May 17, 2005

Columbia Saxophone Sextette - Chong
Miss Shivers and The Count - Friendly Persuasion Introduction
Little Jack Little - Waltzing In Berlin
Bing Crosby - Studio Outtake
Service Station Sal - The Tubeless Tire Swing (Side 1)
Jim Backus - I Need a Vacation
McGuire Sisters, The - Achoo-Cha-Cha
Bubble Up Singers - Bub-Bub-Bubble Up Bounce
Sammy Davis Jr. - My Mother The Car
King Sisters, The - Promo ID
King Sisters, The - The Guy in the Foreign Sports Car
Doris Day - Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee
Carmen Miranda (Introduction by Bing Crosby) - Tico Tico
America In World War II - Our Nation's Heritage (excerpt I)
Alan Reed - Arms For The Love of America
Mel Blanc - Song of the Lady Bird
Nellie Lutcher - Scream in the Night
Edith Head - Fashion Prescription
George Cates, His Orchestra and Chorus - Double Gaited
Bert Tenzer (with Kings Road) - (excerpts from) The Tribe
Hellers, The - Air
Shakespeares, The - Two Jingles
Ford Motor Company - Commercial Radio Spot (Have You Heard?)
Bert Tenzer - Announcement (Interlude)
Dennis Farnon & His Orchestra, Jim Backus & Daws Butler - Magoo In Hi-Fi
Rex Allen - (There's A) Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow