Mr. Fab (RIAA)

May 14, 2010

Set #1 - Mr. Fab (RIAA)
RIAA - Worker's Weekend, From 'USA' [Unreleased Mix]

Set #2 - Jan Turkenburg
Discotheque at the end of the Universe, Part Two
Intro (using electronic music by Tom Dissevelt a.o.)
Oscar Harris and the Twinkling Stars - Mr. Astronout
Jo Smit en Maarten de Groot - De Astronaut
Benny Vreden Producties Kinderkoor - Astronaut wil ik worden (I wanna be an astronout)
No info (corporate record Organon) - Davitamientje naar de maan (little Davitamine to the moon)
Disco Chopper - Phase the music
Benny Vreden Producties Kinderkoor - apollo 17
The Four Yo’s - Sprong in het heelal (Jump into the Universe)
Boudewijn de Groot - Steps into Space
Benny Vreden Producties Kinderkoor - Als je een raket had (If you had a rocket)
Sommert - Met een ruimtepakkie aan (Wearing a little space suit)
Fay Lovsky - A little dab’ll do ya

Set #3 - Patrick Vezina
Franco Battiato - Centro di Gravità Permanente [La voce del padrone]
Jacno - Rectangle
Die Doraus und die Marinas - Junger Mann [Blumen und Narzissen]
Janko Nilovic - Dimanche au Zoo [Jouets Musicaux]
Pyrolator - Ein Herrenzimmer in Schottland [Wunderland]
The Tanzdiele - Candy [Folgt den Führern]
Mac Prindy - Three cheers to the winner [Fast Motion and Dramatic Movements]
JJ Perrey - Musique de l'infini [Moog Expressions]
Die Kapazität - Kurzfilm [leichte Stimmen]
Michel Gonet - Moon Walk [Futura]
Prinknash and Stanbrook Abbeys - Music from Compline [Pleasures and Treasures: A Kaleidoscope of Rare and Beautiful Music]
Eno/Moebius/Roedelius - The Belldog [After the heat]
Pascal Languirand - Megalopolis 2003 [Minos]
Michel Gonet - Gold Fish - [TV Evocations (volume 1)]

Set #6 - Mingo L'indien
R.Tilsley - earthshine version 1 [Byways]
henri Richard - Le baton [Tout mes secrets de hockey]
Sounds galactic - Telstar [an astromusical odyssey]
Sam spence sounds - Water world [Sam spence sounds]
Humphrey Bogart - The maltese Falcon [Here"s lookin' at you kid]

Set #7 - Otis Fodder
Andrée Huet et Pierre Chéne - Un beau bouquet [Imaginations 4]
Brother John Rydgren - The Noise [Silhouette Segments]
Barry De Vorzon & Perry Botkin Jr. - The Riot [R.P.M. - Revolutions Per Minute]
Pop Concerto - Blue Square [Pop Concerto]
Peter Sichel - On Wine [On Wine: How to Select & Serve]

Set #8 - Mingo L'indien
Pierre Henry - Sauts [Mise en musique de Corticalart de Roger Lafosse]
Leone Di Lernia - gaccia ad'ave [7"]
Stoned innocent Frankenstein - Daevid Allen [Banana moon]
The detergents - Ulcer [7"]
Pete Rugolo and his orchestra - Paris B.B. [Behind Brigitte Bardot]
Reveen - excerpt [study and concentration]

Set #9 - Otis Fodder
Master Wilburn Burchette - Psychic Fire [Music of the Godhead]
Louise Huebner - The Demon Spell for Energy [Seduction Through Witchcraft]
Jim Murray - Talking Seperatist Blues [FLQ - Folksongs of Life's Quandaries of Separatism and Togetherness Around the World]
Hiller-Baker - Computer Cantata [5th movt.]
Daktari - The "House of Lions" Episode [Daktari TV Soundtrack]

Set #10 - Mingo L'indien
Pink Floyd - careful with that axe Eugene [7"]
Santer-Finegan orchestra - Whoo doo voodoo [Adventure in time]
Domino - excerpt [comment cesser de fumer]
zinthetyer - Green onion [12"]
pino d'angio - Ma quale idea [7"]

Set #11 - Otis Fodder
Rosebud - Have a Cigar [12"]
Beatle Barkers - We Can Work It Out [Beatle Barkers]
Unknown Chinese Band - We Can Work It Out [I Hate The Beatles Even More! Vol. 2]
Splodgenessabounds - Two Pints of Lager [7"]

Set #12 - Mingo L'indien
Mr.Spock - You are not alone [Music from outer space]
Mr.Quintron - Stray cat's strut [the frog tape]
Flash resonnance - Spy space [Times resonnance]
Henri Richard - Presentation [Tout mes secrets de hockey]
wire - Practice make perfect [chairs missing]

Set #13 - Otis Fodder
Jan Turkenburg - In My Spaceship (Original Version) [12"]
The Shaggs - Shaggs' Own Thing [Shaggs' Own Thing]

April 30, 2010

Set #1 - Mr. Fab
Camarata (feat.Tuttis Trombones) - All Day and All The Night [7"]
The Guilloteens - For My Own [7"]
Esy Morales - Jungle Fantasy [7"]
The Guys & Dolls - Mambo Shmambo [7"]
Mort Garson as The Blobs - Son of Blob [7"]
Al Ciaola - I Found My Mama [7"]
Frank Pourcel and his Orch. - Scotland Twist [7"]
Gabrielito - Sugar Sugar (con la Marimba Alma Chiapaneca de Los Hermanos Melgar) [7"]
Handsome Jim Balcom - Corrido Rock [7"]
Mel Blanc - Mr Crosley [7"]
Perry Botkin - Lover [7"]
Lord Creator - Remember Ma and Pa [7"]
Ralph Flanagan and his Orch - Chicken In The Car [7"]
Scatman Crothers - Transfusion [7"]
Ronny and the Daytonas - Sandy (instrumental version) [7"]
The Chaperones - Man From The Moon [7"]
Tom and Clarance - Hey Rube [7"]
Dreamland Faces - Chompin' [7"]

Set #2 - dAS (BCO/UBUIBI)
Friendly ub : business

Set #3 - Stimie Stilton
Dave Pratt - I Feel Roudy Tonight
Lucifer - Bloodshot Eyes
King Richard And His Fluegel Nights - Whos Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
John Serry - Rock And Roll Polka
Bill Gale - Hula Polka
The Cheepskates - Mahogony Wood
Ann Lawrence - Have You Been To The Planetarium
The Main Street Singers - Going Out Of My Head
Tro Shmeed - Yodel Polka
Don Bowman - Green Sleeves
The Pastors - Wild World

Set #4 - Mingo L'indien
Hot R.S. - In-a-gadda-da-vida (act-1) / The garden of Eden / In-a-gadda-da-vida (act 2) [Forbidden fruit]
L'amitié musicale en concert 1989 - Saturday Night Fever Medley [La fièvre du samedi soir]

Set #5 - Otis Fodder
Stereophonic Balance Test Demonstrations For Hi-Fi Bugs

+ IDs from Big City Orchestra, Fortyone, Naomi Hall, Mingo L’indien, Terry Moss, NAB, and The RIAA.