October 26, 2003

Holiday Freakout! Part I

Santa Claus - A Visit From Santa Claus!
Milton Delugg & The Little Eskimos - Hooray For Santa Claus
Sam Ulano - The Story Of Santa Claus
Corporal Blossom - White Christmas
The Ventures - Snowflakes
Fred Lowery - Letter To Virginia
Arthur Lyman - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
National Lampoon - Kung-Fu Christmas
Bobby 'Boris' Pickett - Monsters' Holiday
Mae West - From Mae To You
Unknown - Cooking A Delicious Holiday Ring Mold
The Kaisers - Merry Christmas, Loopy Lu
Martin Mull - Santafly
The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
Stan Freberg - Green Christmas
The Caroleer Singers - Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts
Toni Stante - Donde Esta Santa Claus
Margo Guryan - I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You
Kimi & Ritz - Merry Christmas Baby
The Magic Whispers - Crystal Nights
Buchanan & Goodman - Santa and the Satellite (Part 1)
The Free Design - Now Sound Christmas Introduction
Swingerhead - I'll Be Home For Christmas
The Blue Hawaiians - Have Yourself A Quiet Little Christmas
The Brave Combo - O Holy Night Cha Cha Cha
Billy May - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Mambo
Little Marcy - Suzy Snowflake
Wild Man Fischer - I'm A Christmas Tree
Esquivel - Frosty The Snowman
Spike Jones - Christmas Island
Robert C. Pritikin - I Sawed Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Buchanan & Goodman - Santa and the Satellite (Part 2)
The Border Brass - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol - All Alone In The World
Ferrante and Teicher - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Red Sovine - Here It Is, Christmas
Herman Apple - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The Grasshoppers - Santa Claus, Rudolph and Us
The Surfaris - A Surfer's Christmas List
Loren Green, Dan Blocker and The Bonanza TV Cast - The First Christmas Trees
Johnny Cash - The Little Drummer Boy
Mel Torme - Good King Wenceslas
The Misletoe Disco Band - Sleigh Ride
Wayne Newton - Jingle Bell Hustle
The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)
Franklyn MacCormack - I Like Christmas
Santa Claus - A Visit From Santa Claus!