April 19, 2019

Everyone Needs Many Dreams

Electric Light Orchestra - Ocean Breakup / King of the Universe [On The Third Day] United Artists
Irma Glen - Song of the Sea [Music, Ecology, And You] Numinis
Ween - Ocean Man [The Mollusk] Elektra

Georges et Michel Costa - J'étais Hippie [7"] CBS
Idle Race - Impostors of Life's Magazine [Impostors of Life's Magazine] Daffodil
France Gall avec Alain Goraguer et son orchestre - Cet air-la [7"] Philips
Françoise Hardy - J'ai coupé le téléphone [7"] Reprise
Franslows Partie - Tous les garcons et les filles [7"] Vogue

Contretemps - Julia [7"] Trans-Canada
Dave Pell Singers - Keem-O-Sabe [Mah-Na-Mah-Na] Liberty
Hap Palmer - Funky Penguin [Movin'] Activity
Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra - The Joker [Bang Bang] Decca
Decades - On Sunset [Weirdsville!] Monsieur
Bobby Warren & The Rebelettes - Motorcycle Maniac [Wowsville!] Monsieur
Randy Lee - Solitary Confinement [7"] Everest
Bob and Jerry - Destination Pluton (Rat Race) [7"] Disques Vogue
Lieutenant Pigeon - The Villain [7"] Decca

Major Ursus - Ba-Dum Ba-Dum (Ba-Dum Ba-Dum-Dum) [Nutty Numbers] K-Tel
Judson Fountain with Sandor Weisberger - The Garbage Can From Thailand [Completely In The Dark] Innova Recordings
Sister Jean - Do-Re-Mi [The Fabulous Whistling Nun presents the Sound of Music]
Darrell Sisters Studio Arts Dance Center - The Bottom Line [Energize With Exercise] Black & White

Inner Dialogue - I Go To Life [Inner Dialogue] Ranwood
Martin Denny - Incense And Peppermints [A Taste Of India] Liberty
Bill Walker - Printer's Devil / Pulse of a Printing Press [Impressions In Color] Bergstrom Paper
Belbury Poly - Scarlet Ceremony [The Owl's Map] Ghost Box
John Keating - Upon Another Earth [Space Experience] EMI / Studio 2 Stereo
Janko Nilovic - Bossa Beach [Sweet Colours] Mondiophone

John Keating - Counterglow [Space Experience 2] EMI / Studio 2 Stereo
Mike Vickers - The Man In The White Suit [A Moog For All Reasons] KPM
Georges Rodi - Hypnosis [Kaleidoscope] Mondiophone
Karl Bartos - Vox Humana [7"] Electronic Sound
Parasomnia (Oliver Lewis) - Intro (feat Mickey Rourke) / Honey Trails [Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers] oliverlewis.bandcamp.com
Deux - Europe [7"] Electronic Sound
Lime - On The Grid [Lime 3] Matra

Mike Vickers - Pigtails [A Moog For More Reasons] KPM
Marni Nixon and Hal Smith - Everyone Needs Many Things - Side 1 [Filmstrips - Part 1: About Myself] Bowmar Early Childhood Series
Pat Prilly & Harry Breuer - Brazilian Chick (Le poussin Brésilien) [Moog Is Moog] Montparnasse 2000
Marni Nixon and Hal Smith - Everyone Needs Many Things - Side 2 [Filmstrips - Part 1: About Myself] Bowmar Early Childhood Series
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Daniel Longuein - Robot de Janeiro [Kartoonery] Montparnasse 2000

Chevrolet - Vega GT, Corvette, Camaro [Building a better way to see the U.S.A. Music] Chevrolet
Stu Phillips with Dino, Desi & Billy - Hong Kong : Big Wave Bay [Follow Me] UNI
Les Baxter and his Orchestra - Jungle River Boat [Ritual Of The Savage (Le sacre du sauvage)] Capitol
Bruno Leys - Hallucinations [Wizzz! Volume 2] Born Bad
Doug Randle - Coloured Plastics [Songs For The New Industrial State] Kanata / CBC
Hap Palmer - Far East Blues [Movin'] Activity