September 7, 2003

DEFA Sinfonie Orchester Babelsberg - Kosmos
The Glass Family with Mike Curb and Bob Summers - Teenage Rebellion
The Tornados - Telstar
The Ventures - Skylab (Passport To The Future)
Kilopop! - Sky Men
Wild Man Fischer - The Taster (fancy version) / The Story Of The Taster
Chuck Barris Productions - Treasure Hunt Losers Theme
Carpet Squares - Sad
George Burns - Satisfaction / The Sun Shines On My Street
Bill Cosby - Reach Out (I'll Be There)
Pepper Tanner Library - The Druggist
The September Calendar Girl Featuring Mr. History Man - September 7
Ray Conniff - Don't Sleep In The Subway
Les Reed with The Eddie Lester Singers - Something In The Air
Pepper Tanner Library - Seatbelts (PSA)
Dymaxion - Ant'lrd Alley
Eläkeläiset - Humppasonni
Monique Gaube - Avec Amour
Paul Piot And Paul Guiot - Reve Pour Un Beatle
Noel Harrison - A Young Girl
The Poppy Family - That's Where I Went Wrong
Howard Menger - Narration/Marla
Bob Vido - I'm Right
Jiri Suchy & Akord Club - Co Je To Laska
Morgan Freeman and Lee Chamberlin - Easy Reader
The Butterflies - With Compliments
Doctor Sims - Sex And Your Daughter
Otto Sieben - Curly Shuffle
Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra & Chorus with Eliot Lewis - Manhattan Tower