November 16, 2018

Enduring Nonchalant Melodies

Michael Siegel - Plastic Laminator [The Sounds of the Office] 1964
Burlington-Edison Hi-Lighters Vocal Jazz Ensemble - Knowing Me, Knowing You [Burlington-Edison Hi-Lighters]
Klaus Beyer - Hauptmann Peppers Einsamer Herzen Klub [Hauptmann Peppers Einsamer Herzen Klub] 2002
Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends - Love So Fine [Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of ] 1968
The 5th Dimension - Orange Air [The Magic Garden] 1967
Dolly Mixture - Everything and More [Everything and More] 1982
Samantha Juste - If Trees Could Talk [Backcomb 'N' Beat Dream Babes Volume Three] 1967
Tracy Ullman - They Don't Know [You Broke My Heart In 17 Places] 1983
Electric Light Orchestra - Everyone's Born To Die (featuring Marc Bolan) [ELO 2] 1973
Ween - The Mollusk [The Mollusk] 1997

Ash Wednesday - Love by Numbers [7"] 1980
Jean-Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli - Indian Duck [Turn Radio On] 1977
Electrawoman & Dynagirl - Theme [H.R. Pufnstuf And Other Sid & Marty Krofft Favorites] 1976
Super Chick - Trailer
Charles Linton - Open Your Heart Now (Vera's Theme) [Love in a 4 Letter World] 1970
The Robert Tennison Troupe - Don't Be Afraid [Two Words, Three Words] 1974

Wild Man Fischer & Rosemary Clooney - It's A Hard Business [The Fischer King]
Culturcide - The Heart Of Rock 'n' Roll (Is The Profit) [Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America] 1986
Ween - Piss Up a Rope [12 Golden Country Greats] 1996
The Osmonds - Crazy Horses [Crazy Horses] 1972
Shooby Taylor - Four-Leaf Clover (with R. Stevie Moore) [Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn: Side Two] 2017
Roger Hargreaves - Shakin' Like Jelly (Mr. Nervous) [Mr. Men And Little Miss Sing Along] 1982
The Dope King's Last Stand - The Dope King's Last Stand (excerpt) [The Dope King's Last Stand]
The New Zoo Revue - In The Arts [The New Zoo Revue] 1972
Pat Morris - We're Diabetic [7"]
Master Gunnery Sergeant Bill Dower - Aerobics: Physical Readiness Training - Always Something There To Remind Me [Armed Forces Workout] 1984
David Saelens - Caribbean Honeymoon [You Are My Friends]
Alain Goraguer - Sexy Dracula [All The Hits Of Monster Disco Sounds] 1976
Frederik - Olen Dracula [Olen Dracula] 1977
Bob Chance - The Van Man [It's Broken!] 1980
Neil Young - Sample and Hold (Dance Remix) [12"] 1982

Justice League - Metamorpho [Stories And Songs About The Justice League Of America] 1975
Massey-Ferguson - We're Massey-Ferguson [A World of Winners] 1978
Diana Decker - Kitty In The Basket [78rpm single] 1954
Patience & Prudence - Tom Thumb's Tune [7"] 1958

Holy Tire Iron - Side One (excerpt) [Work In Progress... Volume Eight] 1994

Bob Larson - You're Going Completely Insane [Little Pocket Sized Demons] 1990
Lisette Keray & Jack Wilson - Suite de proverbes en forme de comptines [Suite de proverbes en forme de comptines - Vol. 2]
Anton Maiden - The Number Of The Beast [Anton Gustavsson Tolkar Iron Maiden] 1999
The Christian Astronauts - I'll Never Be The Same [Beyond The Blue] 1971
Tres & Kitsy - It's A Long Way to Heaven [Dandelions] 1971
BJ Ward - Vocalise [Vocal Ease] 1971
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Automatic Morning [Hormone Lemonade] 2018
Kit Ream - The End [All That I Am] 1978
Marty Robbins - The Chair [The Hangman's Blues - Prison Songs In Country Music (1956-1972)] 1971
Leonard Nimoy - The Hitch-Hiker [The Way I Feel] 1968
The Move - Ben Crawley Steel Co. [Message From The Country] 1971
Robert C. Pritiken - There's A Song Inside Your Saw [There's A Song In My Saw] 1976
Telly Savalas - Gentle on my Mind [Who Loves Ya] 1975

Paul Baillargeon & Dean Morgan - O Perce: The Purple Hearse, Commune Capers, Love On A Swing, Establishment Blues [Loving and Laughing] 1971
AV/Geeks - Shake Hands with Danger [16mm School Soundtracks] 1980
Paul Baillargeon & Dean Morgan - Y'a Plus De Trou À Percé (Instrumental) [Loving and Laughing] 1971