November 26, 2010

Set #1 - Otis
William B. Tanner Company, Inc. - Side 1 (excerpt) - Enjoy Yourself [NAB]
Unknown - Sunday Morning - Have It Or Grab It Or Go? [Clowny Clown Productions]
The 5th Dimension - Orange Air - The Magic Garden [Soul City]
Werner Müller - Eso es el amor - The Latin Splendor of [London]
Ennio Morricone - Guerra e Pace, Pollo e Brace - Drive In, Tune On, Freak Out [Finders Keepers]
Standard Oil Company of California - Side B excerpt - America at Mid-Century [Chevron]
Juan Torres - María Isabel - Organo Melodico [Musart]
Ron Robbins - Heartbreak Hotel - Big Itch Volume 2 [Mr. Manicotti]
Edmond's High School - Side A (excerpt) - The Tiger's Roar 1963-1964 [Tiger's Roar]
Pas Chic Chic - Allez vous faire influencer! - 12" [Semprini]
R. Stevie Moore - Why Should I Love You? - Meet The R. Stevie Moore [Get Back]
Gary Wilson - You Keep On Looking - You Think You Really Know Me [Motel]
The Advisory Circle - Everyday Science (For Ron Geesin) - Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) [Ghost Box]
Margo Guryan - The 8:17 Northbound Success Merry-Go-Round - Take A Picture [Siesta]
The Shangri-Las - Past Present and Future - The Red Bird Story [Charley]
Ernesto Hill Olvera - Un viejo amor - Los Exitos De [RCA Camden]
Jane Birkin - Vie mort et résurrection d'un amour passion - Je T'aime moi non plus [Fontana]

Set #2 - Mingo
pink floyd - heart beat, pig meat - zabriskie point [quality/mgm]
slipstream group - march of time vol.1 - forest of eveil vol.2 [De Wolfe]
Sound of genesis - Lift of:the mystery of space - Journey to the moon [Buddah]
Stereo Total - I love you, Ono - My Melody [Bungalow]
Les Georges Leningrad - Prince Rebboh - Deux hot dogs moutarde chou.[Les records coco cognac]
Undisputed truth - Ball of confusion - Undisputed truth [Gordy]
Jimmy Smith - Walk on the wild side - The unpredictable Jimmy smith [Verve]
Sauveur Mallia - Holidays morning - Spatial and Co. vol.2 [Tele Music]
Chorus and disco company - Alfred wsrod ptakow - Discoland [Muza]
Venus gang - Love to fly - Galactic soul [Mucho gusto]
Contortions - Throw me away - Buy [Ze records]
Syd Barrett - Gigolo aunt - Barrett [EMI/Harvest]
Jean-Jacques Franchin et son ensemble - I want you - Pop accordeon [Concert hall]
Serge Gainsbourg - Juif et Dieu - Mauvaises nouvelles des etoiles [Philips]
Higelin et Areski - L’ours - Higelin et Areski [Saravah]