May 3, 2019

Through the Magic Door

General Electric - Through The Magic Door [Go Fly A Kite] General Electric
Peter Beasson - Top Signal Two [Ouh La La !!... Vol. One] Les Disques Cosmogol
Waylon - Creme de la Creme [7"] GIP
Absolute Albert - Noises [7"] Biram
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Harry Breuer - In a Latin Moog [The Happy Moog!] Pickwick
Jean-Pierre Ferland - It Ain't Fair [Jaune] Barclay
Doc Williams - Don't Want To Work [Birth/Work/Death: Work, Money And Status In Country Music (1950-1970)] Iron Mountain Analogue Research Facility
Mike Fiems - Feelin' Fine [I Would Dream] Mapache
Janko Nilovic - Pop Impressions [Pop Impressions] Underdog
Hap Palmer - Haunted House [Movin'] Activity
Duke Of Burlington - Flash [7"] Maxi
Waylon - The Sparrow [7"] GIP

Honor Blackman - Men Will Deceive You [Everything I've Got] London
Astrud Gilberto - Holiday [September 17 1969] Verve
Mark Lindsay - Something Big [The Mad, Mad World Of Soundtracks] Motor Music
Honor Blackman - World Without Love [Everything I've Got] London

Contretemps - Comme je n'ai pas eu le temps [7"] Trans-Canada
Alane (Jean-Pierre Allane) - I Want You (J'ai dans le coeur) [7"] Disc'Az
Françoise Hardy - Point [7"] Reprise
Claude Puterflam - Cœur d’acier [7"] Disques Vogue

Jean-Pierre Ferland - God is an American / Le chat du café des artistes [Jaune] Barclay
Scarlet's Well - Petite Bourree [Strange Letters] Siesta
Pearls Before Swine - From The Movie Of The Same Name / Rocket Man [The Use Of Ashes] Reprise
Amon Tobin - On A Hilltop Sat The Moon [7"] Electronic Sound
Jonny Trunk - Nemo's Organ / Singing Fish [20,000 Leagues Under The Sea] Trunk / Four Corners Books
Jon Brooks - Open Land [Applied Music: Science & Nature] Cafe Kaput
Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth [Hollow Earth] Ghost Box
Alan Sutcliffe - Anna-Ann 4 Extract [Ems Synthi Aks Improv 1972 - 1973] Buried Treasure
Klaus Weiss - Scoria [Time Signals] Trunk
André Brasseur - Saturnus [Goes Discotheque At The Locomotiv] RCA
President - Ruk Chua NiRunDon (Love Forever) [Thai Funk Volume 2] Light in the Attic

Bernard Fevre - That Is To Be [Cosmic Machine] Because Music
Raymond Scott - Demonstrates An Electronium [100th Anniversary Doll And CD Set] Presspop Music
Black Channels - Oracles [Black Channels] Death Waltz Originals
Arthur Lyman - Moon Over A Ruined Castle [Bwana À] HiFi
Sounds And Silence - The Lyke-Wake Dirge [Classroom Projects] Trunk
Dennis The Fox - Whistle Stop [Mother Trucker] Modern Harmonic
Piero Piccioni ‎featuring Catherine Howe - It's Possible [Il Dio Sotto La Pelle] Easy Tempo
Perez Prado And His Orchestra - Exotic Suite Of The Americas: Theme of Two Worlds, Uamanna Africano [Exotic Suite Of The Americas] RCA Victor

Standard Life Assurance Company - What Is Money, Anyway? [What Is Money, Anyway?] Standard Life