Scott Bass

July 3, 2000

Shel Silverstein - Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout
Frankie Smith - The Double Dutch Bus
David Moye - A Mind of It's Own
Blowfly - Super Macho Fucker
Kim Fowley - Ode to Sweet Sixteen
Rappin' Rodney Dangerfield - No Respect
Hasil Adkins - Sally Wally Woody Waddy Weedy Wally
National Lampoon - Mr. Roberts #2
Nicoletta - Filles du Rock 'n' Roll
Brak - The Song That Never Ends/I Love Beans
S.O.D. - Hey Gordy/Ballad of Jimi Hendrix/Diamonds and Rust
S.O.D. - Anti-Procrastination Song/What's That Noise?
Cheech and Chong - Earache My Eye
Bill Cosby - Yes Yes Yes
Max Wall - Dream Tobacco
The Honorable Nick Jones & Ian Macrae - Ballad of Lady Di
Frank Zappa - Porn Wars
Fear - (beep) Christmas
The Heyettes - The Fonz

December 6, 1999

The Dangers of LSD
Blowfly - Show Me A Man Who Don't Like to Fuck
Bob McFadden - Watch Johnny Carson
SBX - Pizza Paradise
Pizza Kirk - Pizza Prank Calls/Star Trek Sounds
David Moye - Tweakin'
Wesley Willis - OJ Simpson
Allan Sherman - Ballad of Irving
Albertos & Lost Trios Paranoias - Snuffin' in Babylon
Musacha & Lionel - Controversial Advertising
Paisley Zone - Beat Poet
Divine - Hard Magic
National Lampoon - Pulp
Buckner & Garcia - Pac Man Fever
Wesley Willis - Vampire Bat
White Witch - It's So Nice to be Stoned
National Lampoon - Magical Misery Tour
The Chipmunks - Beat It
The Chipmunks - Refugee
Pink Punks - Another Brick in the Wall
Space Negros - Untitled
Frank Zappa - The Dangerous Kitchen