dAS (Big City Orchestra)

June 4, 2010

Set #1 - Otis
Eden Ahbez - Myna Bird [Eden's Island]
John Evans and the Big Band - Bad and Beautiful [Exotic Percussion and Brilliant Brass]
Mel Henke - Exotic Adventure [Dynamic Adventures In Sound]
Michel Magne and his Orchestra - Bahia [Tropical Fantasy]
Los Admiradores - Friendly Persuasion [Bongos/Flutes/Guitars]
Rex Kona - Wild Orchids [Wild Orchids]
Martin Denny - My Tane (My Man) [Exotic Percussion]
Les Baxter - Bustin' The Bongos [Sounds of Adventure]
Kaino and his Afro-Percussion Group - Man and Beast [Fabulous Bongo Ping Pong Percussion]
Australian Aboriginals (Arnhem Land, Australia) - Walaka [Authentic Australian Aboriginals!]
Charles Mauu and The Royal Polynesians - Vahine Anamite [Polynesia!]
Enoch Light and his Orchestra - The Third Man Theme [Far Away Places]
Gordon Jenkins - The Cocktail Party / The Houseboat [Seven Dreams]
Joe Sherman, his Orchestra and Chorus = That Certain Party [The Seventh Dawn]
Dominique Michel - La case en bamboo [Un p'tit bout d'femme]
The Peter London Orchestra - The Toy Trumpet [The Sound of Top Brass]
Flo De Parker et Jean-Pierre Coallier - Ho Oh [Jeux d'hommes]
Hollywood "Pops" Orchestra - Voodoo Moon [Motion in Percussion and Orchestra]
Mike Simpson - Hyena Hippies [Jungle Odyssey]
Elsa Popping and her Pixieland Band - Jalousie [Delirium In Hi-Fi]
Gordon Jenkins - The Nightmare [Seven Dreams]
Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra - The Bells [Poe For Moderns]
Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble - Holiday In A Hurry [Music For Baaroom and Harp]
Line Renaud - Conga Parade [Plaisirs]
Katie's Kitchen - Baked Noodle Ring [A Continuing Series of Delightful Recipies]

Set #2 - dAS
The PSA Show

Set #3 - Mingo L'indien
spatial & Co. - Meteor one [spatial & Co.]
Brian Eno - Cindy tells me [here comes the warm jet]
offenbach - bataille [Bulldozer]
Pat Prilly - ballet intersideral [Moog sensations]
zacar orchestra - like to love [disco-take]
kenny graham and his satellites - Chant [moondog and suncat suites]
andre brasseur - when [vol.2]
jad fair - Frankenstein must die [the zombie of mora-tau]
spund of genesis - lift of :mystery of space [journey to the moon]
Sam Hui - private eyes [privates eyes]
wavy workshop - hot house [further exploration of the art of the synthesizer]
the grateful dead - operator [americna beauty]
ti-jean - erzulie [spirits of life, haitian voodoo]
the monks - oh, wow to do how [black time]
nicaud - cuisses nues…bottes de cuir [erotico nicaud]
janko nilovic - moderato cantadible [classical phases]
sam spence - water world [sam spence sounds]
serge gainsbourg and jean-Claude Vannier - la horse [la horse]
flash resonance - pretty duck [times resonance]
Piotr - troche wiosny, toche lata [Piotr]

Set #4 - Otis
Lord Windersphere (England) and Paul Boomer (Australia) - The Original Crepitation Contest
Hahnemann Medi-Disc - Question and Answer Session [Constipation & Diarrhea, Volume Five]
Claude Denjean - Alone Again / Tight Rope [Open Circuit]
Electric Light Orchestra - On The Run [DISCOvery]

April 30, 2010

Set #1 - Mr. Fab
Camarata (feat.Tuttis Trombones) - All Day and All The Night [7"]
The Guilloteens - For My Own [7"]
Esy Morales - Jungle Fantasy [7"]
The Guys & Dolls - Mambo Shmambo [7"]
Mort Garson as The Blobs - Son of Blob [7"]
Al Ciaola - I Found My Mama [7"]
Frank Pourcel and his Orch. - Scotland Twist [7"]
Gabrielito - Sugar Sugar (con la Marimba Alma Chiapaneca de Los Hermanos Melgar) [7"]
Handsome Jim Balcom - Corrido Rock [7"]
Mel Blanc - Mr Crosley [7"]
Perry Botkin - Lover [7"]
Lord Creator - Remember Ma and Pa [7"]
Ralph Flanagan and his Orch - Chicken In The Car [7"]
Scatman Crothers - Transfusion [7"]
Ronny and the Daytonas - Sandy (instrumental version) [7"]
The Chaperones - Man From The Moon [7"]
Tom and Clarance - Hey Rube [7"]
Dreamland Faces - Chompin' [7"]

Set #2 - dAS (BCO/UBUIBI)
Friendly ub : business

Set #3 - Stimie Stilton
Dave Pratt - I Feel Roudy Tonight
Lucifer - Bloodshot Eyes
King Richard And His Fluegel Nights - Whos Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
John Serry - Rock And Roll Polka
Bill Gale - Hula Polka
The Cheepskates - Mahogony Wood
Ann Lawrence - Have You Been To The Planetarium
The Main Street Singers - Going Out Of My Head
Tro Shmeed - Yodel Polka
Don Bowman - Green Sleeves
The Pastors - Wild World

Set #4 - Mingo L'indien
Hot R.S. - In-a-gadda-da-vida (act-1) / The garden of Eden / In-a-gadda-da-vida (act 2) [Forbidden fruit]
L'amitié musicale en concert 1989 - Saturday Night Fever Medley [La fièvre du samedi soir]

Set #5 - Otis Fodder
Stereophonic Balance Test Demonstrations For Hi-Fi Bugs

+ IDs from Big City Orchestra, Fortyone, Naomi Hall, Mingo L’indien, Terry Moss, NAB, and The RIAA.

February 25, 2002

The uB Radio Special

j.k.randall; quartersines 1965
arp 2600
alvin lucier; north american time capsule 1967
seq. circuits maxx
stockhausen & walkman; broccoli
arp synths
knife lust; shrivel up
electric birds; temescal
arp omni
runzelstirn & gurgelstock; procession
crumar performer
inflatable meat clams; i'm sorry
crumar performer 2
wendy chambers; car horn organ
your host bobby; pocket critic
time modulator
german shepards; thc
time modulator
tape beatles; grave
john trubee; blind man's penis
crumar orchestrator
crash course in science; kitchen motors
crumar traveler
barnes & barnes; day in the life of green acres
tuxedomoon; left my heart
the sounds of moog
bco; child's garden of noise
the sounds of moog
daevid allen; boon

September 6, 1999

Big City Orchestra's Rob O'Bresney - Show ID
The Kids of Widney High - Throw Away The Trash
Jim & Tammy & Their Friends - We're Going To A Mansion On The Happy Day Express
Let's Blast a Joint
Frank Zappa - Stick It Out
7th Day Adventists - PSA
Janeen Brady - I'm a Mormon
Big City Orchestra's Rob O'Bresney - Commercial Break
Big City Orchestra - BCO Noize Like
National Lampoon - Fartman
The Wonder Who? - Don't Think Twice
AD - Smokey Joe Food Break
Culturcide - E&I
AD - The Violent Ones
Big City Orchestra - BCO Noize Like (Viva Los Vegaz)
Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows
Big City Orchestra's Rob O'Bresney - Commercial Break
His Kids - What's God Like?
7th Day Adventists - PSA
Jim & Tammy & Their Friends - Oops! There Comes A Smile
National Lampoon - The Immigrants
Dion - Purple Haze
Dad's Radio For Kids - Dad's Radio For Kids (edited mix by Otis Fodder)
Big City Orchestra - BCO Noize Like
Nine Inch Muzak - Closer
7th Day Adventists - Sexually Transmitted Diseases PSA
The Art of Noise - The Holy Egoism of Genius
The Rutles - Piggy In The Middle
Dixon Devore - Eudora May