Mingo L'indien

December 17, 2010

Set #1 - Mingo
Francois Rabbath - Desert - The Sound of a Bass [Phillips]
Ginette Sage - Le Kangourou - 7" [Dinamic]
Max Neuhaus - Four Systems - Electronics and Percussion [Columbia]
Eddy Louiss - Sagittaire - Histoire sans parole [Coss]
Jacques Tati - Theme Africain - Playtime [International]
Camille Sauvage - Enferissimo - Fantasmagories [Montparnasse 2000]
Jim Sullivan - Jerome - UFO [Light In The Attic]
Leonard Roseman - March of the Apes - Beneath the Planet of the Apes [Amos]
Bill Coleman/Jef Gibson - Intro/Kyrie - Jazz pour Dieu [Select]

Set #2 - Otis
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Blacknuss - Blacknuss [Atlantic]
Henry Jacobs - Sonata for Loudspeakers - Sounds of New Music [Folkways]
Sam Sacks - That Old Black Magic - Sing it again, Sam! [Arliss]
John Rennie High School - One - Travelling Music [Laurentien]
Sylvia - Un certain soir - A T’attendre [Ultra]
Fernand Verstraete - Comment te dire adieu - La Trompette Magique [Fontana]
Chocolate Boys - El Caravanero - Brazilia Carnaval [Crisch]

Set #3 - Mingo
Ennio Morricone - Pazuzu - Exorcist II The Heretic [Warner]
PÉLOQUIN/SAUVAGEAU - Monsieur L’indien - Laissez-nous vous embrasser où vous avez mal [Polydor]
Mad Dog Vachon - Le Rap à Mad Dog - 7" [DSP]
Charles - Les bras d’acier - 7" [Chateau]
Felix Kubin and Cool Haven - There is a Garden - 7" [A-Musik]
Serge Gainsbourg and JC Vannier - La Horse - 7" [Hortensia]
The Undisputed Truth - Ball of Confusion - The Undisputed Truth [Gordy]

Set #4 - Otis
Jonna Gault and her Symphonopop Scene - Wonder Why, I Guess? - Watch Me [RCA]
Maurice Desjardins - Après-Ski - Musique de films avec Maurice Desjardins [TC Maximum]
Master Wilburn Burchette - Godhead - Music of the Godhead [Burchette Brothers]
Environments - Be-In (A Psychoacoustic Experience) - Disc 3 [Atlantic]
Hermanos Calatrava - Space Oddity - Absolute Belter [Finders Keepers]
Jacky Chalard - L’agnoie Instrumental - Je suis vivant, mais j’ai peur [Finders Keepers]
The Mind Expanders - Pulsation - What’s Happening [SD Design]
Yma Sumac - Magenta Mountain - Miracles [London]
The LSJUMB - Roundabout - The Incomparables [Embo]
Arnie Lawrence - Eleanor Rigby - You’re Gonna Hear From Me [Project 3]
Norman Luboff - As I Walk Through The Valley - New & Now [P.I.P.]
Aphrodite’s Child -8/Hic et Nunc - 666 [Mercury]

Set #5 - Mingo
The Dukes of Stratosphear - 25 O’Clock - 25 O’Clock [Virgin]
April Orchestra - Soul City Part II - Vol. 8 [CBS]
Paul Gauthier - Mon père dans une discothèque - Pour toi, mon père [RCA]
Charlie Mike Sierra - Outre Moon - On The Moon [Kebec Disc]
André Brasseur - Car Wash - Vol. 2 [MFP]
Aris San - Dam-Dam - Dam-Dam [CBS]
Leone di Lernia - Gaccia ad’ave - 7" [AR]

Set #6 - Otis
Jean et Janette - Exercise 9 - Le Secret de la Jeunesse [Dinamic]
Billy Cobham - Sorcery - A Funky Thide of Sings [Atlantic]
Orchestre de studio - Arabesque - Après Ski [Les Disques Pluton]
Jack Wagner - Arrival at Princess Terminal/Welcome Aboard - This Is Your Princess Adventure [Buck Stapleton Prod.]
Henryk Debich - Bez Metalu - String Beat [Muza]
Jack Wagner - Captain’s Cocktail Party - This Is Your Princess Adventure [Buck Stapleton Prod.]
Vincent Bell - The World is Waiting for the Sunrise - The Best of [Musicor]
Bob Summers & Mike Curb - The Gay Teenager - Teenage Rebellion [Sidewalk]
Robert Wotherspoon - Side 1 (excerpt) - Music To Massage Your Mate By [Laff]
Edwin Polish, M.D. - Management of Functional Diarrhea - Constipation and Diarrhea [Medi-Disc]
Beatle Barkers - We Can Work It Out - Beatle Barkers [Passport]
Darrell Sisters Studio Arts Dance Center - The Stretch Express - Energize with Exercise [Black & White]
The Crafty Ladies - Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer - 7" [Harlod]
Christian Di-Maccio - Comme j’ai toujours envie d’aimer - Joue nos poètes [Di-Maccio]
Hercule - Little Green Man - 12" [Unknown Label]
Double Dee + Steinski - Lesson 3 - The Ultimate Lessons [Star Child]
Beside - Change The Beat - 12" [Celluloid]
Osymyso - Intro Inspection 1-47 - 12" [Radar]

Set #7 - Mingo
Rick Powell - I Walk The Line - Switched on Country [Camden]
Alain Leroux - Absolutely Rock - Brother Rock and Sister Jazz [Cam]
Janko Nilovic - Power - Power [Briand]
Jane Birkin - Di Doo Dah - Di Doo Dah [Light In The Attic]
Throbbing Gristle - Hometime - D.O.A. [Mute]
J Marks And Shipen Lebzelter - Rock and Other Four Letter Words - Rock and Other Four Letter Words [Columbia]
Modulo 1000 - Turpe est sine crime capot - Nao Fale com Paredes [Unknown Label]
Polhit Parade - High - Musik asu Studio Bonn [CBS]
Jean-Jacques Franchin - Atom Heart Mother - Pop Accordion [Concert Hall]
Les Musiniers ’78 - Side A - Les Musiniers ’78 [Private Press]
Serge Gainsbourg - S.S. in Uruguay - Rock Around The Bunker [Phillips]
Pierre Henry - Levitation - Mise en Musique du Corticalart de Roger Lafosse [Phillips]

Set #8 - Otis
Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg - La chanson de Slogan - 7" [Light In The Attic]
The Advisory Circle - Seasons - Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) [Ghost Box]
The Art of Noise - Moments In Love - Into Battle With [ZTT]
Brigitte Fontaine - Il pleut - Est… [Saravah]
Margo Guryan - Think of Rain - Take A Picture [Siesta]
Claudine Longet - God Only Knows - Cuddle Up With… [Vampi Soul]
WFMU - I Do Not Like Them (and assorted loops) - Running in Place [WFMU]
Bruits de la vie - Enfants - Cinemas Nor 2 [Vega]
Train Your Bird To Talk - See You Later - Train Your Bird To Talk [Eagle]
François Gagnon et Jean-Yves Desjardins - L’Homosexualité - Ton Sexe et L’Autre [ISIS]
Philippe Von Horns - Préparation à lácte sexuel - Pour faire l’Amour [Delta]
Christian Delmas - Side 1 (excerpt) - Homosexualité masculine au Canada Français [Alouette]
Henri Bergeron - Masturbation - Ton Sexe et L’Autre [Sextant]
Les Enfants Terribles - L’as-tu envoyer ton deux? - L’as-tu envoyer ton $2.00 [Revolution]
Spevácky zbor mesta Bratislavy diriguje Ladislav Holásek - V Sedmobreznom Kruhu Rima - 7" [Opus]
Jerry - Rire 'À Gorge Deployée” - 7" [Rusticana]
Yvan Ducharme - J’aime le métro, j’aime l’autobus - 7" [C.T.C.U.M.]

November 26, 2010

Set #1 - Otis
William B. Tanner Company, Inc. - Side 1 (excerpt) - Enjoy Yourself [NAB]
Unknown - Sunday Morning - Have It Or Grab It Or Go? [Clowny Clown Productions]
The 5th Dimension - Orange Air - The Magic Garden [Soul City]
Werner Müller - Eso es el amor - The Latin Splendor of [London]
Ennio Morricone - Guerra e Pace, Pollo e Brace - Drive In, Tune On, Freak Out [Finders Keepers]
Standard Oil Company of California - Side B excerpt - America at Mid-Century [Chevron]
Juan Torres - María Isabel - Organo Melodico [Musart]
Ron Robbins - Heartbreak Hotel - Big Itch Volume 2 [Mr. Manicotti]
Edmond's High School - Side A (excerpt) - The Tiger's Roar 1963-1964 [Tiger's Roar]
Pas Chic Chic - Allez vous faire influencer! - 12" [Semprini]
R. Stevie Moore - Why Should I Love You? - Meet The R. Stevie Moore [Get Back]
Gary Wilson - You Keep On Looking - You Think You Really Know Me [Motel]
The Advisory Circle - Everyday Science (For Ron Geesin) - Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) [Ghost Box]
Margo Guryan - The 8:17 Northbound Success Merry-Go-Round - Take A Picture [Siesta]
The Shangri-Las - Past Present and Future - The Red Bird Story [Charley]
Ernesto Hill Olvera - Un viejo amor - Los Exitos De [RCA Camden]
Jane Birkin - Vie mort et résurrection d'un amour passion - Je T'aime moi non plus [Fontana]

Set #2 - Mingo
pink floyd - heart beat, pig meat - zabriskie point [quality/mgm]
slipstream group - march of time vol.1 - forest of eveil vol.2 [De Wolfe]
Sound of genesis - Lift of:the mystery of space - Journey to the moon [Buddah]
Stereo Total - I love you, Ono - My Melody [Bungalow]
Les Georges Leningrad - Prince Rebboh - Deux hot dogs moutarde chou.[Les records coco cognac]
Undisputed truth - Ball of confusion - Undisputed truth [Gordy]
Jimmy Smith - Walk on the wild side - The unpredictable Jimmy smith [Verve]
Sauveur Mallia - Holidays morning - Spatial and Co. vol.2 [Tele Music]
Chorus and disco company - Alfred wsrod ptakow - Discoland [Muza]
Venus gang - Love to fly - Galactic soul [Mucho gusto]
Contortions - Throw me away - Buy [Ze records]
Syd Barrett - Gigolo aunt - Barrett [EMI/Harvest]
Jean-Jacques Franchin et son ensemble - I want you - Pop accordeon [Concert hall]
Serge Gainsbourg - Juif et Dieu - Mauvaises nouvelles des etoiles [Philips]
Higelin et Areski - L’ours - Higelin et Areski [Saravah]

November 19, 2010

Dog ate the playlist.

Live show direct from a loft in Montréal with live performances from Rakam, Mew, saus.experiment, and a wild weird band of miscreants.

November 5, 2010

Dog ate the playlist.

October 22, 2010

Set #1 - Mingo
Hal Hidey - Tic Tac Dough Theme - The Sounds of the 70's [Occupant]
Paul Humphrey and the Cool Aid Chemists - Funky L.A. - Paul Humphrey and the Cool Aid Chemists [Lizard]
Kim Fowley - Big Bad Cadillac - The Dorian Gray of Rock 'n Roll [Sonet]
Les Maledictus Sound - AM Stram Gram - Attention [Dagored]
Michel Magne - Superchic Génial - Moi y'en a vouloir des sous [Subterranean]
MC5 - One of the Guys - '66 Breakout! [Total Energy]

Set #2 - Otis
The Free Design - California Dreaming - You Could Be Born Again [Light In The Attic]
Michel Legrand - Guatemalteque - La dame dans l'auto avec des lunettes et un fusil [Petra SRL]
Jochen Brauer Group & Tender Aggression - Die kette [The Mad Mad World of Soundtracks Vol. 2]
Cantus-Chor & Orchester Lothar Kehr - Hoch im All - Kosmos [All Score Media]
Claudio Szankar (Johnson & Johnson) - Miss Fanjala - Popshopping 2 [Crippled Dick Hot Wax]
Howard Carpendale - Du hast mich - Get Easy Vol. 4

Set #3 - Mingo
Snakefinger - Jesus was a Leprechaun - Chewing Hides The Sound [Ralph]
Raymond Scott - Night and Day - Manhattan Research Vol. 2 [Basta]
Cluade Larson - Highway E1 - Electronic Toys [QDK]
The Hygrades - In the Jungle - Nigeria Rock Special [Sound Way]

Set #4 - Otis
Ted Taylor Organisation featuring Tubby Hayes - He Who Would Valiant Be - Resurrection [Second Coming/Trunk]
The Dragons - On The Wall - B F I [Ninja Tune]
The Advisory Circle - New Dimensions In - 7" Study Series 02 [Ghost Box]
Stereolab - French Disko - Serene Velocity [Elektra/Rhino]
The Go! Team - Everyone's a V.I.P. to Someone - Thunder, Lightning, Strike [Columbia]

Set #5 - Mingo
Goblin - Profondo Rosso - Goblin [Dagored]
Daevid Allen - Stoned Innocent Frankenstein - Banana Moon [Charly]
Charly Antonlini - Marabuena - Atomic Drums [Odeon]
Jean-Jacques Franchin - I Want You - Pop Accordeon [Concert Hall]

Set #6 - Otis
Edith Hillman Boxill - This Little Light of Mine - Music Therapy with the Developmentally Handicapped [Folkways]
The Dezurik Sisters - The Arizona Yodeller - Mata La Pena [MRI]
Gen Orange - Thunderstorm - 7" [Gen]
André Gagnon - Chanson pour Petula - Notre Amour [Columbia]
Leona Anderson - Habanera from "Carmen" - Music To Suffer By [Unique]
Greg Morris - The Look of Love - For You... [Dot]
UPP - Give It To You - Ultimate Breaks & Beats Vol. 3 [Street Beat]

Set #7 - Mingo
Tony McPhee - The Hunt (excerpt) - The Two Sides of Tony McPhee [WWA]
Jacques Loussier - Pulsion - Pulsion [CBS]
Aris San - Dam Dam - Dam Dam [CBS]
Sam Spence - World As One - Sam Spence Sound [Finders Keepers]
Michel Gonet - Warm Moments - Futura [Crea Sound]
Michel Gonet - Smooth Speed - Futura [Crea Sound]

October 15, 2010

Dog ate the playlist.

October 1, 2010

Set #1 - Mingo
Aut'chose - Ch'tàime pis ch'tén veux - 7" [Columbia]
The Residents and Renaldo and the Loaf - Africa Tree - Title in Limbo [Ralph]
Serge Gainsbourg/J.C. Vannier - La Horse - 7" [Hortensia]
Los Microwaves - T.V. in my Eye - Life After Breakfast [Posh Boy]
Ananda Shankar - Snow Flower - Ananda Shankar [Reprise]

Set #2 - Otis
Broadcast and The Focus Group - Inside Out - 7" [Ghost Box]
Ozo - Kites - 7" [OJM]
Brigitte Fontaine - Mendelssohn - Libido [Polydor/Universal]
Margo Guryan - Love - Take A Picture [Siesta]

Set #3 - Mingo
Neu! - Negativland - Neu! [Brain]
The Bantams - Suzie Q - Beware: The Bantams [Warner Bros.]
Zyj Sobie Sam - Zdzislawa Sosnicka - 7" [Tonpress]
Graham Central Station - Hey Mr. Writer - Release Yourself [Warner Bros.]

Set #4 - Otis
Funkadelic - Balance - America Eats It's Young [Westbound]
Mort Garson and Jacques Wilson - Killing of the Witch [The Wozard of Iz]

Set #5 - Mingo
Corto Maltese - Corto Maltese - 7" [Gamma]
Jo Buffalo's Band - Slag Solution - 7" [EMI]
Pinker Tone - Louie Louie - 7" [VFM]
Sauveur Malia - Space Alert - Spatial and Co. [Tele Music]

Set #6 - Otis
Negativland - Theme From A Big 10-8 Place - Theme From A Big 10-8 Place [Seeland]
Stereo Total - Plástico - 7" [Elefant]
Columbia School of Broadcasting - Phase Six, Side B (excerpt) - Course In Radio Announcing [Columbia SoB]
Art and Diane Linkletter - We Love You, Call Collect - We Love You, Call Collect [Word]
Michel Corringe and Jean Claude Vannier - Les Saintes Maries - 7" [Select]
Brute Force - In Jim's Garage - I, Brute Force Confections of Love [Columbia]

Set #7 - Mingo
Arif Mardin - Glass Onion - 7" [Atlantic]
Hou-lops - Mother-in-law - 7" [Apex]
Lulu - Surprise, Surprise - From Lulu With Love [Parrot]
Offenbach - Moody Calvaire Moody - Soap Opera [Barclay]

Set #8 - Otis
Tchip Tchip - Teenage Rampage - The Discothèque Sound [MFP]
Ween - Take Me Away - Chocolate and Cheese [Schnitzel]
Percy Faith - Super Fly - Clair [Columbia]
Doc Severinsen - Bond Street - Doc Severinsen & Strings [Command]
James Last - The Immigrant Song - Non Stop Dancing 12 [Polydor]
James Last - Crazy Horses - Non Stop Dancing '73/2 [Polydor]

Set #9 - Mingo
Guru Guru - UFO - UFO [ZYX]

June 4, 2010

Set #1 - Otis
Eden Ahbez - Myna Bird [Eden's Island]
John Evans and the Big Band - Bad and Beautiful [Exotic Percussion and Brilliant Brass]
Mel Henke - Exotic Adventure [Dynamic Adventures In Sound]
Michel Magne and his Orchestra - Bahia [Tropical Fantasy]
Los Admiradores - Friendly Persuasion [Bongos/Flutes/Guitars]
Rex Kona - Wild Orchids [Wild Orchids]
Martin Denny - My Tane (My Man) [Exotic Percussion]
Les Baxter - Bustin' The Bongos [Sounds of Adventure]
Kaino and his Afro-Percussion Group - Man and Beast [Fabulous Bongo Ping Pong Percussion]
Australian Aboriginals (Arnhem Land, Australia) - Walaka [Authentic Australian Aboriginals!]
Charles Mauu and The Royal Polynesians - Vahine Anamite [Polynesia!]
Enoch Light and his Orchestra - The Third Man Theme [Far Away Places]
Gordon Jenkins - The Cocktail Party / The Houseboat [Seven Dreams]
Joe Sherman, his Orchestra and Chorus = That Certain Party [The Seventh Dawn]
Dominique Michel - La case en bamboo [Un p'tit bout d'femme]
The Peter London Orchestra - The Toy Trumpet [The Sound of Top Brass]
Flo De Parker et Jean-Pierre Coallier - Ho Oh [Jeux d'hommes]
Hollywood "Pops" Orchestra - Voodoo Moon [Motion in Percussion and Orchestra]
Mike Simpson - Hyena Hippies [Jungle Odyssey]
Elsa Popping and her Pixieland Band - Jalousie [Delirium In Hi-Fi]
Gordon Jenkins - The Nightmare [Seven Dreams]
Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra - The Bells [Poe For Moderns]
Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble - Holiday In A Hurry [Music For Baaroom and Harp]
Line Renaud - Conga Parade [Plaisirs]
Katie's Kitchen - Baked Noodle Ring [A Continuing Series of Delightful Recipies]

Set #2 - dAS
The PSA Show

Set #3 - Mingo L'indien
spatial & Co. - Meteor one [spatial & Co.]
Brian Eno - Cindy tells me [here comes the warm jet]
offenbach - bataille [Bulldozer]
Pat Prilly - ballet intersideral [Moog sensations]
zacar orchestra - like to love [disco-take]
kenny graham and his satellites - Chant [moondog and suncat suites]
andre brasseur - when [vol.2]
jad fair - Frankenstein must die [the zombie of mora-tau]
spund of genesis - lift of :mystery of space [journey to the moon]
Sam Hui - private eyes [privates eyes]
wavy workshop - hot house [further exploration of the art of the synthesizer]
the grateful dead - operator [americna beauty]
ti-jean - erzulie [spirits of life, haitian voodoo]
the monks - oh, wow to do how [black time]
nicaud - cuisses nues…bottes de cuir [erotico nicaud]
janko nilovic - moderato cantadible [classical phases]
sam spence - water world [sam spence sounds]
serge gainsbourg and jean-Claude Vannier - la horse [la horse]
flash resonance - pretty duck [times resonance]
Piotr - troche wiosny, toche lata [Piotr]

Set #4 - Otis
Lord Windersphere (England) and Paul Boomer (Australia) - The Original Crepitation Contest
Hahnemann Medi-Disc - Question and Answer Session [Constipation & Diarrhea, Volume Five]
Claude Denjean - Alone Again / Tight Rope [Open Circuit]
Electric Light Orchestra - On The Run [DISCOvery]

May 21, 2010

Set #1 - Mingo 'Totally Rad” L’indien
Unknown Artist - Unknown Title

Set #2 - Marc-André 'Fresh Kid” Rakam
WAITRESSES - Square pegs
TOM TOM CLUB - On, on, on

Set #3 - Mingo 'Totally Rad” L’indien
Le snake - Steppin out

Set #4 - Otis 'Gag Me With A Spoon” Fodder
Herman Kelly & Life - Dance To The Drummer's Beat [Ultimate Breaks & Beats SBR503]
Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 3 [The Ultimate Lessons]
Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom [12"]
Grandmaster & Melle Mel - White Lines (Don't Do It) - Bonus Break/Short Version [12"]

Set #5 - Marc-André 'Fresh Kid” Rakam
ABC - Tears are not enough
JANE BIRKIN - Haine pour aime
AMBITIOUS LOVERS - Let's be adult
MOMUS - A complete history of sexual jealousy

Set #6 - Mingo 'Totally Rad” L’indien
Special Disco Mixer - Breakdown

Set #7 - Otis 'Gag Me With A Spoon” Fodder
Curtis Hoard - Pac-Man [Conquer The Video Craze]
Heaven 17 - Chase Runner [Electric Dreams]
The TM Companies - Rhythm of the City [Tomorrow Media]
Negativland - Theme From A Big 10-8 Place [A Big 10-8 Place]

Set #8 - Marc-André 'Fresh Kid” Rakam
TRIO - Drei mann im doppelbett
LAID BACK - Elevator boy
TRANS X - Vivre sur video
NEIL YOUNG - Sample and hold
BELGAZOU - Talk about it

Set #9 - Mingo 'Totally Rad” L’indien
Unknown Artist - The green spot meddley

Set #10 - Otis 'Gag Me With A Spoon” Fodder
Sparks & Jane Wiedlin - Cool Places [In Outer Space]
Les Rita Mitsouko - C'est comme ça [12"]
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Christine [Once Upon A Time/The Singles]
R. Stevie Moore - I Hope That You Remember [Meet The R. Stevie Moore]

Set #11 - Marc-André 'Fresh Kid” Rakam
SOUPIR - Metal (instrumental)

Set #12 - Otis 'Gag Me With A Spoon” Fodder
New Order - Blue Monday [12"]
Big Bird - Ranch Aerobic Hoedown [Exercise!]
Herve Villechaize - Why [Children of the World]

Set #13 - Marc-André 'Fresh Kid” Rakam
YOKO ONO - Never say goodbye
TELEX - Haven't we met somewhere before
LIO - Marie Antoinette
L'TRIMM - Cars with the boom

Set #12 - Otis 'Gag Me With A Spoon” Fodder
Jay - Hollwood [10" Acetate]
Cocteau Twins - Kookaburra [12"]

May 14, 2010

Set #1 - Mr. Fab (RIAA)
RIAA - Worker's Weekend, From 'USA' [Unreleased Mix]

Set #2 - Jan Turkenburg
Discotheque at the end of the Universe, Part Two
Intro (using electronic music by Tom Dissevelt a.o.)
Oscar Harris and the Twinkling Stars - Mr. Astronout
Jo Smit en Maarten de Groot - De Astronaut
Benny Vreden Producties Kinderkoor - Astronaut wil ik worden (I wanna be an astronout)
No info (corporate record Organon) - Davitamientje naar de maan (little Davitamine to the moon)
Disco Chopper - Phase the music
Benny Vreden Producties Kinderkoor - apollo 17
The Four Yo’s - Sprong in het heelal (Jump into the Universe)
Boudewijn de Groot - Steps into Space
Benny Vreden Producties Kinderkoor - Als je een raket had (If you had a rocket)
Sommert - Met een ruimtepakkie aan (Wearing a little space suit)
Fay Lovsky - A little dab’ll do ya

Set #3 - Patrick Vezina
Franco Battiato - Centro di Gravità Permanente [La voce del padrone]
Jacno - Rectangle
Die Doraus und die Marinas - Junger Mann [Blumen und Narzissen]
Janko Nilovic - Dimanche au Zoo [Jouets Musicaux]
Pyrolator - Ein Herrenzimmer in Schottland [Wunderland]
The Tanzdiele - Candy [Folgt den Führern]
Mac Prindy - Three cheers to the winner [Fast Motion and Dramatic Movements]
JJ Perrey - Musique de l'infini [Moog Expressions]
Die Kapazität - Kurzfilm [leichte Stimmen]
Michel Gonet - Moon Walk [Futura]
Prinknash and Stanbrook Abbeys - Music from Compline [Pleasures and Treasures: A Kaleidoscope of Rare and Beautiful Music]
Eno/Moebius/Roedelius - The Belldog [After the heat]
Pascal Languirand - Megalopolis 2003 [Minos]
Michel Gonet - Gold Fish - [TV Evocations (volume 1)]

Set #6 - Mingo L'indien
R.Tilsley - earthshine version 1 [Byways]
henri Richard - Le baton [Tout mes secrets de hockey]
Sounds galactic - Telstar [an astromusical odyssey]
Sam spence sounds - Water world [Sam spence sounds]
Humphrey Bogart - The maltese Falcon [Here"s lookin' at you kid]

Set #7 - Otis Fodder
Andrée Huet et Pierre Chéne - Un beau bouquet [Imaginations 4]
Brother John Rydgren - The Noise [Silhouette Segments]
Barry De Vorzon & Perry Botkin Jr. - The Riot [R.P.M. - Revolutions Per Minute]
Pop Concerto - Blue Square [Pop Concerto]
Peter Sichel - On Wine [On Wine: How to Select & Serve]

Set #8 - Mingo L'indien
Pierre Henry - Sauts [Mise en musique de Corticalart de Roger Lafosse]
Leone Di Lernia - gaccia ad'ave [7"]
Stoned innocent Frankenstein - Daevid Allen [Banana moon]
The detergents - Ulcer [7"]
Pete Rugolo and his orchestra - Paris B.B. [Behind Brigitte Bardot]
Reveen - excerpt [study and concentration]

Set #9 - Otis Fodder
Master Wilburn Burchette - Psychic Fire [Music of the Godhead]
Louise Huebner - The Demon Spell for Energy [Seduction Through Witchcraft]
Jim Murray - Talking Seperatist Blues [FLQ - Folksongs of Life's Quandaries of Separatism and Togetherness Around the World]
Hiller-Baker - Computer Cantata [5th movt.]
Daktari - The "House of Lions" Episode [Daktari TV Soundtrack]

Set #10 - Mingo L'indien
Pink Floyd - careful with that axe Eugene [7"]
Santer-Finegan orchestra - Whoo doo voodoo [Adventure in time]
Domino - excerpt [comment cesser de fumer]
zinthetyer - Green onion [12"]
pino d'angio - Ma quale idea [7"]

Set #11 - Otis Fodder
Rosebud - Have a Cigar [12"]
Beatle Barkers - We Can Work It Out [Beatle Barkers]
Unknown Chinese Band - We Can Work It Out [I Hate The Beatles Even More! Vol. 2]
Splodgenessabounds - Two Pints of Lager [7"]

Set #12 - Mingo L'indien
Mr.Spock - You are not alone [Music from outer space]
Mr.Quintron - Stray cat's strut [the frog tape]
Flash resonnance - Spy space [Times resonnance]
Henri Richard - Presentation [Tout mes secrets de hockey]
wire - Practice make perfect [chairs missing]

Set #13 - Otis Fodder
Jan Turkenburg - In My Spaceship (Original Version) [12"]
The Shaggs - Shaggs' Own Thing [Shaggs' Own Thing]

April 30, 2010

Set #1 - Mr. Fab
Camarata (feat.Tuttis Trombones) - All Day and All The Night [7"]
The Guilloteens - For My Own [7"]
Esy Morales - Jungle Fantasy [7"]
The Guys & Dolls - Mambo Shmambo [7"]
Mort Garson as The Blobs - Son of Blob [7"]
Al Ciaola - I Found My Mama [7"]
Frank Pourcel and his Orch. - Scotland Twist [7"]
Gabrielito - Sugar Sugar (con la Marimba Alma Chiapaneca de Los Hermanos Melgar) [7"]
Handsome Jim Balcom - Corrido Rock [7"]
Mel Blanc - Mr Crosley [7"]
Perry Botkin - Lover [7"]
Lord Creator - Remember Ma and Pa [7"]
Ralph Flanagan and his Orch - Chicken In The Car [7"]
Scatman Crothers - Transfusion [7"]
Ronny and the Daytonas - Sandy (instrumental version) [7"]
The Chaperones - Man From The Moon [7"]
Tom and Clarance - Hey Rube [7"]
Dreamland Faces - Chompin' [7"]

Set #2 - dAS (BCO/UBUIBI)
Friendly ub : business

Set #3 - Stimie Stilton
Dave Pratt - I Feel Roudy Tonight
Lucifer - Bloodshot Eyes
King Richard And His Fluegel Nights - Whos Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
John Serry - Rock And Roll Polka
Bill Gale - Hula Polka
The Cheepskates - Mahogony Wood
Ann Lawrence - Have You Been To The Planetarium
The Main Street Singers - Going Out Of My Head
Tro Shmeed - Yodel Polka
Don Bowman - Green Sleeves
The Pastors - Wild World

Set #4 - Mingo L'indien
Hot R.S. - In-a-gadda-da-vida (act-1) / The garden of Eden / In-a-gadda-da-vida (act 2) [Forbidden fruit]
L'amitié musicale en concert 1989 - Saturday Night Fever Medley [La fièvre du samedi soir]

Set #5 - Otis Fodder
Stereophonic Balance Test Demonstrations For Hi-Fi Bugs

+ IDs from Big City Orchestra, Fortyone, Naomi Hall, Mingo L’indien, Terry Moss, NAB, and The RIAA.

April 23, 2010

Set #1 - Mingo L'indien
Pierre Henry - sequence 4, Le Livre [L'apocalypse de Jean]
Aphrodite's child - The battle of the locusts [666]
Enoch Light - What the world needs now is love [Spaced out]
Jacques Loussier - Pulsion [Pulsion]
Boris Karloff - introduction / dracula [Boris Karloff and friends]
Roland Bocquet - Robot rose [Robot rose]

Set #2 - Michel Alario
Martian Symphony Orchestra - Martian melody [7"]
Unknown studio band - The party after landing at Lunar Central pt.1 [Bobby and Betty go to the moon]
Erskin Mobley with the Individuals - Lucky man [7"]
Le Trio Sourire - Satisfaction [7"]
Jacques Desrosiers - L'homme mécanique [7"]
Réal Barrette - Nounoune t'en mets trop [7"]
Trevor Payne - Mad dreams [Discothèque vol.2]
Jive Bombers - Bad boy [7"]
Ninapinta and his Bongos and Congas - Help [The downtown scene]
Mike Simpson and Orchestra - Open discussion (in percussion) [Discussion in percussion]
Aurèle Lacombe et ses Hot Guitares - Papa aime le gogo [7"]

Set #3 - Mingo L'indien
The free pop electronic concept - Chewing gum delirium [a new exciting experience]
Vincent gemignani - Liberalia [modern pop percussion]
Serge Gainsbourg - L'anamour [Jane Birkin-Serge Gainsbourg]
Peter Merrick - Phasarock [rocking tempo]
The view - Uncontrollable Urge [Devotees]
Longs hore men - Putra-car of the future [grr huh yeah]
Dave Vorhaus - the oiy machine [electronic toys]
Raymond Scott - The pygmy taxi corporation [Manhattan research]

Set #4 - Otis Fodder
Dewey Bergman and Eddie Gallaher - Taurus The Bull [Your Horoscope In Music]
Jack La Lanne - Exercise 1 Warm-up [Glamour Stretcher Time]
Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett - Medley of the 60's [At Lincoln Center]
Ophir State Marching Band - Bridge Ophir Troubled Water [Ophir State Marching Band]
Tony Randall and Jack Klugman (with Roland Shaw) - The Odd Couple Opera [The Odd Couple Sings]

Set #5 - Mingo L'indien
renaldo and the loaf - Here's the oblong boys [SNX:the entomology of tomorrow's popular music]
Sun Ra and his solar-myth arkestra - pyramids [The solar-myth approach (vol.2)]
Donald Seward - green onions [à l'orgue]
Double trouble - Stoop rap [wild style]
The magic disco machine - control tower [disc-o-tech]
John Fiddy and his orchestra - a hurricane called Jane [Plastic popsicle]

Set #6 - Otis Fodder
Tony Mottola - Danger Theme [Danger]
Clara Rockmore with Nadia Reisenberg - Saint-Saens: The Swan [Theremin]
Uganda Catholic Centenary Central Choir - Cardinal's Message [United in Christ]
David Fanshawe - African Sanctus [African Sanctus]
Billy Cobham - A Funky Kind Of Thing [A Funky Thide of Sings]
Funkadelic - A Joyful Process [America Eats It's Young]
Henri Salvador - Le zizi des zombies [7"]
Katie's Kitchen - Crab Meat Nut Sandwich [A Continuing Series Of Delightful Recipes]
The Osmonds - Mirror Mirror [The Plan]
Katie's Kitchen - Lime V-8 [A Continuing Series Of Delightful Recipes]
Lyme & Cybelle - Follow Me [7"]
The Poppy Family - Where Evil Grows [Poppy Seeds]
Maryrene - Je t'appelais monsieur [7"]
Pamela - Le jour ou [7"]
Christine Lebail - Les voix perdues [7"]
Elmira (N.Y.) Southside High School Band - Kites Are Fun [7"]
The Delta Rhythm Section - King Midnite [7"]

+IDs from Eddie The Rat, Flavia & The Motonets, Naomi Hall, Michel LeGrisbi, The Lounge King, and Christy Shivers

April 9, 2010

WFMU - Running In Place [Locked Grooves from WFMU]
Narrator - Adventures In Stereo [Decca Stereophonic Hi-Fi Demonstration Record]

Set #1 - Mingo L'indien
Giorgio Moroder - Arizona Man [7"]
Sun Yama - More kane than Abel [7"]
Tokow boys - Petite Rockette [7"]
Wisdom - Nefertiti [7"]
Snakefinger - Man in the dark Sedan [7"]
Plastichke - Ca plane pour moi [7"]

Set #2 - Simon Leclerc (Psyquébélique)
François Cousineau - Pulsation [B.O. La corde au cou]
Guy Trépanier - Si (extrait) [Guy Trépanier]
Les Satellipopettes - Mission Secrète [Le drapeau du bonheur]
Dolbie Stéréo - La rue Rachel [Pied de poule]
Fusion - Rêveuse d'amour [Fusion]
Surprise Band - Monter plus haut [Surprise Band]
Michel Pagliaro - Harpo [Aujourd'hui]
Luc Cousineau - Opus aux puces [Luc Cousineau]
Av'nir - Vengeance (extrait) [Déclic]
Aut'chose - Beau bummage [Le cauchemar américain]

Set #3 - Mingo L'indien
Seven Seas - Super Jaws [7"]
Hot Butter - At the movies [7"]
Les Georges Leningrad - Speedy you? Black leningrad [7"]
Positively Thirteen O'Clock - Psychotic reaction [7"]
Zakariah - The girl from Ipanema [7"]
Electric Playground Orchestra - Apache [7"]
Los Microwaves - i don't want to hold you [7"]

Set #4 - Otis Fodder
The Chrysanthemums - I Wish Marvin Gaye's Father Had Shot Me Instead [Is That A Fish On Your Shoulder Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?]
The Dukes of Stratosphear - The Mole From The Ministry [25 O'Clock]
Mild Euphoria - Something Nasty in the Nursery [Sombrero]
Panorama Mondial 1970 - Lancement du premier satellite chinois (excerpt) [7"]
Billy Green & The Love Machine - Tubular Bells [7"]
Mehr Pouya - Ghablie Ye Leili [7"]
Ozo - Kites [7"]
Charlotte Leslie - Monsieur Harrison [7"]

Set #5 - Mingo L'indien
The Residents - Elvis and his boss [Duck Stab]
2-Brazil Rhytms - Bananaticoco [7"]
Spaghetti Head - Funky Axe [7"]
Overdirve - Tekno talk [7"]
OMD - Waiting for the man [10"]
Leo and Co. - Hot dog [7"]
Devil Sauce - Le chat [7"]

Set #6 - Otis Fodder
Maledictus Sound - Wedding Party [7"]
Hercule - Little Green Man [12"]
The Peppers - Pepper Box [7"]
Guy Skornik - Mahakala Puja [Namasté! Ici & Maintenant]
Funkadelic - P.E. Squad/Doo Doo Chasers [7"]
Ween - Pink Eye (On My Leg) [The Mollusk]
The 5th Dimension - Orange Air [THe Magic Garden]
Peter Orloff - Halt - bleib doch steh'n [7"]
Enzo Bontempi - Bangarang [Italian Spiderman 7"]

Set #7 - Mingo L'indien
Pinker tone - Louie Louie [7"]
Mad Dog Vachon - Le rap a Mad Dog [7"]
Jo Buffalo's band - Slag Solution [7"]
Corto Maltese - Corto Maltese [7"]
Donato - The Frog [A bad Donato]
Johnny Almond - Solar Level [Music Machine]
Zaka Percussion - Thu [Zaka Percussion]

WFMU - Running In Place [Locked Grooves from WFMU]

+ IDs from Bentley The Butler, Eddie The Rat, Guido The Pizza Delivery Man, Naomi Hall, The Lounge King, The Merriam Webster Dictionary, Rebecca, Tripwire Magazine

March 26, 2010

Otis Set
Audiophile Records - Tomcat Serenade To A Willing Widow / Rural Evening [Adventures in Cacophony]
Guy Trépanier et Jean Sauvageau - Arc en ciel [Suite et Début]
Dr. Hajime Murooka - Sounds of the Womb & Traumere! [Lullaby From The Womb]
Train Your Bird To Talk - Hello / How Are You [Train Your Bird To Talk]
Les Musiniers - 5e Beethoven [Les Musiniers '78]
Let's Go Places - Canada, The Maple Leaf [Let's Go Places]
Ovila - Passe-Moé un Québec [Pass'moé un Québec... que J'mamuse avec]
Jona Lewie - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties [7"]

Mingo Set
Flying Lizards - Her Story [The Flying Lizards]
Yello - Daily Disco [Clao que si]
Chris and Cosey - Impulse [Trance]
Turbine depress - Boston 4, Quebec 2 [Blende mix]
Scott Campbell - The Gates [7"]
Benninghoff - Supersong [Beethoveen Bittersweet]
Plume Latraverse - Ca bluff! [All Dressed]
Neoangin and Nova Huta - A night like this [7"]

Otis Set
Michel Polnareff - Ballet [Lipstick]
The Gaslamp Killer - Zalim Edit [7"]
Markusfeld - L'epave [7"]
Os Fantasmas - Suspiro [7"]
Unknown Artist - Am-Er-I-Ca [Miscellaneous Mutant Mishaps]
Bernard Chabert - L'homme de l'univers [7"]
Jean Pierre Ferland - It Ain't Fair [Jaune]

Mingo Set
Danielle Dax - Bad caves [pop eyes]
Generentola - La Gata [Strange pleasure]
Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger lady [Greatest hits]
Dr.Mix and the remix - No fun [Wall of noise]
Les Georges Leningrad - Scottish dub macabre [7"]

Otis Set
Crass - Nagasaki Nightmare [Best Before]
National Lampoon - Catch It And You Keep It (excerpt) [Radio Dinner]
Casey Kasem - Aries [Astrology For Young Lovers]
Audiophile Records - Bovine Blues / Feline Kindergarten [Adventures in Cacophony]
Jacques Wilson and Mort Garson - I Know You Aries [Signs of the Zodiac: Aries]
Gary Numan - Films [Ultimate Breaks & Beats Volume 22]
Richard Gotainer - Poil au tableau [7"]
Spizzenergi - Where's Captain Kirk [7"]
Thee Headcoatees - Ca Plane Pour Moi [7"]
Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus [7"]

Mingo Set
Grauzone - Eisbaer [12"]
Rheingold - Fan Fan Fanaisch [7"]
The Tanzdiele - Candy [7"]
Deutsch amerikanische freundschaft - Kebab Traume [7"]
Der plan - Leb doch [Normalette surprise]
Holger Hiller - Johnny [ein bundel faulnis in der grube]
Die Doraus und die marinas - Lokomotivfuhrer [blumen und narzissen]

Otis Set
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares - Erghen Diado [Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares]
Edith Hillman Boxhill, C.M.T. - Haitian Song of Possession [Music Therapy with the Developmentally Handicapped]
Ween - Big Jilm [Pure Guava]
Lio - Amoureux Solitaires [7"]

Mingo Set
Minimal Compact - Statik dancin' [minimal compact]
Hybrid kids - Fever [A collection of classic mutants]
Felix Kubin - Miau Wau Wau [The tetchy teenage tapes of felix kubin 1981-85]
Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man [7"]
Edith Massey - Punks, get off the grass [7"]
Chrome - TV as eyes [Half machine lip moves]
London PX - Arnold Layne [7"]
Quintron - Sound of a train [These hands of mines]
Ernie K-doe - Mother in law [Ernie-k-doe]

+ IDs from Naomi Hall, Alexis Lopez, Der Plan, Rebecca, and Seksu Roba.

March 12, 2010

Library Music Madness

Intro Set
Andres Lewin - Pulsations
The Hucksters - Listen!
Martin McCort & Larry Leblanc - Footwear Nightmare (Ninah's Dream Sequence)

Mingo Set
Malcom Clarke - Bath Time
Pop Concerto Orchestra - Pop Concerto
Camille Sauvage - Prospective
John Baker - Milkay wau
Michel Gonet - Magnesium
Nino Nardini & The Pop Riviera Group - Latinova
Claude Denjean - Promenade

Otis Set
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gilbert Sigrist - L'homme a l'index coupe (The Lost Years)
Donimak-Tamborelli-Morfina - Dedicated to Beatles
Pierre Arvay - All Day Long
Popular Disc - 7 Aliona
Basil Kirchin, John Coleman & Jack Nathan - Main Theme - Pop Version
Barbara Moore - Swing Over
Alessandro Alessandroni - Dialogando
Pierre Dutour - High Tide
Sciltian Adams - Brandenbourg
Jack Shaindlin - Matt's Riff
Vincent Casino et son ensemble - Bastringue
Andy Loore - Spring Stroll

Mingo Set
Gerard Gesina - Big green
Jean-Pierre Decerf - South of the border
Sauveur Mallia - Holidays Morning
Chorus and disco company - Alfred wsrod ptakow
Roland Bocquet - Scoop
Resonance - Yellow Train
David Cain - Autumn and Winter

Otis Set
Anthony Mawer - Undercover Girl
Bernard Lubat - Perdido Paradise
April Orchestra - Gelatine
Andy Loore - Drummer Bells
David Perian & Alberto Baldan - Crazy Drum
Jean Jacques Perrey & Daniel Longuein - Kartoon Power
Laurent Lombard - Happyland
Nino Nardini - Poppets 4, Bumbling Along
Herve Roy - Floussy
Roger Roger - La cantatrice
Nino Nardini - Flying Kite
Tony Campo - Freak Out

Mingo Set
Jacques Loussier - Pulsion
Janko Nilovic - Hommage a Pele
Spaghetti Head - Funky axe
Andre Popp - La campanella
Georges Tremblay - Oh Nancy
Jacques Lafleche - Parle parle jase jase
Santi Latora - Latin Soul
Roger Roger - Coconut Coast

Otis Set
Michel Bernholc - Norfolk Fog
Bernard Estardy - Ombilic contact
Amedeo Tommasi - Leone
Roger Roger - Strange No. 1
Janko Nilovic - Black Jack Party
Harlem Pop Trotters - La baraka du baraque
April Orchestra - T'as pas le temps
Donimak-Tamborelli-Morfina - Psichic Feeling

Mingo Set
Black Out - Grey Times
Zito Torrie - Mobile
Paul Piot & Paul Guiot - Amour, vacances et baroques
Vincent Gemignani - Megalopolis 1000 ieme avenue

Otis Set
Leonhardt Combo - Bossa-Fuga
L. Decosne & P. Daubresse - Gloaming
Pierre Dutour - Following You
Roger Roger - En pleine bagarre
Brian Miller & Jeff Howlett - Jingle Jangle
Jacques Siroul - Diamant
Les Splendid - Remy et Josie

Outro Set
Ariel Kalma - Trompe vie
Nino Nardini - Poppets 3, Calling Bach
Jean-Jacques Perrey - Outro Message

February 26, 2010

The Soundtrack Show

Mingo Set
Pink Floyd - Party Sequence [More]
Gong - Continental circus world [Continental Circus]
Lalo Schifrin - Jaws [Jaws]
Leonard Rosenman - March of the apes [Beneath the planet of the apes]
Ron Geesin and Roger Waters - Our song [The body]

Otis Set
Tito Schipa Jr. - Venditore di Felicità [Orfeo 9]
Ralph Carmichael - Rumble [The Cross and the Switchblade]
Jo Moutet - Tafé Dubonboulo [Comme un pot de fraises]
Waltel Branco - Tema de abertura [Assim na terra como no céu]
Louise Forestier - Le rock de l'avion [IXE-13]
Francis Lai - Ballet du voyou [Le voyou]
The Dudley Moore Trio with Peter Cook - Bedazzled [Bedazzled]
Elmer Bernstein - I Love You Alice B. Toklas [I Love You Alice B. Toklas]

Mingo Set
The Residents - The census taker [The census Taker]
Serge Gainsboug - Sex Shop [Sex Shop]
Offenbach - Qu’est-ce qui te prend? [Bulldozer]
Jacques Crevier - Les yeux brulants [Apres-ski]
Christopher Komeda - Main Title [Rosemary’s Baby]
Stelvio Cipriani - Too risky a day for a regatta [Tentacles]

Otis Set
Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill - Angel, Angel, Down We Go [Angel, Angel, Down We Go]
Dominic Frontiere - Hammersmith is out [Hammersmith is out]
Jonathan Parker & Seth Asarnow - The End [Bartleby]
Fernando Leporace - Priscilla [Carinhoso]
Joe Gracy et Michel Paje - Valérie se rebelle [Valérie]
Bob Summers and Mike Curb - The Gay Teenager [Teenage Rebellion]
Jeanne Moreau - Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves [Querelle]
Joseph Mullendore - Lots of Pluck [Honey West]
Dave Grusin and Teddy Randazzo - The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. [The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.]
Piero Piccioni - Mr. Dante Fontana [Fumo di londra]

Mingo Set
François de Roubaix - La fete des deux avions [La fete des deux avions]
Bappi Lahiri - Mausam hai gaane ka [Gun master G-9]
Bappi Lahiri - Karate [Karate]
Nicole Croisille et Pierre Barouh - Samba Savanah [Un homme et une femme]
Alain Goraguer - Deshominisation [La planete sauvage]

Otis Set
Roy Budd - Hallucinations [Get Carter]
Charles Bernstein - Flight in the Night [Gator]
David Shire - Main title [The Taking of Pelham, One, Two, Three]
Isaac Hayes - Title theme [Three Tough Guys]
Michel Tremblay et François Dompierre - Bitch [Demain matin Montréal m'attend]
Jean Claude Vannier avec Joanna Shimkus - Le monde est fou [Tante Zita]
Stu Phillips - India: Mahahbalipuram [Follow Me]
Orquestra & Coro Som Livre - Selva de pedra [Selva de pedra]

Mingo Set
Frog - Psychomania front title [Psychomania]
Keith Emerson - Taxi ride [Inferno]
Gianni Ferrio - Soliloquio [Una farfalla con le ali insanguinate]
Goblin - Death dies [Profondo rosso]
Manfred Hubler and Stegfried Schwab - Kamasutra [Vampiros Lesbos]
Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - Jupiter’s pop music [Raumpatrouille]
Ennio Morricone - Magic and ecstasy [Exorcist II The Heretic]
Jacques Tati - Adios Mario [Mon oncle]

Otis Set
Vic Mizzy - Morticia's Theme [The Addams Family]
Luis Bacalov - Samba [A Ciascuno Il Suo]
The Wild Ones - Lord Love a Duck [Lord Love a Duck]
Michel Magne - Superchic génial (hommage a James Brown) [Moi y'en a vouloir des sous]
Jacques Loussier - Clara's Jerk [Tu seras terriblement gentille]
Roberto Pregadio - Il dottore indiano [Il medico... la studentessa]
Quincy Jones - Lonely Bottles [In Cold Blood]
The Association - Goodbye Columbus [Goodbye Columbus]
Mrs. Miller - It's Magic [The Cool Ones]

February 12, 2010

Country Persuasion

Otis Set
Wynn Stewart - I’m Gonna Kill You
The DeZurik (Cackle) Sisters - Yippi-Yippi-Ye-Ow
Ed Ames - Mingo, Man With A Whip

Mingo Set
Angele et noel - Je veux etre libre
Gerry Aube - Le train
Daniel Belair - Avant de te connaître
Jean Boucher - Lache pas la patate
Levis Bouliane - Des roses pour maman
Andre Breton - Je chante a cheval
Paul Brunelle - Mona Lisa
Edouard Castonguay - L’orphelin
Denis Champoux - Route de sable

Otis Set
Tomorrow Media - TM Country
Jimmy Murphy - Put Some Meat On Them Bones
Unknown Artist - I Lost My Girl To An Argentinian Cowboy
Lester Flatt - I Can’t Tell the Boys from the Girls
Redneck County (Trailer)
Tiny Tim - I’m Gonna Be A Country Queen
Jimmy Mitchell - Cowpoke Ditty
Ken Bower - I Will Survive
Bobby Shannon - Women’s Liberation is for the Birds

Mingo Set
Lyne Charbonneau - Les serpents rampent la nuit
Roger Charlebois - Rikiki
Claude Charron - Le temps qu’il nous reste
Pierre Chevalier et les country aces - Quebec mon pays
Georges Chouinad - Un verre sur la table
Aurele Cormier - Nous vivrons sous le meme toit
Cornelia - Hello Quebec, Bonjour Montreal
Dani - Mon pays

Otis Set
Ray Martin - Westorama
Willis Brothers - Diesel Smoke on Danger Road
Eddie Noack - Psycho
Chinga Chavin - Cum Stains On My Pillow
Kerry Christensen - Chicken Yodel
Ralf Paulsen - Bonanza
The Lundstroms with Tiny - The B-I-B-L-E
P. Bobek - Oh, Ruby, nechtej mi lasku brat
Frank Ifield - So leicht lernt man das Jodeln
Lorne Greene - Ringo (French Version)

Mingo Set
Rene Dore - Ma gaspesie
Jean-Guy Ducharme - C’a pas d’sens
Aldei Duguay - Nathalie
Normand Durocher - Le gamin des rues
Johnny Farago - J’ai ta photo dans ma chambre
Fernando - Vive les westerns canadiens
Regis Gagne - Sur les trottoirs le dimanche
Alain Giraldeau - Mer morte

Otis Set
Eddie Noack - Dolores
Pioneer Chain Saws (Commercial)
Chuck Wells - Down and Out
Shantytown Honeymoon (Trailer)
Porter Waggoner - Rubber Room
Ferlin’ Husky - The Drunken Driver
Trooper Jim Foster - Four on the Floor (and a Fifth Under the Seat)
Billy Ray - The Story of Susie
Andy Griffith (Public Service Announcement)
Tex Ritter (Public Service Announcement)
Johnny Buckett - Hippy in a Blender
Ira Louvin - Dog Sled
The DeZurik (Cackle) Sisters - Checker Board Time Intro (Ralston Purina Farm Products)
The DeZurik (Cackle) Sisters - Arizona Yodeler
The Hillbilly Hooker (Trailer)

Mingo Set
Honore Godbout - Harvest
Gilles Gosselin - Les maringouins
Andre Gregoire - La chaine de nos Coeurs
Andre guitar - La grenouille
Bobby Hachey - Caravan
Jerry et Jo’anne - Mrs. Robinson
Willie Lamothe - Mille apres mille
Claude Valade - L’anneau de feu

Otis Set
The Beverly Hillbillies (Granny with Cast) - Vittles
Paula Jean Brown - Farm Hollers
The Ukuleles of Halifax - Country Roads

+ IDs from Hornytoad McSlade and Fortyone.

January 15, 2010

Otis Set
Horace Heller - Hello World [7"]
Eugene Chadbourne - The Beatles Medley (Day Tripper/I've Just Seen A Face) [LSDC&W]
Joah Valley - I've Just Seen A Face [Beatle Songs - The New Wave of Joah Valley - Maximo!]
Vijay Benedict - I Am A Breakdancer [Pyaar Karke Dekho] soundtrack
The Evolution Control Committee - Don't Let The Devil Blow Your Mind [All Rights Reserved]
DJ Food - Brother John [The Shape of Things That Hum]
Big City Orchestra - Cry Remix [The Beatlerape]
Messer Chups - Learn To Control Myself [Black Black Magic]
Les Baxter - Hava Nagile [By Popular Request]
The Hellers - Tea and Tympany
Pepper Tanner - Seatbelts PSA
John Dowie - Time Warp [Another Close Shave]
Suburban Lawns - Flying Saucer Safari [Brain in a Box] compilation
Braque - Jeannette [Braque]
Les Rita Mitsouko - C'est Comme Ca (Extended Version) [12"]

Mingo Set
l'infonie - La toune platte
La perversita - Para bokassa
Dance ersatz - The woman is a tramp
François de Roubaix - Mauvaise nouvelle on ne part plus
Die Zwei - Beach Boys accapella
White Noise - Love without sound
McCort mit Leblanc - Naked in the Shower
Jacques Palminger - German Woman
Syrinx - Chant for your Dragon King
Felix Kubin - There is a Garden
Janko Nilovic - Mornings
Saturne Ea1 - Byzantine Galaxy
Andre Popp - Hot Shot
Gil Evans Orchestra - Crosstown Traffic/Little Miss Lover

Otis Set
Les Georges Leningrad - The Future For Less
Les Georges Leningrad - Georges Five
Der Plan - Junger Mann (featuring A. Dorau/Carmen) [The Very Best of Der Plan, The Early Years]
Ohio University Maching Band - Overture to Tommy
Tommy Strange - Purple Desert [7"]
Red Shadow - Understanding Marx [Live at the Panacea Hilton]
Mimi Hetu - Maman (J'ai le coeur qui bat) [Mimi Hetu]
Casey Kasem - Capricorn [Astrology for Young Lovers]
Big Mess Orchestra - Us and Them [A Little Trash Goes A Long Way]
Grethe Agatz - Ekkoleg [7"]
France Gall - Don't Make War Captain Make Love [Best of France Gall]

+ IDs from Naomi Hall, Mingo L’indien, and Christy Shivers.