Jonathan Ward

August 17, 2003

Luisi & Joe Renzetti - Pinball Wizard
Peter Wyngarde - Come In/You Wonder How These Things Begin
Greg Morris - The Look of Love
The Electric Lollipop - Lightning Bug
Connie Boermans - Baby Won't You Come With Me
The Peanuts - Unknown Title, Track 19
John Keating - I Feel The Earth Move
The Space Lady - Lord Deliver Us / Showdown
Louise Huebner with Louis & Bebe Barron - Introduction / Witches and Wizards
Marty Gold - Eleanor Rigby
Sacramento City College Stage Band - LSD '67
Forest Heights Elementary School - The Morning After
Mossilene Miles - My Tribute
John Wayne - An American Boy Grows Up
Eddie Noack - Psycho
Sal Mineo - LSD: Insight or Insanity
The Ukuleles Of Halifax - High Rise
The Residents - Make Me Moo
Kerrisdale Recorder and Ensemble - Norwegian Wood
Chrysler/Plymouth - Swing Up!
Ford Tractors - Golden Harvest
American Motors - Big & Beautiful
Chevrolet - Concours
Dodge - Charger Charges On
Porsche/Audi - 4000 Fever
Volkswagon - Lookin' To You
Ford Tractors - The Mark of Precision
Edsel - Once In A Lifetime
Ford Truck Division - The Most Successful Salesman; Ranchero
B.F. Goodrich - A Girl Who's Makin' It Big
Detroit Diesel Engine Division of GM - One Man Operation
Ford's The Going Thing - Happiness
Dominion Road Machinery - They Only Make Motor Graders
Dominion Road Machinery - The Harem Song
B.F. Goodrich - Tires To Sell
Ford Auto Division - Ford Has Done It Again
Detroit Diesel Engine Division of GM - Sell Truck
Rambler - Comin' Round Every Corner
Massey-Ferguson - We're Massey-Ferguson

The second hour of this week’s show featured, “The History of the Industrial Musical: Cars, Trucks, Tractors & Implements,” a collection of material compiled by Jonathan Ward (with selections from the collection of Jonathan and Steve Young). The first hour of this show was a standard freeform mix.