February 25, 2002

The uB Radio Special

j.k.randall; quartersines 1965
arp 2600
alvin lucier; north american time capsule 1967
seq. circuits maxx
stockhausen & walkman; broccoli
arp synths
knife lust; shrivel up
electric birds; temescal
arp omni
runzelstirn & gurgelstock; procession
crumar performer
inflatable meat clams; i'm sorry
crumar performer 2
wendy chambers; car horn organ
your host bobby; pocket critic
time modulator
german shepards; thc
time modulator
tape beatles; grave
john trubee; blind man's penis
crumar orchestrator
crash course in science; kitchen motors
crumar traveler
barnes & barnes; day in the life of green acres
tuxedomoon; left my heart
the sounds of moog
bco; child's garden of noise
the sounds of moog
daevid allen; boon