Edith Frost

January 30, 2004

Pepper Tanner Library - Imagination
Barry White - Do You Wanna Buy A Monkey?
Train Your Bird To Talk - Hello Pretty Bird
Fred Lowery and The Anita Kerr Singers - I Whistle A Happy Tune
Alvis Wayne - I Wanna Eat Your Pudding
Chris Ligon - Buglight
Big Daddy and the Little Sisters - Daddy Frog
Clyde Leoppard Band with Bill Taylor, Smokey Joe Baugh & the Snearly Ranch Boys - Split Personality
The Chevrolet Experience - Something BIG is Coming
Jim Backus - Caveman
Georgia Greenberg - Mr. Rolly
Chico and Buddy - A Thing Called The Jones
Star Trek - Drug Awareness PSA
Unknown Artist - Brain Power
Dusty Springfield - Mother's Pride (Commercial)
Liz Anderson - Mama Spank
Shooby Taylor (with R. Stevie Moore) - Four Leaf Clover
Wild Man Fischer - Merry-Go-Round
The Arbors - Touch Me
Claudine Longet - Let's Spend The Night Together
The Enoch Light Singers - Hello, I Love You
Leslie Sarony - Puss Puss Puss
The Light Crust Doughboys - Pussy Pussy Pussy
Little Marcy - I Love Little Marcy
The Merry Macs - Well! Well! Well!
Paul Ott - Kitty Kat
Les Paul & Mary Ford - Tiger Rag
Trailer - Cat In The Brain
The Mouskateers - Pussy Cat Polka
Sexual Pleasures Film Documentary Series - The Vagina
Lawrence Welk - Music To Watch Girls By
Georgia Greenberg - Yes, Yes, Yes
Ivy Shulman and the Bowties - Rock Pretty Baby
Fran Allison - Beef Asado Tango
Frank Sinatra and Dagmar - Mama Will Bark
Red Ellis and Friends - Victims of Abortion
Roc La Rue and the 3 Pals - Rockabilly Yodel
Sparkle Moore - Flowers Of My Heart
Jeannie C. Riley - The Rib
Johnny Cash - Gravity Pump
Lou Christie and the Tammys - Guitars and Bongos
Club Nisel Orchestra - Tokyo Boogie
Shooby Taylor (with R. Stevie Moore) - Bye Bye Blackbird
August Greenberg - Itchy Itchy Hay Hay
The Singing Dogs - Hot Dog Boogie
Betty Riley and Xavier Cugat - Dog Song
Johnny Buckett - Let Play Wit' Yo' Poodle
William Teller - Baby Don't
Unknown Artist - I Lost My Girl To An Argentinian Cowboy
Edith and Abi Ofarim - Cinderella Rockafella
What In The World Happened - January 30, 1976
Mrs. Miller - Medley (Appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show)
Tony Oxendine - I Believe In Music
Willy & Willeke Alberti - Sole Sole
Norma Jean - Stoned Again
Jon Wayne - I Caught Me A Squirrel
Hartman's Heartbreakers - Let Me Play With It
Wesley Willis Fiasco - I Can't Drive
Howard Finster - Hit Religion
Howard Finster - Keep On The Firing Line
Howard Finster - A Few Special People
Howard Finster - Cripple Creek
Howard Finster - Rock And Roll and Preacher Finster
The Little Lundstroms - Top of the World
Marjoe (Age 4) - You'd Better Get Ready
Little Jimmy Osmond - Peg O My Heart
George Jones - Eskimo Pie
Freddy King - Monkey Donkey
The Phantom - Love Me
Kreskin - Sex Detector
John & Jackie - Little Girl
Picking Up Girls Made Easy - The Library Pick Up
Butt Trumpet - I've Been So Mad Lately
Eddie Vespa - Letter To My Ex Wife
Georgia Greenberg - Big Girls Know What To Do
Ho Ho Laughing Monster - Ho Ho Laughing Monster
Okeh Laughing Record - Okeh Laughing Record
Cal Stewart - I Laughed At The Wrong Time
Johnny Beeman - The Laffin' Beatnik
Shooby Taylor - Busted
Margarita Pracatan - Crazy
Mrs. Miller - It's Magic (from the movie "The Cool Ones")
Miss L.L. Louise Lewis - The Astro-Mice (No Cheese On The Moon)
Johnny Buckett - Hippy In A Blunder
Train Your Bird To Talk - Bye, Bye, See You Later