August 31, 2003

Bozo The Clown - Dream Along With Bozo
Think (Lou Stallman and Bob Susser) - Get To Know Each Other
Pepper Tanner Library - Lumber Number
The New World - 2525
Ross Bagdasarian - Spanish Pizza
Clothilde - Le Ballade Du Bossu
Nino Rota - Shining Faces
Movie Trailer - The Curious Dr. Hump
Connie Boermans - Yes Tonight
Julie London - Have A Marlboro Cigarette (Radio Commercial)
The Limeliters - The Crying Trees
Fran Baskerville - The Grassy Knoll
Chris Butler - Bad Moon Over Mel Bay
Pacific Village Motel - Radio Spot
The Space Lady - Ballroom Blitz
Lenny Dee - Introduction / Crazy Crazy
Mel Blanc with Billy May and his Orchestra - I Love Me
Betty Hutton with Vincent Lopez and his Orchestra - Old Man Mose
The Merry Macs - My Cat Fell In The Well
Star Test with Les Paul & Mary Ford - Radio Spot
Slim Gaillard - How High The Moon
Stan Kenton with June Christy - Everything Happens To Me
Jayne Mansfield - Suey
Edd Byrnes - Like I Love You
Vic Mizzy - The Secretary
Lee Gordon - She's The Ginchiest
Optiganally Yours - Mr. Wilson
Optigan [Mike LeDoux & Johnny Largo] - Promotional Cassette (1972)
Wesley Willis - Live, September 10, 2001, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
George Wilkins and Group I - Cheers
Mel Blanc with Billy May and his Orchestra - That's All, Folks