Will Louviere

May 1, 2000

Andre Popp - Java
Michel Magne - Perfida
Jim Fassett - Wood Thrush (at 1/8 speed)
Rex Kona - Bird Train
John McFarland - The Chimp and the Bumble Bee
John Evans (with feature percussionist, Chaino) - Eso Es el Amor
Charles Camilleri - Jungle Fantasy
Joe Maize and his Cordsmen - Misirlou
Joe Vento - Green Dolphin Street
John Thomas - Hot Tip
Pete Drake - Ain't She Sweet
The U.S. Air Force - Psychological Warfare, Public Address From C-47
Gary Schneider - Green Tambourine
The U.S. Air Force - Simulated Nuclear Bomb Drop by F-105