August 10, 2003

Karl Denver - Ja, Der Willy Mub Beim Whisky Immer Weinen
Al Tijuana & His Jewish Brass - Downtown
Chesterfield 101 - Touch Tone Phone Commercial
Vic Mizzy - Temperatures Rising
Joe Meek - Telstar / Magic Star / Telstar (Version 2: Vocal) / Telstar
Vinny Bell - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Jimmy Neely - Actionwear Theme (My Fair Lady Swings with Actionwear)
Lea Ivanova and The Eddy Kazassian Combo - Basta Con La Luna
Fritos - The Fritos Twist/How To Twist
Sam Chalpin - Batman
Vox and The Electric Prunes - Vox Wah Wah Pedal
Thelonious Moog - Bye-Ya
Shel Silverstein - Fuck 'Em
Mutantes - Dois Mil E Um
Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood - Journey To The East
The Olivia Tremor Control - Paranormal Echoes / Black Foliage Animation 3
Gershon Kingsley & Leonid Hambro - I Got Rhythm
Daniel Johnston - Interview (with Joe Tepperman, February 28, 2002)
Daniel Johnston - Now
Daniel Johnston - Sorry Entertainer
Daniel Johnston - An Idiot's End
Daniel Johnston - Laurie
Daniel Johnston - Funeral Girl
Daniel Johnston - To Go Home
Daniel Johnston - Rock 'N Roll/EGA
Daniel Johnston - Come See Me Tonight
Daniel Johnston - The Beatles
Daniel Johnston - I'd Like To Say Goodbye
Daniel Johnston - Walking The Cow
Daniel Johnston - My Yoke Is Heavy
Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You In The End

The second hour of this week’s show featured a spotlight on Daniel Johnston including the airing of an interview with Daniel recorded on February 28, 2002 by Joe Tepperman in Los Angeles. The interview was the starting point for an article on Daniel that appeared in Cool and Strange Music Magazine in the summer of 2002. The first hour of the show was a standard freeform mix.