October 8, 2010

Optigan - Latin Fever - The Starter Set [Optigan]
Hal Hidey - Tic Tac Dough Theme - The Sounds of the 70's [Occupant]
Paul Nero - This is Soul - Nero's Soul Party [Liberty]
Carl Brandt - Disclosures Involving - Behind Closed Doors at a Recording Session [Warner Bros.]
Martian Symphony Orchestra - Martian Melody - 7" [Sparton]
Jack La Lanne - Pogo Jumps - Glamour Stretching Time [La Lanne Inc.]
Claudette Auchu - Oye Come Va - Claudette Auchu [London]
The Carey-Garfin Four - Proud Mary - A Time For Us 1965-1974 [C G]
R. Stevie Moore - Records - 1952-19?? [Cordelia]
Dick Hyman - Goldfinger - Keyboard Kaledoscope [Command]
Hugo Montenegro - Touch Me - Moog Power [RCA]
Christian Karolle & Robin Di Maccio - Gonna Fly Now - En Direct D'Hollywood [Alta]
The MPB Mix - Light My Fire - Ultimate British Breaks and Beats [UBBB]
Paul Mille - Organaboe - Special Club [Vogue]
Manfred King - Wenn der Urlaub kommt - Get Easy Vol. 4 [Motor]
Kingsdale School Dance Band - Hawaii Five-O - Schools Prom 1975 [Times]
The Incomparables - Roundabout - The LSJUMP [EMBO]
Jack De Manio - Introduction - How To Give Yourself A Stereo Checkout [London]
Enoch Light and The Light Brigade - Pass And I Call You - Permissive Polyphonics [Project 3]
The Evolution Control Committee - Rocked By Rape - 7" [Eerie Materials]
Mister Rogers - Going To Marry Mom - Won't You Be My Neighbor [Mister Rogers Neighborhood]
The Jelly Beans - The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget - The Red Bird Story Vol. 2 [Charley]
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart - The Ambushers - The Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks [Motor]
Bob Dorough - Ready of Not, Here I Come - Multiplication Rock [Capitol]
La Casa Azul - Un Mundo Mejor - La Revolución Sexual [Elefant]
The Bugaloos - Castles in the Air - The Bugaloos [Capitol]
Chevrolet - Nowhere Fast - Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You [Chevrolet Motor Division]
Hamilton Camp - Here's To You - Here's To You [Warner Bros.]
The New Classic Singers - Call Me - The New Classic Singers [Capitol]
Gary McFarland - She Loves You - Soft Samba [Verve]
The TM Companies - Stereo Rock - Tomorrow Media [TM]
Electric Light Orchestra - Shine a Little Love - DISCOvery [Jet]
Ween - Exactly Where I'm At - White Pepper [Plain]
Marshall McLuhan, Quentin Flore and Jerome Agel - Side 2 (excerpt) - The Medium is the Massage [Columbia]
Drozen and Peck - Donkey Kong - Conquer the Video Craze [ALA]
Atari - Data Program - The 8-Bit Construction Set [Beige]
Sesame Street - Bus Stop - Signs [Sesame Street]
Jim & Tammy & Their Friends - Oops! There Comes a Smile - Oops! There Comes a Smile [Singcord]
Jane Birkin - Lolita Go Home - Je t'aime moi non plus [Fontana]
Stanley Z. Daniels - Side 1 (excerpts) - Sex For Teens (where it's at) [Event]
Anne Marie and Mike - Love is Amour in "Frrrench" - 12" [WOW]
Tom Wilson - 1:00 AM - Gay Name Game [Aboveground]
Eden Ahbez - The Old Boat - Eden's Island [Munster]