Evolution Control Committee

September 3, 2001

DJ Pantshead and The ECC - Intro
Sesam Strasse - Mah Na Mah Na
Mae West - Criswell Predicts
Jam Productions - Drums and Call Letters
De MiniStars - Amadeus
March Into 1985 Demo LP - Obsession
600 Second Miracle Promo Record Excerpt
DJ Pantshead of The ECC - Untitled Scratchabilly
Pat and Darrell - Sleeper Cab Home
Peter Marks - C.B. Okie from Muskogee
Switched On Nashville - Folsom Prison Blues
Claro Music Corporation - Mister X Sings
DJ Pantshead of The ECC - Swingle Bombers
Rev. John Rydgren - Hippie Version Of Creation
The Weird Love Makers - Boy Scout In The Everglades
Richard Hayman - Hare Krishna
Mel Blanc - Money
Ken Nordine - Electro-Voice Series D Organ Demonstration Intro
The Three Suns - When Yuba Plays the Rhumba on the Tuba
Westinghouse - He Got No Westinghouse Franchise
The Billy Nayer Show - Fickey
Exploring Music Vol. 8 - Your Voice Is You
Rev. John Rydgren - Search It Out
DJ Pantshead of The ECC - Surfin' Bass
Roger Price - An Expose of Hi Fidelity (excerpt)
V V M - Take My Beef Away
Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson - Soul Transportation
The History of Unheard Music - Even The Ugliest Thing