December 28, 2003

Alvino Rey & Stringy - Sleepytown Train
People's Temple Choir - Welcome
Christopher Recordings On Sex Instruction - How Babies Are Born
O. Henry Intermediate School #70 Stage Band - Vehicle
The Lawrence Welk Singers - High Life Polka
Zoom (Original Television Cast) - Zoom
The RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer - Spoken Explanation Of The RCA Synth (excerpt)
Richard Hayman - Goin' Out Of My Head
101 Strings - The Boxer
Wild Man Fischer & Rosemary Clooney - It's A Hard Business
Ennio Morricone - Alla Luce Del Giorno
Enon - White Rabbit
The Cyrkle - Turn Down Day
The Mickey Mouse Club - Proverbs
The Mickey Mouse Club - Smile And Face The Music
The Mickey Mouse Club - Do What The Good Book Says
The Mickey Mouse Club - Talk Happiness
The Mickey Mouse Club - Beauty Is As Beauty Does
Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians - Gentle On My Mind
Earl Wilson (Let My People Come) - Come In My Mouth
Peggy Lee - Spinning Wheel
Dick Sirbu & Jean Jacques Perrey - The Sands Of Time
Jason Crest - Lord Love A Duck
Hermanos Calatrava - Space Oddity
Ella Fitzgerald - Savoy Truffle
Sammy Davis Jr. - Plop Plop Fizz Fizz
Ulf Sawert - The Only Special One
Shooby Taylor - Gigi
Monkeys-A-Go-Go - 5th Class Mail
Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett - Medley Of The 60's
Sammy Davis Jr. - John Shaft
Tony Bennett - Eleanor Rigby
The Mormon Church - Computer Programmer PSA
Cary Grant - FCC Regulations
Margaret Sloan - I'd Like To Make Love To You (Because You Are A Woman)
Kathy Fire - Mother Rage
Dr Love - Mr Snuggles
Rocking With Barbara - I Like To
Patience & Prudence - A Smile & A Ribbon
Kazoos Brothers - Soul Man