Michel Alario

April 23, 2010

Set #1 - Mingo L'indien
Pierre Henry - sequence 4, Le Livre [L'apocalypse de Jean]
Aphrodite's child - The battle of the locusts [666]
Enoch Light - What the world needs now is love [Spaced out]
Jacques Loussier - Pulsion [Pulsion]
Boris Karloff - introduction / dracula [Boris Karloff and friends]
Roland Bocquet - Robot rose [Robot rose]

Set #2 - Michel Alario
Martian Symphony Orchestra - Martian melody [7"]
Unknown studio band - The party after landing at Lunar Central pt.1 [Bobby and Betty go to the moon]
Erskin Mobley with the Individuals - Lucky man [7"]
Le Trio Sourire - Satisfaction [7"]
Jacques Desrosiers - L'homme mécanique [7"]
Réal Barrette - Nounoune t'en mets trop [7"]
Trevor Payne - Mad dreams [Discothèque vol.2]
Jive Bombers - Bad boy [7"]
Ninapinta and his Bongos and Congas - Help [The downtown scene]
Mike Simpson and Orchestra - Open discussion (in percussion) [Discussion in percussion]
Aurèle Lacombe et ses Hot Guitares - Papa aime le gogo [7"]

Set #3 - Mingo L'indien
The free pop electronic concept - Chewing gum delirium [a new exciting experience]
Vincent gemignani - Liberalia [modern pop percussion]
Serge Gainsbourg - L'anamour [Jane Birkin-Serge Gainsbourg]
Peter Merrick - Phasarock [rocking tempo]
The view - Uncontrollable Urge [Devotees]
Longs hore men - Putra-car of the future [grr huh yeah]
Dave Vorhaus - the oiy machine [electronic toys]
Raymond Scott - The pygmy taxi corporation [Manhattan research]

Set #4 - Otis Fodder
Dewey Bergman and Eddie Gallaher - Taurus The Bull [Your Horoscope In Music]
Jack La Lanne - Exercise 1 Warm-up [Glamour Stretcher Time]
Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett - Medley of the 60's [At Lincoln Center]
Ophir State Marching Band - Bridge Ophir Troubled Water [Ophir State Marching Band]
Tony Randall and Jack Klugman (with Roland Shaw) - The Odd Couple Opera [The Odd Couple Sings]

Set #5 - Mingo L'indien
renaldo and the loaf - Here's the oblong boys [SNX:the entomology of tomorrow's popular music]
Sun Ra and his solar-myth arkestra - pyramids [The solar-myth approach (vol.2)]
Donald Seward - green onions [à l'orgue]
Double trouble - Stoop rap [wild style]
The magic disco machine - control tower [disc-o-tech]
John Fiddy and his orchestra - a hurricane called Jane [Plastic popsicle]

Set #6 - Otis Fodder
Tony Mottola - Danger Theme [Danger]
Clara Rockmore with Nadia Reisenberg - Saint-Saens: The Swan [Theremin]
Uganda Catholic Centenary Central Choir - Cardinal's Message [United in Christ]
David Fanshawe - African Sanctus [African Sanctus]
Billy Cobham - A Funky Kind Of Thing [A Funky Thide of Sings]
Funkadelic - A Joyful Process [America Eats It's Young]
Henri Salvador - Le zizi des zombies [7"]
Katie's Kitchen - Crab Meat Nut Sandwich [A Continuing Series Of Delightful Recipes]
The Osmonds - Mirror Mirror [The Plan]
Katie's Kitchen - Lime V-8 [A Continuing Series Of Delightful Recipes]
Lyme & Cybelle - Follow Me [7"]
The Poppy Family - Where Evil Grows [Poppy Seeds]
Maryrene - Je t'appelais monsieur [7"]
Pamela - Le jour ou [7"]
Christine Lebail - Les voix perdues [7"]
Elmira (N.Y.) Southside High School Band - Kites Are Fun [7"]
The Delta Rhythm Section - King Midnite [7"]

+IDs from Eddie The Rat, Flavia & The Motonets, Naomi Hall, Michel LeGrisbi, The Lounge King, and Christy Shivers