January 29, 2010

Otis Set
The Hellers - And Now The News [Singers...Talkers...Swingers...& Doers]
Cloud One - Patty Duke [12"]
Rogero's Brazilian Brass - Brasilia 71 [Musica da noite]
Sidney Poitier with Fred Katz - The Philosopher-King Must Rule [Poitier Meets Plato]
Dick Hyman - The Dick Hyman Piano Concerto: Movement I [Concerto Electro]

Adam Set
Les Soeurs Dessureault - Theme ''Chez Pepito'' [Chez Pepito avec les Soeurs Dessureault]
Leon McAuliffe and his swingin western band - Walk on by [The dancin'est band around]
Raymond Siozade - Le Soleil Couchant [Son accordeon electronique / Son orchestre electrique]
Les Alleluias - Benissez le Seigneur [Les Alleluias chantent alleluia]
The Valverde Orchestra - Hallelujah Chorus ''Messiah'' ['In' Classics]
T. Inomata and Sound Limited - Immigration Song [I Dream of Naomi]
Rolf Kuehn - Paranoid [New Happy Discothek]
Caravelli - Gimme Gimme Gimee
Lawrence Welk - The Hustle [Nadia's Theme]
Pan Am Commercials [The Name of the Game is Go]
GM - Gentle Things [Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You]
Skitch Henderson - Genesis [The Beginning and End of the World - Soundtrack]
Neil Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra - Radar [Greatest Science Fiction Hits]

Otis Set
Chris - Crazy Crazy [Chris]
The Enoch Light Singers - Born To Be Wild [Whoever you are, I love you]
Katie's Kitchen - Crab Meat Nut Sandwich [A Continuing Series of Delightful Recipes]
The Going Thing - Warranty Rock [It's The Going Thing!]
Enoch Light and the Light Brigide - Pass and I Call You [Permissive Polyphonics]
Earl Harford, PH.D. - Introduction [How They Hear...]
Bob Dorough - Johnny One Note [Yardbird Suite]
Lorne Greene - Introduction/Bonanza [Welcome to the Ponderosa]
Skitch Henderson & His Orchestra - Smirnoff Mule [Skitch Plays 'The Mule']
Harpers Bizarre - Milord [Anything Goes]
Rhodesia - Victoria Falls [Safari on Sound]

Adam Set
Rajput & the Sejpoy Mutiny - Flower Power [Flower Power Sitar]
Constructive Action Inc. - Pot, Rock and Revolution
Richard Guylarte - Ebb Tide [Reveen Selects Themes for Relaxation]
Jimmy Carroll - Speed the Parting Guest [Speed the Parting Guest/The Hot Tempered Clavichord]
George Gruntz - S Fudiweggli [Monster Sticksland Meeting Two]
Sound Filmstrip - Good Health Habits : Keeping Clean
Richard Evans - Wado City [Dealing With Hard Times]
M. Robidoux - Les Planetes [Goldorak] 7''

Otis Set
Mister Rogers - Some Things I Don't Understand [Won't You Be My Neighbor?]
Chevron School Broadcast - Pearl Harbor to Teheran (excerpt) [America in World War II]
Mel Henke - Old MacDonald Had A Girl [Dynamic Adventures In Sound]
Bob Summers & Mike Curb - Pot Party [Teenage Rebellion]
Sylvania (narration by Jim Lowe) - Sylvania... Listen and Compare [Sylvania... Listen and Compare]
Helen Gurley Brown - How To Have An Affair, And Live Happily Ever After! [Lessons in Love]
Helen Gurley Brown - Getting the Most From Your Secretary [Lessons in Love]
Helen Gurley Brown - Little Man You'll Have A Busy Day [Lessons in Love]
Christian Di-Maccio - La Manic/Comme j'ai toujours envie d'aimer/Lindberg [Joue nos poetes]
Monsieur Tranquille - Madame Thibault [Faut pas m'chercher]

Adam Set
Love Unlimited Orchestra - Strange Games & Things [My Sweet Summer Suite]
Donald Austin - Pea Shooter [Crazy Legs]
Lew White (organ) with his Orchestra - Down South [Famous Melodies]
Tono Fuentes - Ruego [Cuerdas que Lloran]
Roger Whittaker - Siffleur Japonais [Le Tour du Monde en Sifflotant]
Grady Martin - The Fuzz [7"]
The Soulful Strings - Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [String Fever]
Mulatu Astatke and his Ethiopian Quintet - Shagu [Afro-Latin Soul]
Gershon Kingsley - Porgy and Bess Intro & Opening Scene 1 [Gershwin Alive & Well & Underground]
The Assembled Multitude - Overture from 'Tommy' [Overture from ''Tommy'']
Raymond Scott and The Secret 7- In The Beginning [The Unexpected]
Les Soeurs Dessureault - Ce n'est qu'un aurevoir [Chez Pepito avec les Soeurs Dessureault]