June 1, 2010

Music To Massage Your Mate By - Continuous Uninterupted Music For Massage [Music To Massage Your Mate By]
Business Letters - 110 wpm [DDC Dictation Disc]
Philippe Von Horns - Préparation à l'acte sexual [Pour Faire l'Amour]
HRN Productions - The Day Begins / A Long Grind [The Sound of Streetcars]
Mystic Moods Orchestra - Local Freight [One Stormy Night]
Jerry - Fou rire [7"]
Margo Ashby - Il était une fois [à l'orgue Wurlitzer]
Okapi - Love Him [Love Him Vol. 1, Recent, 1927-1952]
DJ Food - Colours Beyond Colours [One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World]
Michel Polnareff - Voyages [Polnareff's]
Jean-Claude Vannier - L'enfant la mouche et les allumettes / L'enfant au royaume des mouches [L'enfant assassin des mouches]
The Happy Balloon - Among The First To Know [The Fine Art of Ballooning]
Catherine Lara - Fleur de sommeil [Catherine Lara]
Les Musiniers - Le temps est bon [Les Musiniers '78]
Isabelle Pierre - Le temps est bon [Le temps est bon]
Jean-Claude Vannier - Theme 504 [7"]
Renée Claude - Lorsque nous serons vieux [Le tour de la terre]
La Buena Vida - Mirando atrás [Harmonica]
Brigitte Fontaine - Il pleut [est...]
The Free Design - Dorian Benediction [Heaven/Earth]
Elba Systems Corporation - Family Security [Family Security]
101 Strings - Adolf Hitler [Stereo Dynamics! To Scare Hell out of Your Neighbors]
Lorne Greene - Fourteen Men [The Man]
Willis Brothers - Diesel Smoke on Danger Road [40 Miles of Bad Road]
Bobby Sykes - Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves [Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves and other Truck Driver Favorites]
Chuck Wells - Down and Out [God less America]
Little Eddie Woods - Bug Killer [Weirdsville]
Paul de Margerie - Tintarella di Luna [Vol. 1]
Slenderide - Intro and London / Tokyo [Slenderide Sound Exercise Program]
"Z" (Mort Garson) - Music for Sensuous Lovers [Music for Sensuous Lovers by "Z"]
Erotica - The Rhythms of Love [Erotica - The Rhythms of Love]
Stanley Z. Daniels - Side 1 [Sex For Teens (Where It's At)]
John Rydgren - A Beautiful Girl [Silhouette Segments]
101 Strings with Be Be Bardon - Love At First Sight [The Sounds of Love]
Orchester Werner Muller - Femme Femme [The Strip Goes On]
Michael Ellis' School of Class - Flowers on the Wall [Educación y descanso]
Jona & Coro - W La Felicità (Long Version) [Signor Rossi]
Barbapapa - Barbapapa Rock [7"]
Frederic et Cecilia - Comédie musicale en 8 épisodes présentée par le Credit Agricole - Épisode 7 [7"]
Les Petits Chanteurs du Rock - Ça plane pour moi [Hit-Parade des enfants, Vol. 3]
Frederic et Cecilia - Comédie musicale en 8 épisodes présentée par le Credit Agricole - Épisode 5 [7"]
Renée Claude - Le début d'un temps nouveau [Le début d'un temps nouveau]
Emmanuelle - Le reel facile [7"]
Geoffrey Sumner - Train Sequence [A Journey Into Stereo Sound... an introduction to ffss]
Rafi & Asha & Others - Dekho Ab To Kisiko Nahin Hai Khabar [Janwar]
Srei Sothear and Sin Sisamouth - Marrison (Classic) [Cambodian Psych-Out]
Dom Thomas - She's My Girl (Mutilated, Toxicated and Reconstituted) [Miscellaneous Mutant Mishaps]
Ween - Take Me Away [Chocolate and Cheese]
Norm N. Nite - Side 1 (excerpt) [Rock & Roll Evolution or Revolution?]
Blowfly - Ed Sullivan Show / Sesame Street / Batman [Blowfly on TV]
Moms Mabley - It's Your Thing [The Youngest Teenager]
T. Valentine - Hello Lucille Are You A Lesbian? [Hello Lucille... Are You A Lesbian?]
Xaviera Hollander - The Threesome [Xaviera!]
Love and Kisses - How Much, How Much I Love You [12"]
Xaviera Hollander - My Attitude Towards Sex [Xaviera!]
David S. Rubsamen, M.D. - Postgraduate Seminars: Alcoholism (excerpt) [Alcoholism: A Contemporary Re-appraisal]
Tammy True - All My Loving [Funtown, Favorite 20 Selections]
Joe E. Ross - Side 1 (excerpt) [Should Lesbians Be Allowed To Play Pro Foot-Ball?]
The Incomparables - Carry On My Wayward Son [The LSJUMB]
London Bobby - Welcome To The Pub / Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner [At The Pub Vol. 1]
Tom Wilson - All-American Boy [All-American Boy]
R. Stevie Moore - Schoolgirl [Meet The R. Stevie Moore]
Loveletter - Apples & Oranges / Sun [Beethoven Chopin Kitchen Fraud]
Louise Huebner with Louis and Bebe Barron - Orgies-A Tool of Witchcraft / Sun Sign Amulets for Spiritual Protection [Seduction Through Witchcraft]
Ruth Hohmann & Erbe-Chor - Im Staub der Sterne - Das Licht (part 1) [Kosmos]
Criswell - Someone Walked Over My Grave [7"]
Dr. Hajime Murooka - Meditation from "Thais" [Lullaby from the Womb]
Darwin Gross with Irwin Webb - Oh, How I Love The Blessed Sugmad [It Just Is! Eck Is The Way!]
The Bionic Woman - The Prisoner of Arak (Part 1) [Great Adventures]
Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra - Etude in the form of Rhythm and Blues [El Condor Pasa]
The Bionic Woman - The Prisoner of Arak (Part 2) [Great Adventures]
Roland Shaw and his Orchestra - Diamonds are Forever - Reprise [The Return of James Bond]
Funkadelic - Balance [America Eats It's Young]
The Dragons - On The Wall [BFI]
Triste Janero - In The Garden [7"]
The Dave Pell Singers - Laughing [Mah-Na-Mah-Na]
Gary Owens - Horoscope - Part 2 [Put Your Head On My Finger]
Muhammad Ali & His Gang - Theme Song [Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay]
Marcy Tigner - My Jesus I Love Thee / Close To Thee [Trombone]
Train Your Bird To Talk - See You Later / Hi Baby / I Love You / Give Me A Kiss / Who Are You / See You Later [Train Your Bird To Talk]
The 8-Bit Construction Set - Commodore [12"]
Arctic Enterprises - Year of the Cat [7"]
Xerox Corporation - The Shopper [Listen! Imagine and Write]
The Incomparables - It's Over [The LSJUMB]
Kasey Casem - Closing [Astrology For Young Lovers]

May 25, 2010

Sounds of Speed - Bonneville Speed Trials [Sounds of Speed]
Max Neuhaus - Sylvane Bussotti: Coeur pour Batteur - Positively Yes [Electronics & Percussion]
Rosicrucian Oral Instructions - Cosmic Consciousness Part 1 [Attaining Cosmic Consciousness]
Agustin Lara - Mujer / Estrellita Solitaria [Tu Inventaste La Palabra Amor]
Eleonara Rossi-Drago - Lamento Borincano [7"]
Kingsdale School Dance Band - Somewhere / Hawaii Five-O [School's Prom 1975]
The Montague Arms - Air On A G String [Live at the Montague]
Apollo 100 featuring Tom Parker - Mad Mountain King [Joy]
Marty Manning and his Orchestra - Night on Bald Mountain [The Twilight Zone]
The Professionals - The Godfather [Status Breaks Volume Two]
Dr. Billy Rogers, Gregg Oliver, Del Stanton & Lois Cooper - Seduction! (Side 1) [Seduction!]
The Royal Jokers - Vibrations [Swing For A Crime]
Dr. Billy Rogers, Gregg Oliver, Del Stanton & Lois Cooper - Seduction! (Side 2) [Seduction!]
Bob Thiele & his New Happy Times Orchestra feat. The Sunflower Singers - Do The Love [Do The Love]
Jean and Janette - Le secret de la jeunesse [Le secret de la jeunesse]
Mehr Pouya - Soul Raga [7"]
Pro Arte - Jedna mala plava [7"]
Kojak - A Question of Honor [Kojak Book and Record Set]
Georges Tremblay - Flash [Le neuvieme silence]
The Hammond Spinet Organ - Hammond Organ Music Just The Way You Like It [Play Time on the Hammond Organ]
Roger Simard - Mustang Sally [Drum à gogo]
Frederic et Cecilia - Le Credit Agricole presente comedie musicale en huit episodes [7"]
Ritchie Family - Brazil [7"]
Tullio de Piscopo - Fastness [B-Music Weekend Breaks Volume One]

May 18, 2010

R. Murray Schafer - The New Soundscape [Threnody]
Alpha Beta - Who Killed? [Who Killed The Dragon? The BYG Sessions]
Edwin Polish, M.D. - Management of Functional Diarrhea [Constipation and Diarrhea, Medi-Disc Volume 5]
Korla Pandit - Lotus Love [Tropical Magic]
Ween - Poop Ship Destroyer [Pure Guava]
Les Rockets - Apache [Les Rockets]
The Junior Youth Orchestra - Statement In Blue [Threnody]
Gary Owens - Horoscope Part 1 [Put Your Head On My Finger]
Let's Go Places - Spain [Let's Go Places Around The World In Song And Dance]
Real Carioca - Telefone [Años Dorados]
Gérard and Shiela Arthur - Tour ce qui brille n'est pas or (All that Glitters is not Gold) [French For Love]
John Lea School, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire - The Pink Panther/Feelings/Take Five [The John Lea Sound]
Marisol con Orquesta y Coros - Pide [Marisol Rumbo a Rio]
The Torero Band - Please Please Me [Lennon & McCartney Tijuana Style]
Gustavo Pimentel y sus Panorámicos - Goldfinger / Venecia Sin Ti [Fascinacion]
American Medical Association - Sociopaths [Mirror to the Mind]
Master Wilburn Burchette - Yin [Psychic Meditation Music]
Claudine Longet - Jealous Guy / Don't Let Me Down [Cuddle Up With...]
Clara Rockmore with Nadia Reisenberg - Saint-Saens: The Swan [Thermin]
Raymond Scott - Cyclic Bit [Manhattan Research Inc. Vol. 2]
Bel Divioleta - Un garçon et une fille [Educación y descanso]
Vera Chillon - Bibi [Información y turismo]
Barry Gemso Experience - Buttercup Business [Ski Lodge Serenade]
Lollipop Train - Porpoise Song [Simultaneous Ice Cream]
Lollipop Train - Johnny Johnny [Juniorelectricmagazine]
Margo Guryan - Sun [Take a Picture]
R. Stevie Moore - Schoolgirl [Meet The R. Stevie Moore]
The Love Generation - Meet Me At The Love-In [The Love Generation]
The 5th Dimension - Carpet Man [The Magic Garden]
Arif Mardin - Glass Onion [Glass Onion]
I, Brute Force - No Olympian Height [Confections of Love]
Bonzo Dog Band - Doctor Jazz [Tadpoles]
The Templeton Twins - Hey Jude [Trill Like It Was]
André Popp - Musique mécanique [Popp!]
Elsa Popping and her Pixieland Band - Java Martienne [Delirium in Hi-Fi]
François de Roubaix - Claquettes [L'Homme Orchestre]
Jean-Jacques Perrey - Pizzicato pour vénus [Moog Sensations]
Islamic Mystical Brotherhood - Rih ash-Sheikh al-Kamal [Moroccan Sufi Music]

May 4, 2010

The Dragons - Food For My Soul [7"]
Cool Heat - Groovin' With Mr. Bloe [7"]
France Gall - Zozoi [7"]
Billy Green - Death Trip [7"]
Chantal Renaud - Plattsburg Drive In Blues [Chantal Disque D'or 17 Chansons]
The Ventures - Strawberry Fields Forever [Super Psychedelics]
John Rydgren - Dark Side of the Flower [Silhouette Segments]
Ted Taylor Organisation featuring Tubby Hayes - He Who Would Valiant Be [Resurrection]
The Charles Randolph Grean Sound - Peter and the Wolf [The Charles Randolph Grean Sound]
André Gagnon - Chanson pour Petula [Notre Amour]
The Free Design - Canada in Springtime [There is a Song]
The 5th Dimension - The Magic Garden [The Magic Garden]
Guy Skornik - Le bout de la terre / Fol Amour / Le Monsieur qui fait boïng
Ray Conniff - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly [Live at the Sahara Tahoe, Concert In Stereo]
Serge Gainsbourg - Présentation de Serge Gainsbourg [Théâtre des capucines]
Jorge Gutierrez Zamora - Dos en us corazon [La Calaca]
La Casa Azul - Un Mundo mejor (instrumental) [La Revolución Sexual]
Danuta Rinn - Gdzie ci mezczyzini [Gdzie ci mezczyzini]
Maurice Desjardins - Finalement [Musique de films avec Maurice Desjardins]
Hollywood "Pops" Orch. - Roller Coaster [Motion in Percussion]
Edmundo Ros - Hare Krishna (Be In) [Hair Goes Latin]
101 Strings - The Boxer [Play Million Seller Hits of Today written by Simon and Garfunkel]
Vincent Bell - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise [The Best of]
Hamilton Camp - A Lot Can Happen In A Day [Here's To You]
The Bonzo Dog Band - Quiet Talks & Summer Walks [Keynsham]
Lucien Hétu - Lindbergh [Les grands succès 69]
Robert Charlebois avec Louise Forestier - Lindberg [Robert Charlebois avec Louise Forestier]
Christian Di-Maccio - Lindberg [Joue nos poètes]
The Groupies - Side One (excerpt) [The Groupies]
The Mystic Moods - California Dreamin', Nothing On My Mind/Moments Ago [Extensions]
Brute Force - In Jim's Garage [I, Brute Force, Confections of Love]
Arnie Lawrence and his Saxophone and Strings - Eleanor Rigby [You're Gonna Hear From Me]
Johnny Dupont - Caravan [All Stops Out!]
Greg Morris - The Look of Love [For You...]
Gary McFarland - She Loves You [Soft Samba]
Paul Mauriat - Get Back [L.O.V.E.]
Norman Luboff - As I Walk Through The Valley [New & Now]
Marie Laforêt - Et si je t'aime [Vol. 5]
The Poppy Family - That's Where I Went Wrong [K-Tel 20 Original Hits]

April 27, 2010

McCort mit Leblanc - Montreal Metro, Interior/Exterior, Mont-Royal to Laurier [The Sounds of Montreal]
The Living Language Course - Do You Speak Spanish? [Living Spanish]
Ernesto Hill Olvera - Un viejo amor [Los exitos de Ernesto Hill Olvera]
Maurice Desjadins - Apres-Ski [Musique de films]
Santa - Holiday On Ice, A Ride With Santa [Santa's Own Christmas]
Susie & Allie - Jingle Bells [Christmas with Susie & Allie]
Tarinasta keisarin uudet vaattett - Keisarin laulu [Walt Disney - Kivat satulaulut 2]
L'oncle Pierre & Midas - La cabane à midas (excerpt) [La cabane à midas]
Maurice Desjadins - Mrs. Robinson [Musique de films]
Jimmy Davis et ses Rhythmes - Z'avez-vous vu mirza [7"]
Bill Justis - Raunchy [7"]
Les freres flamingo - Je suis Marié (I'm Henry VIII, I Am) [7"]
The Secrets - Learnin' To Forget [7"]
Corki Ray & Audiofaze - Whirlwind [Girls In The Garage Volume 6 1/2]
'Lectric Woods - Atlantis ['Lectric Woods]
Moe Koffman - Overture To Spring [The Four Seasons]
Jean-Pierre Ferland - Le chat du café des artistes [Jaune]
Yvon Hubert - Sur la terre des hommes [Le jour du seigneur]
Catherine Lara - Fleur de sommeil [Catherine Lara]
Les Karrick - Laissez-moi vivre [Karrik II]
The Carpenters - Your Wonderful Parade [Offering]
The Free Design - Butterflies Are Free [Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love]
The Feminine Complex - I Won't Run [Livin' Love]
Dudley Moore - Morning Walk [30 Is A Dangerous Age Cynthia!] soundtrack
R. Stevie Moore - Cassettes [1952-19??]
R. Stevie Moore - Teen Routines [Meet The R. Stevie Moore!]
R. Stevie Moore - Records [1952-19??]
Buchanan and Goodman - Flying Saucer The 2nd [7"]
The Dave Pell Singers - Keem-O-Sabe [Mah-Na-Mah-Na]
Mike Simpson - Elephant Drums [Jungle Odyssey]
Sergio Mendes - Viola [Crystal Illusions]
Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier - La Horse [Les Sélections du Cinema de Gainsbourg]
Electric Light Orchestra - So Fine [A New World Record]
The Move - Beautiful Daughter [Shazam]
Les Costa - Ce soir je veux rester chez moi [7"]
Alane (Jean-Pierre Allane) - Taille 42 [7"]
Le Système Crapoutchik - J'aime chanter [FLOP]
Luis Bacalov with Ann Margret - Take A Chance
Unknown Artist - Selejtezo Szam (from the film 'Patyolat Akcio”)
13th Floor Elevators - Zale’s Jewelry (Radio Commercial)
Primitives, The - Yeeeah!
Lord Sitar - I Can See For Miles
Poppy Family, The - Happy Island
Movie Trailer - The Happening
Nashville Strings, The - For Your Love
Suzie - Tro Hopp och Kärlek (I’m a Believer)
Al Tijuana & His Jewish Brass - Tsena, Tsena
NY Telephone - Commercial Spot
Reparata & the Delrons - Your Life Is Gone
Datsun 1972 - All You Really Need
R.G. Dunn Cigars - Commercial Spot
Ann-Margret - Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
Mrs. Miller - The Week End Of A Private Secretary
Going Thing, The - Happiness
Contac (Music by Jean Jacques Perrey) - Commercial Spot
Jean Jacques Perrey & Gershon Kingsley - Moog Demo
Marty Gold - Michelle
Byrds, The - LP Promo Spot
Byrds, The - Draft Morning
Eddie Sauter - U.S. Army Recruiting Spot
General Electric’s Silicone Products Division - Silicones, Silicones
New Zoo Revue, The - In The Arts
The Tygers - Girl Like You [The Tygers Second Album]

April 20, 2010

Rosemary Brown - CHOPIN: Ballade [A Musical Seance]
Tony Hatch Orchestra - Memories of Summer [The Avengers and Other Top Sixties Themes]
Jack Wagner - Arrival At The Princess Terminal [This Is Your Princess Adventure]
The Coconut Monkeyrocket - Destination Goo [With Birds]
Jack Wagner - The Continental Dining Room [This Is Your Princess Adventure]
Ella Fitzgerald - Savoy Truffle [Ella]
Jack Wagner - Casino Jackpot [This Is Your Princess Adventure]
Casino Royale - 18th Century Corporation [Bacharach Baroque]
Jack Wagner - Nightlife Entertainment [This Is Your Princess Adventure]
Mme St-Onge - Chez Moi [Les 10 Plus Grands Succes]
Jack Wagner - Captain’s Cocktail Party [This Is Your Princess Adventure]
France Gall - Don’t Make War Captain Make Love [Long Box]
Jack Wagner - London Pub Night [This Is Your Princess Adventure]
Helmut Zacharias and his Magic Violins - The Tipsy Piano [7"]
Jack Wagner - Harbor Arrival [This Is Your Princess Adventure]
The Association - Goodbye, Columbus [Goodbye, Columbus]
Ken Nordine - Narration (excerpts) [Sounds in Space]
The Barry Lipman Orchestra - Pop-Corn [Go Hits Go Nr. 2]
James Last - Immigrant Song [Non Stop Dancing 12]
Incredible Bongo Band - Apache [Bongo Rock]
Horst Jankowski - Pata Pata [Get Easy Volume 4]
Ray Martin - A Man Alone [Thunderball and Other Thriller Music]
Pan Am - Medley [The Pan Am GO Commercials]
Ginsonic - Laisse Tomber Les Filles [Monokini]
Kenzo Saeki - Harley Davidson [Camembert et Sushi]
Salma & Sabina Agha - Toba Toba [Sing The Hits Of Abba In Hindi]
The Supremes - Chi Mi Alutera [Motown Around The World]
Sonia - Aqui En Mi Nube [Ultra Chicks Volume 3 Baby Pop]
Rita Pavone - Supercalifragilistic Espiralidoso [7"]
Ralph Carmichael - The New Hallelujah, Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus [The Electric Symphony]
La Famille Rouleau - Allez Savoir Pourquoi [Des chansons, de la fraicheur, de la jeunesse]
Anna St. Clair - Les poissons qu’on voit dans l’eau n’ont pas de bardes [7"]
PeloquinSauvageau - Monsieur L’Indien [Laissez-nous vous embrasser ou vous avez mai...]
Gymnastik mit Brigitte - Dreaming [Damit sie schoner, schlanker und beweglicher werden]
Bobby Hachey - Folsom Prison Blues [Sings Johnny Cash]
Jerry - Fou Rire [7"]
Gymnastik mit Brigitte - Shaking Blues [Damit sie schoner, schlanker und beweglicher werden]
Big Bad Jack - Gros Jambon [Disco Gag!!]
La Pandilla - A-Chi-Li-Pu [La Pandilla]
Adventures in Cacophony - Syncopated Steno [Adventures in Cacophony]
Northgate ‘A’ Band - Theme From Rocky [7"]
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gilbert Sigrist - L'homme a l’index coupe (The Lost Years)
Bertrand Burgalat & Robert Wyatt - The Summer Night [Chéri B.B.]
Max Buda - Hierba verde [Educación y descanso]
Meyba y B. Beauty - The Chamber of Dreams (información y turismo) [Información y Turismo]
Fantastic! - Brian Wilson [Sombrero]
The Happy Balloon - Among The First To Know [The Fine Art of Ballooning]
La Buena Vida - Dulce y callado [Expreso]
The Free Design - California Dreaming [Raindrops]
Les Georges Leningrad - Ma rebboh [Deux hot dogs moutarde chou]
Karina - Goldfinger - Mis Recuerdos
La Buena Vida - Mirando Atras - Derby
Jean Pierre Ferland - Le Petit Roi - Juane
Carl Bastien - …Revisitee - Juane 2005
Jerome Miniere - Le Petit Roi - Juane 2005
Guy Trépanier - Toune pour debarquer / Un peu moins off [Suite et début]
Claude Gauthier - From Santa To America [Cerfs-Volants]
Louise Forestier - From Santa To America [Louise Forestier]
Brigitte Fontaine - Il pleut [est...]
Sabrina - ...und du willst gehn [7"]
Cubismo Grafico - Upsetters
Sperry - An Introduction To Listening / Rate Yourself As A Listener
The Disneyland Singers - The Sign Song
Datsun - All You Really Need Is A 1972 Datsun
Soft Drinks In Cans - Introduction
Unknown - Wonderful Radio London
Lollipop Train - Porpoise Song
Commodore Condello’s Salt River Navy Band - Medley
Bee Gees - Coke (Radio Spot) / Talk / Red Chair, Fade Away
Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson - Upside Down
Jane Birkin - Jane B
The Dukes Of Stratosphear - The Mole From The Ministry
Stormy Six - Una Piu Felice Di Te
Etienne Charry - Aube Radieuse
Caetano Veloso - Tropicália
Gualbert - Luz De Invierno
Montreal - Infinity
The Del Rubio Triplets - What Have I Done To Deserve This?
Soft Drinks In Cans - Mother
Scott Tissue - Scott Tissue
13th Floor Elevators - Zale’s Jewlery
Neil and Iraiza - Candy Favorite Shoes
Eläkeläiset - Humppasusi Ruotsissa
Banda De Tepetlixpa - Yesterday
Honor Blackman - World Without Love
Jack Webb - You’d Never Know The Old Place Now
Miss America, Vonda Van Dyke - Teenage Diary (excerpt)
The New Folk - Love Comes Down
Jaime Alem & Nair Candia - Sob o mar