October 29, 2010

Etienne Charry - Grand Luminaire - Aube Radieuse-Serpents en flammes [Tricatel]
Otis Skillings - Love Can Work A Miracle - A Young World [Tempo]
Wayne Butane - Super Trace - Swipes [Flaming Canine]
Andre Brasseur - Saturnus - Goes Discotheque at the Locomotiv' [RCA]
Rose Hill Junior High School Jazz Ensemble - Lady Madonna - Us As We Are [?]
Tracy High School Lab Band - Acid West - Poly High - School Bands Play The Classics [?]
Egberto Gismonti - Parque Laje - Orfeo Novo [MPS]
Marcos Valle - Suite Imaginaria - Marcos Valle [Odeon]
Gavin Bryars - Tramp with Orchestra II [excerpt] - Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet [Philips]