pirâmide [Other Voices 08 7"] Ghost Box
Belbury Poly and Spacedog - Quiet Industry [Study Series 10 7"] Ghost Box
Claypool Lennon Delirium - Satori [Lime And Limpid Green] ATO

Rita Mitsouko - C'est Comme Ça [The No Comprendo] Virgin
Belle & Sebastian - Judy Is A Dick Slap [Push Barman To Open Old Wounds] Matador
DJ Food - Discovery Workshop [The Search Engine] Ninja Tune
Simonsound - The Beam [The Beam] The Simonsound
Jim Keysor - A Project For Your Art Department [Enjoy The Experience - Homemade Records 1958-1992] Sinecure Books
Porsche+Audi (Music by Walter Marks) - 4000 Fever (The Musical Score from "Born Again") [The History of the Industrial Musical - Cars, Trucks, Tractors & Implements]

February 15, 2019

Time once again to lick your elbow. You have 3 hours. Begin.

Martian Symphony Orchestra - Martian Melody [7"] Sparton
Davie Allan & The Arrows - The Young World [Teenage Rebellion] Sidewalk

Michel Legrand - Come Ray and Come Charles [Archi-Cordes] Philips
Keith Mansfield Orchestra - Boogaloo [The Keith Mansfield Orchestra] Pronit
Bonzo Dog Band - 11 Moustachioed Daughters [Urban Spaceman (The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse)] Imperial
Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle - Apes' Shuffle [Theme From Star Trek / Theme From "Planet Of The Apes" TV Series (Apes' Shuffle)] Wonderland
Wade Denning And The Port Washingtons - Tarzan [The Amazing TV Themes] Leo The Lion
James Brown - Popcorn With A Feeling (Instrumental) [It's A Mother] King

Orchester Werner Müller - Get Up I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine [The Strip Goes On] Telefunken
Ray Brown Orchestra - Coming and Going [Music From The Adventurers] Symbolic
Alain Goraguer - Birgit et le mâle du pays [Musique classée X] Les Disques de Culte
Sidewalk Sounds - Bedroom Theme [The Wild Racers] Sidewalk
Markko Polo Adventurers - Night Of The Tiger [Orienta] RCA Victor
Les Baxter featuring Bas Shiva - Lust [The Passions] Capitol

Jan & Dean - Save For A Rainy Day Theme [Save For A Rainy Day] Sundazed
Paul Piot - Un coolie recommande [Dance and Mood Music - Vol. 16] Chappell
Janko Nilovic - Xenos Cosmos [Rythmes Contemporains] Broc
Jeanette - No digas nada [Porque Te Vas] Hispavox
Zouzou - Puisque tu es revenu [L’intégrale] BMG France
Rachid & Fethi - Ana Ghris [1970's Algerian Folk And Pop] Sublime Frequencies
Brian Bennett Band - Saturday Night Special [7"] DJM

Jameson - Windows and Doors [Color Him In] Verve
Ariel Pink - May The Music Never Die Again [Dedicated To Bobby Jameson : Non-Sequitur Segues] Mexican Summer
Les Petites Filles - Sauverais-Tu Ma Vie [7"] Acapella
P.J. - Hey Little "P.J." Gal [7"] Mattel
7-Eleven - Dance The Slurp (The Wildest...The Kookiest...The Grooviest...The Slurpiest) [7"] 7-Eleven
Bella Lee - Two Timin' Man [Beat From Badsville Vol. 2] Stag-O-Lee

Raymond Lefevre - The Days of Pearly Spencer [No.6] Riveria
101 Strings - Sunday Morning in the Park [Appointment in London] Alshire
Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Have You Seen Her [Reggay Hot Cool & Easy] Dynamic Sounds
Henry Mancini - Moonlight Sonata [Six Hours Past Sunset] RCA Victor
Maurice Debaisieux and John Littleton - Le pain de l'homme [Te reconnaitre] Select
Blue Marble Company Inc. - Closer [Take One!] Blue Marble Company Inc.
Lucien Hetu - Lindburgh [Les Grands Succés 69] RCA Victor
Ray Conniff and the Singers - Bah Bah Conniff Sprach (Zarathustra) [You Are The Sunshine of my Life] Columbia
Jorge Gutierrez Zamora - Dos en un corazon [La Calaca] Peerless

101 Strings - Twilight on the Mill [Appointment in London] Alshire
Ted Heath - B, B & B [Beatles, Bach, & Bacharach] London
Lawrence Welk - Theme from Star Trek [Nadia's Theme] Ranwood
Franck Pourcel - Popcorn [The World is a Circle] Paramount
Hal Hidey - Tic Tac Dough Theme [The Sounds of the 70s] Hal Hidey

Bernard Gérard - Mirage [Interludes 2] Arc En Ciel
Franck Pourcel - The Things of Life [The World is a Circle] Paramount
Raymond Lefevre - Le bal des laze [No.6] Riveria
Lucien Hetu - Et c'est pas fini [Festival de succés] RCA Gala
Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Shaft [Reggay Hot Cool & Easy] Dynamic Sounds
Lawrence Welk - Baretta's Theme [Nadia's Theme] Ranwood
The Blue Marble Company Inc. - Oubah, Oubah!! [Take One!] Blue Marble Company Inc.

Dave Sarkys - Kirman [Wall Paper Music] Mondiophone
Simon Park - Ground Hog [Electric Bird] Music de Wolfe
Pierre Porte - Fantasia pop à la Miles Davis [A Musical Picture] Mondiophone
Krys O - Miss Right

February 8, 2019

Friendly Persuasion only requires 3 hours with most patients returning to work within a few days

Dickie Goodman - Luna Trip [7"] Cotique

Robotunes - We're The Robotunes (Instrumental) [7"] Dorchester Electronics
Devo - Whip It [EZ Listening Muzak] Futurismo
Saddle Lake Drifting Cowboys - Modern Rock [Native North America] Light in the Attic
Vincent Bell - Caravan [The Best Of Vincent Bell] Musicor

Beverly Bremers - Get Smart Girl [7"] Scepter
France Gall - Baci, Baci [France Gall] La Compagnie
Cake - Extroverted Introvert [A Slice of Cake] Decca
Gary McFarland - Trying To Find A Way (Aries) [Scorpio and Other Signs] Verve
Roy Orbison - Sunset [In Dreams] Monument
Orval Prophet - Run, Run, Run [7"] Sparton

Zip & The Zippers - Where You Goin', Little Boy [7"] Pageant
Johnny Sea - My Baby Walks All Over Me [7"] Philips
Big Dave And The Tennessee Tailgaters - Diesel Smoke Sally [Hits For A Truck Driving Man] Stereo Gold Award
Orville Couch - Greenville Diner [7"] Vee Jay
Johnny Sea - There's Another Man [7"] Philips
Duke Baxter - Everybody Knows Matilda [7"] VMC
Angel, Angel Down We Go - Bedroom Dialogue [Angel, Angel, Down We Go] Capitol
Roger Roger - S.O.S. Concerto [Chappell Mood Music Vol. 16 : New Sounds!] Chappell
Lee Dowell - (Be A) Black Belt [Something Weird Greatest Hits!] Modern Harmonic

Vincent Bell - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise [The Best Of Vincent Bell] Musicor
RIAA - Weather Forecast [RIAA] RIAA
Rammellzee - Fight My Fire (Edan Remix) [12"] Gamma
Résonance - Boxing Joe [12"] Celebration
Jambo & Co. - Even Closer [12"] Bomb/Jambo
Sun Ra - Crystal Spears [Crystal Spears] Modern Harmonic
DJ Bert & Eagle - I Am Your Master [12"] STROOM

Benoît Charest featuring Kid Koala - Suicide Cliff [Raymond Scott Songbook] Daisyworld Discs
Twink The Toy Piano Band - Fruitbat [Sugar Trip] Twink Tones
Le Fruit Vert - A Peacock Astray [Paon Perdu] Three:four
Dreamy Goth - Interlude - Can't Ever Sleep [] Dreamy Goth
Christopher Young - The Cenobites [Hellraiser] Death Waltz
Chris Carter - Hexfoil [Miscellany: Archival Recordings 1973 To 1977] Mute
Fantômas - Vendetta [Wunderkammer] Ipecac
Gabor Szabo - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) [Spellbinder] Impulse!

Hap Palmer - Who Wants To Touch And Be Touched [Feelin' Free] Educational Activities, Inc.
Sexy Soxy (Bernard Estardy) - Slow Very Slow [Space Oddities 1970-1982] Born Bad
Potted Palm - My House Of Grass [Technicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights] Numero
Franco Micalizzi - Night Breeze [Unusual Sounds] Anthology
Phoenix 70 - Goin' On [There's A Dream I've Been Saving : Lee Hazlewood Industries 1966-1971] Light in the Attic
Sounds Nice - Love You Too [7"] Rare Earth
Lalo Schifrin - Bride of the Wind [There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On] Dot
Booker T & The MG's - Something [McLemore Avenue] Stax

Bert Tenzer - A New Concept [A New Concept] A Bert Tenzer & Co. Production

Kenny Dope - Busy Bees [Wild Style Breakbeats] Kay-Dee
Animals Within Animals - Fresh for 88 [] Animals Within Animals
Fat Boys - Human Beat Box [Fat Boys] Sutra

February 1, 2019

The Friendly Persuaders

Drew Dobbs - Friendly Persuaders Theme

MarkTime - Audio Zine

Archivist Viv
Neil Dick - The Ottawa Song
Neil Dick - The Ottawa Song
Di Farrelly - Jaime
Di Farrelly - Alfriston
Dan Knudsen - Play Keyboards

Harry Perry - Speaking Live
Dr. Geek - Venice Beat
Ted Hawkins - I Got What I Wanted
Barry 'The Lion' Gordon - Venice Strut
Barry 'The Lion' Gordon - Santa Monica Strut

Frank M. Young
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Song of a Broken Heart
Roger Roger - Night Tide
The Fireballs - Fireball
Sam Marowitz and his Alto Sax - Blue Twilight
Herschell Gordon Lewis - Quicksand!
Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Trigger Happy
Roger Roger - Ski-Lift

Jan Turkenburg
Bob Scholte met Orkastbegeleiding - Samba Hier Samba Daar - Samba
Earl Bostic his alto sax and his orchestra - Always (Toujours)
Mister T. - Eleanor Rigby

Agent .08 - Patrick... Patrick Foisy
J. W. Alexander - Doing The James Bond Walk

Krys O
Krys O - Flat Top
Krys O - Eye Are US
Krys O - Betty Guessed Wrong

Drew Dobbs
Drew Dobbs - Friendly Persuaders Theme
Drew Dobbs - Waiting for the Biscuits
Drew Dobbs - Construction Crane
Drew Dobbs - Falling Leaves
Drew Dobbs - Friendly Persuaders Theme

Martinibomb - Audio Bits

Kevin Sukho Lee
Toshiki Kadomatsu - Step Into The Light
Mel Brooks - To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)
Aretha Franklin - What A Fool Believes
Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love

Space Raiders - Song For Dot
Unknown - If You'll Agree
Rob Paulsen - Why Can't I Be A Teenager With A Shell (prod. by Fortyone)
Jimmy O'Clock - Jump Off The Roof
Midas McFunk - Young Man
The DBC - Enough
Dizzy Gillespie feat. Joe Carroll - Oh Lady Be Good

Oh Astra - Xanadu
Lounge-O-Leers - Xanadu
David Last - All Over The World/Xanadu
Lafayette Jefferson - Xanadu Medley

Archivist Viv
Bad Date - One Chance At True Love
Brad Stanfield - Gumball Wizard
Damaskas - Robert Hillburn
The Emotron - The Bethune Theory
The Pennikurvers - Daredevil

January 25, 2019

Partytime Edition

The Jazz Butcher - Partytime [Bloody Nonsense]

Gordon Lightfoot - Spin Spin [7"]
Sikumiut - Sikumiut [Native North America Volume 1] Compilation
Denny Gerrard - Hole In My Shadow [Galactic Zoo Dossier] Compilation

The Chills - Dream by Dream [The Lost EP]
Soft Boys - You’ll Have to Go Sideways [Underwater Moonlight]
Mekons - Where Were You? [Mutant Pop 78/79]

Paul Jacobs - Sunday Morning II [Easy]
Priors - Heart Strings [New Pleasures]
Dysnea Boys - Come Fall [I Scare Me]

Sabine The Queen - Mop It Up

Trio - Sabine, Sabine, Sabine [7"]
Sabine The Queen - Brady Bunch Theme Song
Sabine The Queen - Mop It Up

Sabine The Queen - Maniac

The Fall - Cab It Up! [I Am Kurious Oranj]
Country Teasers - Thankyou God For Making Me An Angel [Satan Is Real Again (Or Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts)]
Fat White Family - Special Ape [Champagne Holocaust]

The Runs - (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone

The Merry Go Round - Live [Nuggets Vol.4] Compilation
Lovin Spoonful - Four Eyes[The Best of the Lovin Spoonful]

T-Ski Valley - Catch The Beat [The Genius Of Rap] Compilation
Slick Rick - Venus [The Ruler's Back]
The Pharcyde - Otha Fish [Bizarre Ride II Tha Pharcyde]

Sabine The Queen - Maniac
Charlie Feathers and Junior Kimbrough - Feel Good Again [78]
Rockets - Let Me Go [7"]
Paul Parker - Pushin' Too Hard [12"]

Tonstartssbandht - Andy Summers [AnWen]
Abecedarians - Benway's Carnival [12"]
Section 25 - Beneath The Blade [From The Hip]

Easybeats - Come in You’ll Get Pneumonia [Gonna Have a Good Time]
Sounds of Imker - Train Of Doomsday [7"]

Thee Jackson 5 - Balogh's Birth [CD-R]

January 18, 2019

My laboratory (is ready for you)

Walter Murphy - Your planet or mine? [Themes from E.T. (the extra terrestrial) - 45 single] MCA
Dogs of war - Le stress [Dogs of war] Generation
Orion - Street visions [Sometimes words just get in the way] London Phase 4
Junie - Musical son [Freeze] Westbound
Don X - Dance with me [Dance with me (EP)] Triple 7

Paradise frame - Stair/Wave op [Paradise frame] Cosmic
The Bill Gaither trio - Input/Output (the computer song) [Life] Word
Kane Roberts - Gorilla [Kane Roberts] MCA
Rambo/MacGuire - We're wagin' war [Enlistment] The Benson company
Touched - Reprise/New song [New song] Touched productions

Charles Adolphe - Boogie [Fusion] Musique des Antilles
Bruno Martino - Johnny guitar [I remember 1945] Ariston
Percy Faith - First light [Corazon]
The Birchwood pops orchestra - Theme from The Exorcist II [Themes from Star Wars, New York, New York, The Deep and other great movie hits] Pickwick
The first theremin era - The Barnabas theme from Dark Shadows [45 single] Epic
The marble arch orchestra - Zabadak [Tomorrow's standards] Marble Arch
Rose Hill Junior High School Jazz Ensemble - Children of Sanchez [Awesome Jazz Inside]

Geoff Love and his orchestra - Theme from "Starsky and Hutch" [20 Explosive T.V. themes] EMI
Les Texans - Starsky and Hutch [Les thèmes de vos feuilletons télévisés préferés] Saban
The Ray Davies orchestra - Magnum Force [Flashpoint] Philips
Eberhard Schoener - Gam-Bang [Events] Harvest
Adriano Celentano - La violenza [Yuppi Du (soundtrack)] Clan
Tip of the iceberg - Tip of the iceberg [Tip of iceberg] Project 3
Iceburg - 100th week at Walt Disney World (excerpt) [Does it live: 100th week at Walt Disney World] HiHo music
Richard Giroux - Space dance [Expressions] Richard Giroux

Neil Norman - Dance of the hyenas [Music from the 21st century] GNP Crescendo
Alex Cima - Lithium [Music from the 21st century] GNP Crescendo
Lem - Robots in heat [Machines] Wavefront
Love unlimited orchestra - My laboratory (is ready for you) [Rise] Unlimited Gold
Nick Ingman - Moonlight melody from moonlight sonata [Music for the two of you (comp.)] Polydor
Koichi Oki - Spring 3 [Four synthesizer seasons] Omega international

The Joe Swingman orchestra - Trans Amazonica [Sunshine maker] Blossom
Norman Salant - 19.4 [Saxaphone demonstrations] Alive
John Schroeder Orchestra - Freedom Village [You've Made Me So Very Happy] Marble Arch

January 11, 2019

Leave The Driving To Us

Joseph Mullendore - Silk 'n' Honey [Honey West] ABC-Paramount
Jimmy McHugh and Pete Rugolo - Ann is Chased [Jack The Ripper] RCA Victor
John Barry - Jazz Along Alone [The Ipcress File] Decca

Ferrante and Teicher - In The Rain [Blast Off!] ABC-Paramount
Phil Kraus - Kahmiri Love Song [The Percussive Phil Kraus] Golden Crest
Stanley Black And His Orchestra - Jungle Drums [Exotic Percussion] London
John Evans and The Big Band - Bad and Beautiful [Exotic Percussion And Brilliant Brass] Directional Sound

Egisto Macchi - Pop Art 1a [Pittura Contemporanea / Pittura Moderna N.1 & 2] Cinedelic
Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies - Leisure World [The American Metaphysical Circus] Columbia
John Cameron - Underlying Expectancy [The Music Library: Revised and Expanded Edition] Trunk
Egisto Macchi - Millepiedi [Biologia Animale e Vegetale] Cinedelic

The Advisory Circle - A Mechanical Eye [Ways Of Seeing] Ghost Box
The Advisory Circle - Celebrate Michaelmas NOW! [Other Channels] Ghost Box
Stereolab - Get Carter [Aluminum Tunes (Switched On Volume 3)] Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks
Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi [Kakashi] Palto Plats / We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records

Ihsan Al Munzer - Piano Solo [Belly Dance Disco 2] Voice of Stars
Ihsan Al Munzer - Girls Of Iskandariah [Belly Dance Disco] Voix de l'Orient
Iman El Bahr Barwish - Mahsobko Endas [Egypt & Lebanon: Cosmic Arabic Disco & Searing Dance Floor Bangers 1974-1985] Cedarpon
Ihsan Al Munzer - Come My Love [Belly Dance Disco 2] Voice of Stars
Filmon Wehbi - Hamburger [The Groovy Sounds Of 1970s Lebanon] Cedarpon

Benito Urgu - Sexy Fonni [7"] Derby
Bourvil-Maillan - Ça (Je T'aime Moi Non Plus) [7"] Pathé
Les Charlots - Sois Erotique [7"] Disques Vogue

Gülden Karaböcek - Yanıyorum [Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1974 - 1988] Epic Istanbul
Zor Beyler - Gözündeki Yaşlarına [Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu] Uzelli
Mustafa Özkent - Dolana [Gençlik İle Elele] Jackpot
Bunalim - Bir dünya da bana ver [Bunalim] Pharaway Sounds

Charlton Heston - General Ursus Address [Beneath The Planet Of The Apes] Amos
Ellemetue - Métamorphose [En pays lointains] Dare to Care
Igor Wakhevitch - Sang Pourpre [Docteur Faust] Fauni Gena
Leonard Rosenman - Mass Of The Holy Bomb [Beneath The Planet Of The Apes] Amos
Magma - Müh Kobaïa [Philips]

George Engler - Terror [The Inside Of The Outside / Or The Outside Of The Inside - Who Are They? Where Do They Come From? Why Are They Here?] Serenus
Jean Hoyoux - La Marssivité [Planètes] Cortizona
The Wozard Of Iz - Leave The Driving To Us [An Electronic Odyssey] A&M
The Electrosoniks - Twilight Ozone [Electronic Music] Philips
Midori Takada - Trompe-l’œil [Through The Looking Glass] We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
Pauline Anna Strom - Energies [Trans​-​Millenia Music] RVNG
Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet - In The Beginning [First Moog Quartet] Audio Fidelty
The Moody Blues - Procession [Every Good Boy Deserves Favour] Threshold

The Champs' Boys Orchestra - Tubular Bells [7"] Janus
Bazooka - Dada Dodo (Version Instrumentale) [7"] Polydor
Diabolic Man - Diabolic Man (Version II) [7"] EMI
Le Baron - Le Sifflet Du Baron [7"] Able
Jean-Pierre Ferland - Pas Maintenant [7"] Barclay

January 4, 2019

Tossing the Perfection Salad

Ophir State Marching Band - Ophir State Fight Song [Ophir State Marching Band] Kall Radio 910
Red Sovine - Hitch Hiking Girl [Truck Stop] Nashville
Sonny Maresco - Little Willy [Sounds of Sonny] AMP
Danny Guglielmi - Mosquito Festival [Adventure In Sound] Tops
Miriam Francis - A Cowboys Friend [Wavy Gravy – Four Hairy Policemen] Beware
Ernesto Hill Olvera - Lamento Borincano [Los Exitos de Ernesto Hill Olvera] RCA Camden

John Dales - The Professional Swings / The Professional (excerpt) / Sunny Faces [Explains The Farfisa Professional - 7"] Farfisa
Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo - Bye, Bye Blues [Moon Gas] MGM
United States Air Force - I'm Only A Woman
Mrs. Miller - The Week End of a Private Secretary [7"] Mrs. Miller Records
Badger Theatre Movie Phone - Weekend at Bernie's II]
TAS 1000 - Not A Real Person / (I've Been) Delayed [A Message For Marta]
Ween - Oh My Little Country Cottage [The Caesar Demos]
Jay Johnson and Children - I'm Friendly Firefly [Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance]

Leona Anderson - Limburger Lover [Music to Suffer by] Unique
Mme St. Onge - C'est si triste que je voudrais pleurer (I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry) [Les 10 plus grands succes de Mme St. Onge] ACM
Mrs. Miller - I Sleep Easier Now [Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing] Amaret

Phoebe Phestoon (Mrs. Miller) - Slumber Boat [Song Festoons] Fono-Graf
Virginia Belmont - Ave Maria [Famous Singing and Talking Birds] Virginia Belmont Enterprises
John Rydgren - Computers [Silhouette Segments (Worlds Of Youth)] The Omni Recording Corporation
The Berry Sisters - He Included Me [He Included Me]
Lil' Markie - Markie is in my Tummy [Markie Comes Alive!]
Lil' Markie - Jesus Put the Stars in the Sky [Volume 1] Mark Fox Family Ministries

Mel Blanc - Public Service Announcement [Get Off II] National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers, Inc.
Wild Man Fischer - The Taster (Fancy Version) [An Evening With Wild Man Fischer] Bizarre/Reprise
Bugs Bunny - Public Service Announcement [Get Off II] National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers, Inc.
Red Shadow - Understanding Marx [Live At The Panacea Hilton] Physical
Daffy Duck - Public Service Announcement [Get Off II] National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers, Inc.
Big Jim Biji - I Like To [Rocking With Barbara] J.O.I.F.U.
Foghorn Leghorn - Public Service Announcement [Get Off II] National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers, Inc.
Dr. Michael Dean - All of Me [Dr. Dean Sings His All Time Favorites] Revere
Porky Pig - Public Service Announcement [Get Off II] National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers, Inc.
Rodd, Teri, and The M.S.R. Singers - Beat Of The Traps [Beat Of The Traps: MSR Madness Vol. 1] Carnage Press

Ron Davis - Escape From Society [The Human Breakdown of Absurdity - MSR Madness Vol. 3] Carnage Press
Charlie Childers - The Lunatic Song [7"] Counterpart

Uri Geller - Velvet Space [Uri Geller] Polydor
The George School - Gimme Magic [Journey Of Persephone]
Mike "Sport" Murphy - Introduction (Shit) / The Girls are Laughing [A Room Of Voices]
Mark Tucker - This Beach is Very [Batstew] Tetrapod Spools
R. Stevie Moore - Why Can't I Write A Hit [Everything You Always Wanted To Know About R. Stevie Moore But Were Afraid To Ask] New Rose
Frederik - Tule Kiivetään (Livin' Thing) [Olen Dracula] Finnlevy

Mike "Sport" Murphy - The Turnip Truck [A Room Of Voices]
The Magnetic Fields - A Cat Called Dionysus [50 Song Memoir] Nonesuch
The Magnetic Fields - 100,000 Fireflies [Distant Plastic Trees] Merge

Pink Elln - Human Perc [The Bedroom Tapes (A Compilation Of Minimal Wave From Around The World 1980-1991)] Minimal Wave
Paul McCartney - Check My Machine [7"] Parlophone
Warfield Spillers - Daddy's Little Girl [Sky Girl] Efficient Space

December 28, 2018

Orange you glad you tuned into Friendly Persuasion

Eddie The Rat - Friendly Persuasion Theme
Michel Polnareff - Voyages [Polnareff's] Disc'Az
Standard Oil Company of California - Sounds of the 60's (excerpt) [Standard School Broadcast, Our Nation's Heritage: America At Mid-Century] Chevron
Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies - Kalyani / You Can't Ever Come Down [The American Metaphysical Circus] Columbia
Fifty Foot Hose - Red The Sign Post [Cauldron] Aguirre
Trilogy - I'm Beginning To Feel It [I'm Beginning To Feel It] Mercury
Chris Bell - Get Away [I Am The Cosmos] Omnivore
Cozy Powell - And Then There Was Skin [7"] Chrysalis
Frank Zappa - Stick It Out [7"] CBS
R. Stevie Moore - I Wish I Could Sing [4 From Phonography - 7" EP] HP Music
Ethix - Bad Trip [7"] Aguirre
Stone - Stone is a Trip [Music And Dialogue From Sandy Harbutt's Australian Motion Picture "Stone" Take The Trip! - 7"] Finders Keepers
The Budos Band - Maelstrom [7"] Daptone
Domenico Modugno - Questa è la facciata "B" [7"] RCA Italiana
Michel Magne - Superchic Genial (Hommage a James Brown) [Moi y'en a vouloir des sous] Barclay
Cliff Nobles & Co. - Love is all right [The Horse] Columbia
Marlena Shaw - Liberation Conversation [The Spice Of Life] Cadet
Ella Fitzgerald - Savoy Truffle [Ella] Reprise
Freddie Hubbard and İlhan Mimaroğlu - Threnody For Sharon Tate [Sing Me A Song Of Songmy (A Fantasy For Electromagnetic Tape)] Atlantic
Sun Ra - Magic City Blue [God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be] Cosmic Myth
Tupper Saussy - A Rather Unusual Twist [Said I To Shostakovitch] Monument
The Modern Jazz Quartet - Fugato [Lonely Woman] Atlantic
François De Roubaix - The Dunes of Ostend, Flagellation [Daughters Of Darkness - Les Lèvres Rouges] Music on Vinyl
David Axelrod - The Signs: Part III [Earth Rot] Now-Again
Bobby Callender - Awaken John / Lord am I Dreaming [The Way (First Book of Experiences)] Polydor
Janko Nilovic - Diamant dans l'espace [Un couple dans la ville] Montparnasse 2000
Tony Kinsey - Virgin Land [The Library Music Film - Music from and inspired by the Film] Légère
Konstantin Raudive - A General Introduction With Examples Of The Voices (excerpt) [Breakthrough - 7"] Vista
Broadcast and The Focus Group - The Song Before [Familiar Shapes And Noises - 7"] Ghost Box
The Radiophonic Workshop - Mind the Gap [7"] Electronic Sound ‎
John Carpenter - March Of The Children (Village Of The Damned) [Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998) - 7"] Sacred Bones
Broadcast and The Focus Group - Inside Out [Familiar Shapes And Noises - 7"] Ghost Box
The Lost Tapes Record Club - Jurby Scar [Songs For The Secret Apocalypse Vol. 2 - 7"] Exquisite Corpses
Mick Harvey and Anita Lane - Run From Happiness [Intoxicated Man / Pink Elephants - 7"] Mute
Bruno Nicolai - Your Vice Is A Locked Room & Only I Have The Key [7"] Finders Keepers
Françoise Hardy - Rêve [Françoise Hardy] Reprise
King Crimson - Cadence and Cascade [In The Wake of Poseidon] Atlantic
The Poppy Family - Of Cities and Escapes [Which Way You Goin' Billy?] London
St. John Green - St. John Green [St. John Green] Flick-Disc
Claude Gauthier - La legende du Pont Dargent [Cerfs Volants] Gamma
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Arkansas Coal (Suite) [Nancy & Lee Again] RCA Victor
Gaz - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly [12"] Salsoul
Gainsbourg - Sea Sex and Sun [12"] Philips
Must - Sado Maso Disco [12"] CBS
ESG - Dance [12"] 99
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans - Syucyo-No Musume [エレキでつづる昭和50年] King
Ken Nordine - Orange [Colors] Philips
Mel Henke - All That Meat [La Dolce Henke] Warner Bros.
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans - Kimi Koishi [エレキでつづる昭和50年] King
Red Rhodes - Tormented [Steel Guitar Favorites] Somerset
Les Brown Jr. - Drums Safari [Wildest Drums Yet!] GNP Crescendo

December 21, 2018

Visitors from Otis Space ... Otis chante Otis, accompagné Otis ... Fodder in Orbit

Bob Larson - Speaks out on Rock Music (excerpt) [Speaks out on Rock Music] Belar Enterprises
Alvin Dahn - You're Driving Me Mad [It's Time (+ Session Outtakes)]

Les Guitares - Galaxie [Guitar Mood]
The Cisco Kid (Duncan Renaldo) - Rode in from Santa Barbara to save us [Get Off] National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers, Inc.
Cherry Wainer - Cerveza [Britxotica! London’s Rarest Primitive Pop And Savage Jazz] Trunk
Alice Cooper - In the back seat of a limo enroute to his L.A. concert [Get Off] National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers, Inc.
Georges Tremblay et ses Brass - Gin Tonic [Epices, coeur et cuivres] Triomphe
Sha-Na-Na - Recorded in a dark alley; they beat us up [Get Off] National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers, Inc.
Teddy Phillips and his Orchestra - Funkie Mama [Music to Strip for your Man by] ALA
Frank Zappa - At Ike's. Big Mother is watching [Get Off] National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers, Inc.
Hugo Montenegro - Jilly's Joint [Lady in Cement [OST] 20th Century Fox

Jeanne Moreau - Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves [Querelle] DRG
Tiny Tim - Maggie May [Lost & Found 1963-1974] Secret Seven
Rotary Connection - Living Alone [Dinner Music] Cadet
Claudine Longet - It's Hard To Say Goodbye [Love is Blue] A&M
Carpenters - Turn Away [Ticket To Ride] A&M
Punch - Why Don't You Write Me [Punch] A&M

Bob Booker & George Foster - Peter Gunn [Al Tijuana and his Jewish Brass] Capitol
Sam Chalpin - Batman [My Father the Pop Singer] ATCO
Chinese Band #1 - I Saw Her Standing There [I Hate The Beatles Even More (Volume 2)] Rape
Die Beat Oma - Ich bin die beat oma [I Hate The Beatles (Volume 1)] Rape
Blowfly - Shitting Off The Dock of the Bay / To-To-To-To-To (The Fart Song) [The Weird World of Blowfly] Weird World

Elton John - The Pink Pussycat Boutique [Nick Bougas Presents - Celebrities... At Their Worst! (Volume 2)] Mad Deadly Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God
Greaseman - Suck a Little Dick [5" radio station tape reel - “Greaseman, WBAI”]
Joey Moore - X-Rated (excerpt) [X-Rated] Campbell Artists Productions
Ween - Waving My Dick In The Wind [The Mollusk] Elektra

Pete Drake - Making Believe [Forever] Smash
Lee Hazlewood with Duane Eddy - The Girl On Death Row [Beating on the Bars] Trailer-Park
Harry Johnson - It's Nothing To Me [God Less America]
Jim Sullivan - U.F.O. [U.F.O.] Light in the Attic
Darius - I Feel the Need to Carry On [Paul Major: Feel the Music Vol. 1] Anthology
Leonard Nimoy - Cotton Candy (on a Summer Day) [The Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy] Dot

Marty Manning and his Orchestra - The Unknown [The Twilight Zone] Columbia
Nino Nardini - Musique Pour Le Futur Victoire dans l'espace [WRWTFWW]
Hermanos Calatrava - Space Oddity (Curiosidad Del Espacio) [Absolute Belter] Finders Keepers
Basil Kirchin with Lindsey Moore - I Start Counting [I Start Counting] Trunk
Bruce Haack - Upside Down [The Electronic Record For Children] Mississippi/Change
Funkadelic - Can't Stand The Strain [Cosmic Slop] Westbound
Gen Orange - I Love The City [You Found Me - Songs of the Mariapolis] The Focolare Movement - Women's Branch, Inc.
The Turtles - Love in The City [Turtle Soup] White Whale
Michel Pagliaro - Lovin' You Ain't Easy [Pagliaro] Much
The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do [Sunflower] Reprise
Blossom Dearie - Figure Eight [Multiplication Rock [OST]] Capitol
The Walker Brothers - The Electrician [Nite Flights] Music on Vinyl
Parliament - I Just Got Back [Up For The Down Stroke] Casablanca
The Family Tree - Slippin Thru' My Fingers [Mrs Butters] RCA Victor
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - As The World Rises and Falls [Vol. 3: A Child's Guide To Good & Evil] Jackpot
Bee Gees - Walking Back to Waterloo [Trafalgar] Polydor

Blossom Dearie - That's Just The Way I Want To Be [That's Just The Way I Want To Be] Fontana
Julie London - Come to me Slowly [Yummy, Yummy, Yummy] Liberty
Marie Laforêt - Et si je t'aime [Volume 5] Select

December 14, 2018

Broadcasting from The Pink Pussycat in Sheena's Jungle Room

Jean Dinardo et son Groupe les W - New Times Rock [7"]
CKGM - Montreal, My Home Town [7"]

Kookie - Kookie's Mad Pad [7"]
Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love [7"]
Terry Stafford - Playing with Fire [7"]

Helen Shapiro - Stop (and you will become aware) [7"]
The Eyes of Blue - Heart Trouble [7"]
Rosko - Peacemaker [7"]

The T-Bones - No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In) [7"]
Al (He's The King) Hirt - The Evil One [7"]
The Soul Society - Sidewinder [7"]

The Hubbles - Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man [7"]
Adam & Eve - The Witch [Paradise of Sounds]
The Association - Wantin' Ain't Getting' [Insight Out]

Harper's Bizarre - I Love You, Alice B. Toklas [7"]
The Trade Winds - Mind Excursion [7"]
MG & The Escorts - Next To Nowhere [7"]

Les (Bel) Kanto - Si Chopin [7"]
Les Loups Blancs - Ce rire dans tes yeux [7"]
Michel Pagliaro - Some Sing, Same Dance [7"]

Moe Koffman Quartet - Koko-Mamey [7"]
The Tornados - Jungle Fever [7"]
The Social Outcasts - Mad [7"]

Modern Guy - Electrique Sylvie [7"]
Brigitte Bardot - John et Michael [7"]
Claude Fonfrede - Elee a quitte ses bottes [7"]

The Mindbenders - It's Getting Harder All The Time [7"]
Honeybus - Girl of Independent Means [7"]
Thomas & Richard Frost - She's Got Love [7"]

I Ribelli - Enchinza-Bubu [7"]
Papoose - Le Grand Cirque [7"]
Santa Maria - Judas [7"]

Les Irresistibles - Baxter Williams [7"]
Monty - Si j'etais une chanson [7"]
Le Coeur - Un soleil assis dans le neige [7"]

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Paris Summer [7"]

December 7, 2018

Hitting a Cow on the Freeway listening to Queen while eating a Burger, plus other Songs and Stories

John Braden - Introduction [Strawberry Shortcake's Touch Your Toes, Touch Your Nose Fun & Exercise Album] Kid Stuff - 1981
The Kleptones - Stop (Queen + Looptroop feat Chords & Timbuktu) [A Night At The Hip Hopera] - 2004
DJ Z-Trip & DJ P - Rhinestone Cowboy / Funky Soul Makossa (Glen Campbell & Nairobi) [Uneasy Listening, Volume 1] - 2001
Pimpdaddysupreme - The Record Business - 2002

Mister Jason - Mister Jason Has A Posse (DJ Format's A-Z Of Classic Breaks Remix) Instrumental [7"] Soundweight - 2015
Gene Jordan - You're A Peachtree Freak On Peachtree Street (Tom Noble Edit) [How To Wreck A Nice Beach [7" EP] Peoples Potential Unlimited - 1982
Miele - Melô Do Tagarela = Rapper's Delight (Instrumental) 7" [Mr Bongo 1980

Sister Slocum & Her Little Brother - Whistlin' Boogie [Rocket Infinity: The Global Rise Of Rocking Music, 1942-62] Canary/Mississippi/Change - 1950
Gary "Spider" Webb - The Cave (Part 1) [Beat From Badsville Vol.1] Stag-O-Lee - 1961
Lynn Vernon - Moon Rocket [Music From Planet Earth Volume 1 - Martians, Ray Guns, Flying Saucers & Other Space Junk] Stag-O-Lee - 1959

Bobby Braddock - Gear Bustin' Sort of Feller [Eighteen Wheelers - Twisted Tales From The Truck Stops] Trailer-Park - 1967
Chuck Wells - Down and Out [God Less America] 1965
Porter Wagoner - The Rubber Room [What Ain't To Be, Just Might Happen] RCA - 1972

Mobity Mosely - Mobity Mosely's Months [My Name is Roosevelt Franklin] Children's Television Workshop - 1974
Bugaloos - Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna [Bugaloos] Capitol - 1970
The Banana Splits - This Spot [We're The Banana Splits] Decca - 1968

The Cake - World of Dreams [The Cake] Decca - 1967
Annette - What's a Girl to do? [Thunder Alley (OST)] Capitol - 1967
Pic-Nic - You Heard My Voice [Fading Yellow (Spanish Popsike And Other Delights 1967-1973)] Flower Machine - 1967

Nino Tempo & April Stevens - Follow Me [All Strung Out] White Whale - 1967
Věra Špinarová - Den A Noc (She's Not There) [Andromeda] Panton - 1972
Claire Lepage & Compagnie - Rendez-vous Express [Claire Lepage & Compagnie] Trans-Canada - 1970

Crash Course In Science - Kitchen Motors [Strange Pleasures EP - Alternative Highlights 01 C.I.A. 198?
Konrad - Music Scientist Evil [Ethereal Sequence 1982
RAKAM - Serious Contender [Come As Your Favorite Car 2008

Anarchic System - Pop Corn (Vocal) [7" Disc'Az 1972
The Peppers - Doctor Music [7" Polydor 1975
Kenneth Higney - Funky Kinky [7" One Kind Favor 1980
The Normal - T.V.O.D. [7" Mute/Electronic Sound 1978

John Oswald vs. Change Of Heart - Tummysuckle Ruse [7" Lunamoth 1996
The Evolution Control Committee - Rebel Without A Pause (Whipped Cream Mix) [The Whipped Cream Mixes [7"] Eerie Materials 1996
The Broken Penis Orchestra - Live August 1864 [Organ Failure [7" EP] Hypnagogia 2004
Negativland - Greatest Taste Around [Truth In Advertising [7"] Eerie Materials 1997

Colgate-Palmolive Company - The Ballad of Larry The Forgetter [7" [sound slide projection record] 1976
Jaye Joseph - Side A, Track 3 [Christmas Greetings
François Cousineau - Sno-Jet Jingle [7" Sno-Jet

November 30, 2018

Νίκος Αντωνιάδης - Ο Δράκουλας - Παρατράγουδα
Noviciat De Soeurs Missionaires De Notre-Dame D' Afrique & Four Religious Drummers - Yesu Ka Mkwebase - Lipa Kodi Ya City Council
Dave E. And The Cool Marriage Counselors -Searching Through Sears - 7"

Bongwater - Dazed - Double Bummer
Alex Chilton - Jumpin' Jack Flash - Free Again: The "1970" Sessions
The Lord High Fixers - Everybody's Got Something To Hide... - Group Improvisation...That's Music!

Tom Recchion - Free of Ice - Chaotica
Vincent Franks - Vincent's Boogie - Savage Kick
The Rockets - Hole in my Pocket - 7"

The Pastels - Nothing To Be Done - Sittin' Pretty
Beat Happening ‎ - Teenage Caveman - You Turn Me On
Woolen Kits - Sloan - Woolen Kits

Manfred Mann Chapter Three - Ain't It Sad - Manfred Mann Chapter III Volume 1
Mirrors - Shirley - Something That Would Never Do
The Holy Modal Rounders - Sky Divers - Indian War Whoop

Crass - Dry Weather - Penis Envy
The Delmonas - Heard About Him - Delmonas 5!
The Brood - On Fire - In Spite of it All

Omo The Hobo - I'm The Mailman With The Longest Route In Town - 7"
Human Expression - Who is Burning - 7"
Royal Trux - Back to School - 7"

Tang Soleil - Tambourine Stitches - Outboard Sensory Meridian Response
The Sunday Sinners - It's So Lonely - Sweet Jam
The Brabazons - Cling On - 7"

Bobby Conn - Rise Up! - Rise Up!
Paul Jacobs - Born in a Zoo - Pictures, Movies & Apartments
The Moonlandingz - The Strangle Of Anna - Interplanetary Class Classics

Panics - I Wanna Kill My Mom - Killed By Death #9
The Pink Mountaintops - The Forest of Sex - Unreleased

November 23, 2018

トレース V A P ♨ R _ E : 0 0 [ misc / post / proto ]

The Android Sisters - Ray-Dee-Oh - Songs Of Electronic Despair

James Ferrero - Palm Trees, Wi-Fi and Dream Sushi - Far Side Virtual
Agrume - Deep In The Vapor - Deep In The Vapor
VENO - Flex - Intermission
luxury elite - sparkling - sincerely
Desired - concrete jungle - Concrete Jungle
フライドポテト、チーズ、ソース - Touche - Moi™ - Vap Velours
Eyeliner - Payphone - BUY NOW
Phoenix #2772 - A Dream - Experience

Yasuaki Shimizu – Tachikawa - Music For Commercials
Yasuaki Shimizu – Seiko 1 & 2 - Music For Commercials
Yasuaki Shimizu – Sen-Nen 1 - Music For Commercials
Takashi Kokubo - Underwater Dreaming - A Dream Sails Out To Sea (Get at the Wave) Sanyo Air Conditioner
Clone - Son Of Octabred Part 1 (Excerpt) - Son Of Octabred
Dave Vorhaus - The DIY Machine - Electronic Toys
Jon McCallum – After The Quake - Surf Nazis Must Die (OST)
Jun Ishikawa - Main Theme - Alchahest (OGST)

Elite Geographic - City Circuitry - Elite Geographic ll EP
Eyeliner - Sneakers For Men - BUY NOW
Abelard - ☆SEINWAVE☆20 00☆ - SeinWave
Childhood - Riding In Your Limousine - BBYLUV

VHS Head - Video Club - Video Club EP
MeatBingo - Negate The Fool - Trendy Robots
Bodenstandig 2000 - RNAY - Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3
Bodenstandig 2000 - Longjohn - Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3

LA Vampires - So Unreal - So Unreal
Ariel Pink - Lipstick - Pom Pom

Paradizzle - Out Run - Summer Funk EP
Childhood - We Bad - Childhood
A i w A - SSEEVVEENN - Digital Office Two
ID Cℎίℯƒ - Westside Girl (DJ iTunes X ID Cℎίℯƒ) - night life
Night Tempo - Cocktail - Soundcloud Collection
F L ♥ R E S フラワーズ - ☆ f i z z ☆ - FLORES4
Л е н ь - 1 0 0 O G A H A U S - Д Е Р Е В Е Н С К И Й F А Н К

Original Hamster - Burning Down The House - Trendsetter And The Followers

Jelly BonBon - 夢のDancing (Album Ver.) - 憧れ N I G H T S
NekuraDial - Baby Rise - ピンクネオン東京 第一弾
NekuraDial - Tomato Groove - Single Collection Vol.1
Pop Up! - Vision - Flavored
Aritus x コンシャス THOUGHTS - You Are The Winner Of My Heart - You Are The Winner Of My Heart
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Aogashima Island ! - SAILORWAVE II
Dante Mars Ajeto! - Party Prep - ㅇㄱㄹㅇ 1988
VENO - Orbit - Intermission
ΛDRIΛNWΛVE - It's Good To See You Again!! - It's Good To See You Again!!

November 16, 2018

Enduring Nonchalant Melodies

Michael Siegel - Plastic Laminator [The Sounds of the Office] 1964
Burlington-Edison Hi-Lighters Vocal Jazz Ensemble - Knowing Me, Knowing You [Burlington-Edison Hi-Lighters]
Klaus Beyer - Hauptmann Peppers Einsamer Herzen Klub [Hauptmann Peppers Einsamer Herzen Klub] 2002
Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends - Love So Fine [Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of ] 1968
The 5th Dimension - Orange Air [The Magic Garden] 1967
Dolly Mixture - Everything and More [Everything and More] 1982
Samantha Juste - If Trees Could Talk [Backcomb 'N' Beat Dream Babes Volume Three] 1967
Tracy Ullman - They Don't Know [You Broke My Heart In 17 Places] 1983
Electric Light Orchestra - Everyone's Born To Die (featuring Marc Bolan) [ELO 2] 1973
Ween - The Mollusk [The Mollusk] 1997

Ash Wednesday - Love by Numbers [7"] 1980
Jean-Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli - Indian Duck [Turn Radio On] 1977
Electrawoman & Dynagirl - Theme [H.R. Pufnstuf And Other Sid & Marty Krofft Favorites] 1976
Super Chick - Trailer
Charles Linton - Open Your Heart Now (Vera's Theme) [Love in a 4 Letter World] 1970
The Robert Tennison Troupe - Don't Be Afraid [Two Words, Three Words] 1974

Wild Man Fischer & Rosemary Clooney - It's A Hard Business [The Fischer King]
Culturcide - The Heart Of Rock 'n' Roll (Is The Profit) [Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America] 1986
Ween - Piss Up a Rope [12 Golden Country Greats] 1996
The Osmonds - Crazy Horses [Crazy Horses] 1972
Shooby Taylor - Four-Leaf Clover (with R. Stevie Moore) [Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn: Side Two] 2017
Roger Hargreaves - Shakin' Like Jelly (Mr. Nervous) [Mr. Men And Little Miss Sing Along] 1982
The Dope King's Last Stand - The Dope King's Last Stand (excerpt) [The Dope King's Last Stand]
The New Zoo Revue - In The Arts [The New Zoo Revue] 1972
Pat Morris - We're Diabetic [7"]
Master Gunnery Sergeant Bill Dower - Aerobics: Physical Readiness Training - Always Something There To Remind Me [Armed Forces Workout] 1984
David Saelens - Caribbean Honeymoon [You Are My Friends]
Alain Goraguer - Sexy Dracula [All The Hits Of Monster Disco Sounds] 1976
Frederik - Olen Dracula [Olen Dracula] 1977
Bob Chance - The Van Man [It's Broken!] 1980
Neil Young - Sample and Hold (Dance Remix) [12"] 1982

Justice League - Metamorpho [Stories And Songs About The Justice League Of America] 1975
Massey-Ferguson - We're Massey-Ferguson [A World of Winners] 1978
Diana Decker - Kitty In The Basket [78rpm single] 1954
Patience & Prudence - Tom Thumb's Tune [7"] 1958

Holy Tire Iron - Side One (excerpt) [Work In Progress... Volume Eight] 1994

Bob Larson - You're Going Completely Insane [Little Pocket Sized Demons] 1990
Lisette Keray & Jack Wilson - Suite de proverbes en forme de comptines [Suite de proverbes en forme de comptines - Vol. 2]
Anton Maiden - The Number Of The Beast [Anton Gustavsson Tolkar Iron Maiden] 1999
The Christian Astronauts - I'll Never Be The Same [Beyond The Blue] 1971
Tres & Kitsy - It's A Long Way to Heaven [Dandelions] 1971
BJ Ward - Vocalise [Vocal Ease] 1971
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Automatic Morning [Hormone Lemonade] 2018
Kit Ream - The End [All That I Am] 1978
Marty Robbins - The Chair [The Hangman's Blues - Prison Songs In Country Music (1956-1972)] 1971
Leonard Nimoy - The Hitch-Hiker [The Way I Feel] 1968
The Move - Ben Crawley Steel Co. [Message From The Country] 1971
Robert C. Pritiken - There's A Song Inside Your Saw [There's A Song In My Saw] 1976
Telly Savalas - Gentle on my Mind [Who Loves Ya] 1975

Paul Baillargeon & Dean Morgan - O Perce: The Purple Hearse, Commune Capers, Love On A Swing, Establishment Blues [Loving and Laughing] 1971
AV/Geeks - Shake Hands with Danger [16mm School Soundtracks] 1980
Paul Baillargeon & Dean Morgan - Y'a Plus De Trou À Percé (Instrumental) [Loving and Laughing] 1971

November 9, 2018

Now you can cook out, roast out, smoke out, broil out, bake out, and chocolate cake out

Eddie The Rat featuring The Lounge King - Friendly Persuasion Themes [Sgt. Persuasions Friendly Hearts Radio Show] 2005
Eden Ahbez - Umgowah [Wild Boy: The Lost Songs of Eden Ahbez] 1958
Red Ingle & The Unnatural Seven - Serutan Yob (A Song For Backward Boys And Girls Under 40) [78 Single] 1948
The Nature Boy Orchestra - End of Desire [The Exotic World of Eden Ahbez] 1950
Eden Ahbez - Introduction [Unreleased] 1978
Eden Ahbez - Manifold Divine Blessing [Unreleased] 1978

Brute Force - I Love You So Muchism [7"] 2018
I, Brute Force - No Olympian Height [Confections of Love] 1967
Brute Force - Adam and Evening [7"] 1968

National Lampoon - Stereos and Such [That's Not Funny, That's Sick!] 1977
The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band - Squeeze Box [The Incomparables] 1977
Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. - If I Had A Hammer [Senator Sam At Home] 1973
Mervin Fried - The Helen Polka [Mervin Fried] 1979
Wesley L. Moore And The Musical Moores - Get All Excited [Lay My Burdens Down] 1978
Helen & Dick Bouchard - Nobody Wears A Frown In Tweekertown [Introducing The Unique Keyboard Sounds of Helen & Dick Bouchard]

Shorty Rogers - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You [The Fourth Dimension in Sound] 1962
Kenyon Hopkins - Desire [Rooms] 1957
Leonard Nimoy - Contact [The Touch of Leonard Nimoy] 1969
L. Ron Hubbard - Earth, My Beautiful Home [Space Jazz] 1982
Yvonne Gillham & L. Ron Hubbard - My Philosophy [My Philosophy: Selected Works Of L. Ron Hubbard] 1971
L. Ron Hubbard And Friends - Thank You For Listening [The Road To Freedom] 1986
Morton Subotnick - Sidewinder - Part II [Sidewinder] 1971
Unknown Hypnosis Nut
Michel Polnareff - The Rapist [Lipstick] 1976
Lucifer - Black Mass [Black Mass] 1971
Hugo Montenegro - A Hazy Shade Of Winter [People... One To One] 1971

Ray Barretto - Acid [Acid] 1968
Georges Delerue - Free [Comme un Boomerang] 1976
André Popp - Hot Shot [7"] 1976
Canadian Tin Plate Producers - Introduction / Mother [Soft Drinks In Cans Presents: The 1967 Campaign Part ] 1967
New Black Group and Chorus - Jungle Cry [7"]
Canadian Tin Plate Producers The Fridge [Soft Drinks In Cans Presents: The 1967 Campaign Part ] 1967
Sammy Davis Jr. - John Shaft [7"] 1972
Canadian Tin Plate Producers The Rebel [Soft Drinks In Cans Presents: The 1967 Campaign Part ] 1967
The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Band - The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Beer Drinking Song [7"] 1968
Canadian Tin Plate Producers The Brain / Just Married [Soft Drinks In Cans Presents: The 1967 Campaign Part ] 1967

Dion - Purple Haze [Dion] 1968
Gary McFarland - Suzanne [Today] 1970
Leonard Nimoy - Nature Boy [The Touch of Leonard Nimoy] 1969
Gen Orange - The Palm of my Hand [Everything Sings] 1978
The Shaggs - Sweet Maria [7"]
The Mystic Zephrys 4 - Into Our Band [Maybe] 1974

Spaghetti Head - Funky Axe [7"] 1975
The Chiffons - Nobody' Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me) [7"] 1965
Bonzo Dog Band - Keynsham [Keynsham] 1969
Michel Colombier - L'étrange voyage de M.Brendwood [Campus] 1969
Mike Melvoin - The Plastic Cow [The Plastic Cow Goes Moooooog] 1970

Unknown Artist - Control Smoking Through Behavior Modification [Control Smoking Through Behavior Modification] 1976

November 2, 2018

Don't Throw Your Dreams Away

U.S. Department of Agriculture - MUSIC ONLY [How To Buy Meat]
Ralph Lowe - Disco Dancer, You're the Answer [I'm Just the Other Woman - MSR Madness Vol. 4]
Blowfly - Blowfly's Rapp (Instrumental) [12"]
Alessandro Alessandroni - Afro Discoteca [Afro Discoteca]
Dick Hyman on the Baldwin Organ - Alfred, the King of Disco [Organ Magic]
Dick Hyman on the Moog Synthesizer - Strobo [7"]
Pier Heiken - Pickles [7"]
Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet - Shank [Popcorn]
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - IDEA No. 6 - Get a Move On [Bounce Back!]
Shadow Morton - Dressed In Black (Demo) [The Red Bird Story Vol. 2]
Harry Goz - Phase One: Genesis / Phase Two: Observations, The Meeting [Today is the First Day of the Rest of my Life]
Sagittarius - The Truth is not Real [Present Tense]
Nino Ferrer and Radiah - South [Nino and Radiah]
Clinic - Sunny Road to Salina [La route de Salina]
Rotary Connection - Magical World [Aladdin]
Margo Guryan - California Shake [29 Demos]
Arif Mardin - Glass Onion [Glass Onion]
Bergen White - On and On [For Women Only]
Electric Light Orchestra - Little Town Flirt [DISCOvery]
The Alvin Dahn Band - 404 [7"]
Alvin Dahn - Don't Throw Your Dreams Away [It's Time]
The Dondero A Capella Choir - Livin' Thing [Pop Concert 2000]
Frederik - Rock-Aria [Olen Dracula]
Michael Farneti - Come to Europe [Good Morning Kisses]
Gleneil - Cheapy Chappy and Ito [Cruise It]
Edwin Polish, M.D. - Management of Functional Diarrhea [Constipation and Diarrhea]
Zuiikin' English - Call an ambulance please [Zuiikin' English]
Fabio - About Romance [After Dark]
Frances Baskerville - Love on a Hill [Songs from the Beyond]
Gen Orange - Thunderstorm [7"]
The Shaggs - I Love [Shaggs' Own Thing]
Bob Chance - Goodbye, Chicago [Rock Country!]
The Space Lady - Be Thankful For What You Got [On The Street of Dreams]
B.J. Snowden - Falling In and Out [Life in the USA and Canada]
The Beach Boys - Little Bird [Friends]
The Five Bells - Moody Manitoba Morning [Dimensions]
Daughters of Albion - Well Wired [Daughters of Albion]
October Country - Cowboys & Indians [October Country]
Les Hamsters - Flower Power [7"]
Priscilla Paris - He Noticed Me [Priscilla Sings Herself]
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - IDEA No. 3 - Pick Yourself Up [Bounce Back!]
Big Daddy - She's Leaving Home [Sgt. Pepper's]
Ray Conniff And The Singers - Don't Sleep in the Subway [It Must Be Him]
Big Ben Hawaiian Band - Goodbye [Hit Me Hawaiian]
The Ray Charles Singers - The Straight Life [Slices of Life]

October 26, 2018

Everything in moderation

Willie Ruff and John Rodgers - The Nine Planets from 1571 through 1703 [The Harmony of the World]
A DJ - A Groove [Running In Place: Locked Grooves from WFMU]
Eddie The Rat - Friendly Persuasion Theme
Ralph M. Lewis - Introduction [Meditation Moods]
Joel Barron and The Billy Wilson Trio - This could be the start of something big [An Evening At The Tally Ho]
Wild Man Fischer - Intro [The Fischer King]
David Saelens - No Turning Back [You Are My Friends]
Maurice Dalle - Ave Maria [La Scie Enchantée de]
Jan Lewan - To Be In Love Is Beautiful [Remember Me, My Love]
Buddy Greco & Visions - Quando, Quando [Hot Nights]
The Julian Street Dance Band - Too Fat Polka [Polka Greats]
Katie's Kitchen - Hot Slaw [Katie's Kitchen]
Jean Morlier - Cha-Ba-Da-Ba-Da [The Big, Mad, Wide, Wonderful World Of Jean Morlier]
Joah Valley - Things We Said Today [Beatle Songs]
Terry - Warped Records [Terry's Tips]
Sweet Seasons - Hijak [At Hidden Harbor]
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Introduction [Bounce Back!]
Jack Frost Ice - Our Ice Is The BEST! [Brother Russell's "Prank Call Grab Bag"]
Dominion Road Machinery - They Only Make Motor Graders [Jonathan Ward's "History of the Industrial Musical v1"]
Buzz Martin - There Walks a Man [Where There Walks A Logger There Walks A Man]
Tommy Hunter With The Laurie Bower Singers - Mississauga [7"]
Sphere - Sunshine Man [7"]
Dr. Airlines - Mr. Snuggles [Mr. Snuggles]
John Strand - Remembering Laci [CD Single]
Jan Lewan with The Zlamal Sisters - Try To Write Again [Remember Me, My Love]
Chromalox - The Music [The Eight Seasons of Chromalox]
Art & Diane Linkletter - Dear Mom And Dad [We Love You, Call Collect Plus Interviews With Young Drug Users]
Leonard Nimoy - The Mayor of Ma's Cafe [The New World Of]
Jean Jacques Perrey & Gilbert Sigrist - Demain L'espoir (Nevada Sunrise) [Dynamoog]
Jean Jacques Franchin et son Ensemble - Atom Mothers [Pop Accordéon]
Marie Laforet & Gérard Klein - Le vin de l'été (Summer Wine) [Vol. 8]
Karel Černoch - Věc Koupená (What's Going On) [Letiště]
Jack Frost Ice - Our Ice Is The BEST! [Brother Russell's "Prank Call Grab Bag"]
Harold Smart - Love Theme from "The Godfather" [Love Sensations]
Steve Linnegar's Snakeshed - Karate Moves [Karate Moves]
Mark Savage - Do You Think I'm Sexy [Douglass High School Trojans]
Chuck Wright - This Masquerade [This Masquerade]
Bruce Haack - Count Your Blessings / Untitled 1 [Preservation Tapes]
Optiganally Yours - How Do You Feel? [O.Y. In Hi-Fi]
Sharron Kraus with Belbury Poly - Something Out of Nothing (Belbury Poly Mix) [7"]
Jane Weaver - The Architect (Andy Votel's Brutaliszt 250KG ReadyMix) [The Architect EP]
Rosebud - Interstellar Overdrive [Discoballs]
Jack Frost Ice / Fajita Ritas - Our Ice Is The BEST! / I'm Hungry For What You Got! [Brother Russell's "Prank Call Grab Bag"]