Roy "Choyce" Vucino

March 29, 2019

Kilrush St. Experience

New Birth - I Wash my Hands of the Whole Damn Deal [Comin' From All Ends]
Alain Goraguer - Déshominisation (I) [Bande Sonore Originale du Film : La Planète Sauvage]
Andy Stott - Violence [Faith in Strangers]

Red Mass - Riots In Paradise [Kilrush Drive]

Birds of Paradise - Awake In Dreams [Fremont St. Experience]

Red Mass - God's House [Kilrush Drive]

Henry Hall and the Gleaneagles Hotel Band - Home [The Shining (Original Soundtrack)]
Aleister Crowley - At Sea / The Fingernails [Original Wax Recordings]

SpaceGhostPurrp - Osiris of the East [Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp]
Jean Jacques Perrey - Mister James Bond [The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound]

Red Mass - Saturn [Kilrush Drive]

Birds of Paradise - Baby Daughters [7"]

Birds of Paradise - Please Stay [7"]

Birds of Paradise - Beehive State [7"]

Konstantin Raudive - Breakthrough, An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead [7"]