Frank M. Young

February 1, 2019

The Friendly Persuaders

Drew Dobbs - Friendly Persuaders Theme

MarkTime - Audio Zine

Archivist Viv
Neil Dick - The Ottawa Song
Neil Dick - The Ottawa Song
Di Farrelly - Jaime
Di Farrelly - Alfriston
Dan Knudsen - Play Keyboards

Harry Perry - Speaking Live
Dr. Geek - Venice Beat
Ted Hawkins - I Got What I Wanted
Barry 'The Lion' Gordon - Venice Strut
Barry 'The Lion' Gordon - Santa Monica Strut

Frank M. Young
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes - Song of a Broken Heart
Roger Roger - Night Tide
The Fireballs - Fireball
Sam Marowitz and his Alto Sax - Blue Twilight
Herschell Gordon Lewis - Quicksand!
Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Trigger Happy
Roger Roger - Ski-Lift

Jan Turkenburg
Bob Scholte met Orkastbegeleiding - Samba Hier Samba Daar - Samba
Earl Bostic his alto sax and his orchestra - Always (Toujours)
Mister T. - Eleanor Rigby

Agent .08 - Patrick... Patrick Foisy
J. W. Alexander - Doing The James Bond Walk

Krys O
Krys O - Flat Top
Krys O - Eye Are US
Krys O - Betty Guessed Wrong

Drew Dobbs
Drew Dobbs - Friendly Persuaders Theme
Drew Dobbs - Waiting for the Biscuits
Drew Dobbs - Construction Crane
Drew Dobbs - Falling Leaves
Drew Dobbs - Friendly Persuaders Theme

Martinibomb - Audio Bits

Kevin Sukho Lee
Toshiki Kadomatsu - Step Into The Light
Mel Brooks - To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)
Aretha Franklin - What A Fool Believes
Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love

Space Raiders - Song For Dot
Unknown - If You'll Agree
Rob Paulsen - Why Can't I Be A Teenager With A Shell (prod. by Fortyone)
Jimmy O'Clock - Jump Off The Roof
Midas McFunk - Young Man
The DBC - Enough
Dizzy Gillespie feat. Joe Carroll - Oh Lady Be Good

Oh Astra - Xanadu
Lounge-O-Leers - Xanadu
David Last - All Over The World/Xanadu
Lafayette Jefferson - Xanadu Medley

Archivist Viv
Bad Date - One Chance At True Love
Brad Stanfield - Gumball Wizard
Damaskas - Robert Hillburn
The Emotron - The Bethune Theory
The Pennikurvers - Daredevil

August 20, 2001

The Weird Wide World Of Joe Meek

Joe Meek's Secretary - "Telstore" answering machine message
Joe Meek - He's All Mine (demo; unreleased)
The Tornados - Love And Fury (1962)
The Outlaws - Dream Of The West (1961)
Mike Berry and the Outlaws - Tribute To Buddy Holly (1961)
The Blue Rondos - Little Baby (1964)
Joe Meek and Dave Adams- As Time Goes By, composing demo
Alan Dean & His Problems - As Time Goes By (1964)
Joy & Dave - They Tell Us Not To Love (alternate) (1961)
David Adams - Lonely Street (demo), (c. 1961)
Chad Carson - They Were Wrong (1964)
Bobby Rio - When Love Was Young (1965)
The Honeycombs - Once You Know (1964)
The Honeycombs - Love In Tokyo (1965)
Joe Meek - Bing Bang Bong (composing demo; unreleased)
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - Love Dance Of The Saroos (stereo)
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - Dance Of The Globbots (stereo)
The Outlaws - Western Sunset (1961)
Geoff Goddard - Sky Men (first demo version)
Geoff Goddard - Sky Men (released version; 1963)
John Leyton - Heart Of Stone (1962)
Don Charles - Heart's Ice Cold (1963)
Jamie Lee & The Atlantics - In The Night (1963)
Joe Meek - Untitled ("The Big Beat Drum")
Glenda Collins - I Lost My Heart At The Fairground (1963)
The Farridays - Two Brothers (unreleased; 1962)
The Packabeats - Theme From 'The Traitors' (1963)
The Outlaws - Husky Team (1961)
The Tornados - Untitled (unreleased; c. 1966)
John Leyton - Voodoo Woman (1961)
Geoff Goddard - You Were There (unreleased demo c. 1964)
Rodd, Ken & The Cavaliers - Happy Valley (1960)
Iain Gregory - The Night You Told A Lie (1961)
Joe Meek - My Baby's Coming Home (songwriting demo)
The Millionaires - Wishing Well (1966)
The Syndicats - Crawdaddy Simone (1965)
The Honeycombs - Can't Get Through To You (1965)
Pamela Blue - Hey There Stranger (1963)
Lea & Chess - Little Star (unreleased until 1996; c. 1964)
Joe Meek - Baby, I've Been Good To You
Ricky Wayne - Why Pretend (unreleased; c. 1960)
Heinz - Questions I Can't Answer (1964)
Joe Meek & The Blue Men- Magnetic Field (stereo mix)
Joe Meek & The Blue Men- Valley of No Return (stereo mix)
The Tornados - Hot Pot (1964)
The Tornados - Cyclone (unreleased until 1998; recorded 1963)
John Leyton - Wild Wind (1961)
Heinz - The Beating Of My Heart (1964)
The Honeycombs - This Too Shall Pass Away (1964)