October 26, 2018

Everything in moderation

Willie Ruff and John Rodgers - The Nine Planets from 1571 through 1703 [The Harmony of the World]
A DJ - A Groove [Running In Place: Locked Grooves from WFMU]
Eddie The Rat - Friendly Persuasion Theme
Ralph M. Lewis - Introduction [Meditation Moods]
Joel Barron and The Billy Wilson Trio - This could be the start of something big [An Evening At The Tally Ho]
Wild Man Fischer - Intro [The Fischer King]
David Saelens - No Turning Back [You Are My Friends]
Maurice Dalle - Ave Maria [La Scie Enchantée de]
Jan Lewan - To Be In Love Is Beautiful [Remember Me, My Love]
Buddy Greco & Visions - Quando, Quando [Hot Nights]
The Julian Street Dance Band - Too Fat Polka [Polka Greats]
Katie's Kitchen - Hot Slaw [Katie's Kitchen]
Jean Morlier - Cha-Ba-Da-Ba-Da [The Big, Mad, Wide, Wonderful World Of Jean Morlier]
Joah Valley - Things We Said Today [Beatle Songs]
Terry - Warped Records [Terry's Tips]
Sweet Seasons - Hijak [At Hidden Harbor]
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Introduction [Bounce Back!]
Jack Frost Ice - Our Ice Is The BEST! [Brother Russell's "Prank Call Grab Bag"]
Dominion Road Machinery - They Only Make Motor Graders [Jonathan Ward's "History of the Industrial Musical v1"]
Buzz Martin - There Walks a Man [Where There Walks A Logger There Walks A Man]
Tommy Hunter With The Laurie Bower Singers - Mississauga [7"]
Sphere - Sunshine Man [7"]
Dr. Airlines - Mr. Snuggles [Mr. Snuggles]
John Strand - Remembering Laci [CD Single]
Jan Lewan with The Zlamal Sisters - Try To Write Again [Remember Me, My Love]
Chromalox - The Music [The Eight Seasons of Chromalox]
Art & Diane Linkletter - Dear Mom And Dad [We Love You, Call Collect Plus Interviews With Young Drug Users]
Leonard Nimoy - The Mayor of Ma's Cafe [The New World Of]
Jean Jacques Perrey & Gilbert Sigrist - Demain L'espoir (Nevada Sunrise) [Dynamoog]
Jean Jacques Franchin et son Ensemble - Atom Mothers [Pop Accordéon]
Marie Laforet & Gérard Klein - Le vin de l'été (Summer Wine) [Vol. 8]
Karel Černoch - Věc Koupená (What's Going On) [Letiště]
Jack Frost Ice - Our Ice Is The BEST! [Brother Russell's "Prank Call Grab Bag"]
Harold Smart - Love Theme from "The Godfather" [Love Sensations]
Steve Linnegar's Snakeshed - Karate Moves [Karate Moves]
Mark Savage - Do You Think I'm Sexy [Douglass High School Trojans]
Chuck Wright - This Masquerade [This Masquerade]
Bruce Haack - Count Your Blessings / Untitled 1 [Preservation Tapes]
Optiganally Yours - How Do You Feel? [O.Y. In Hi-Fi]
Sharron Kraus with Belbury Poly - Something Out of Nothing (Belbury Poly Mix) [7"]
Jane Weaver - The Architect (Andy Votel's Brutaliszt 250KG ReadyMix) [The Architect EP]
Rosebud - Interstellar Overdrive [Discoballs]
Jack Frost Ice / Fajita Ritas - Our Ice Is The BEST! / I'm Hungry For What You Got! [Brother Russell's "Prank Call Grab Bag"]