B.C. Sterrett

April 16, 2010

Set #1 - Otis Fodder
Ralph Carmichael - The New Hallelujah, Handel's Hallelujah Chorus [The Electric Symphony]
La Famille Rouleau - Allez Savoir Pourquoi [Des chansons, de la fraicheur, de la jeunesse]

Set #2 - BC Sterrett
Xxenogenesis #1 - Side 1 Excerpt [I am That I am]
South High School - Christmas (Solo: Carol Wilson) [Bel Cantos' Greatest Hits]
Os Novos Baianos - Brazil Pandeiro [Os Novos Baianos]
Los Xochimilcas - Tamaulipas ["A Gu Gu" con Los Xochimilcas]
The Four Skins - L.S.D. [The Fabulous Four Skins Sing Songs of Medicine and Med School]
The New-Born Singers from Teen Challenge Institute - I've Been New-Born [I've Been New-Born]
Paul Beaver and Bernard L. Krause - Dr. Fox [Ragnarok]
Silver Apples - Water [Contact]
The Guitar Ensemble - Close To Me [You-N-YOu]
Van Wood Quartet - Due Rane E Un Cane [Allegria]
Candies - California Dreaming [Title is in Japanese]
The Poppy Family - Free From the City [Which Way You Goin' Billy?]
Canada Dry Corporation - Cut 1 :60 Full Vocal [Wink Bossa Nova]
Ophir State Marching Band - Set Free [Ophir State Marching Band?]
Jerry Goldsmith & leslie Bricusse - Your Zowie Face [In Like Flint Soundtrack]
Ennio Morricone - The Burglars [The Burglars Soundtrack]
Wendy and Bonnie - I Realized You [Genesis]

Set #3 - Otis Fodder
Anna St. Clair - Les poissons qu'on voit dans l'eau n'ont pas de bardes [7"]
PeloquinSauvageau - Monsieur L'Indien [Laissez-nous vous embrasser ou vous avez mai...]
Gymnastik mit Brigitte - Dreaming [Damit sie schoner, schlanker und beweglicher werden]
Bobby Hachey - Folsom Prison Blues [Sings Johnny Cash]
Jerry - Fou Rire [7"]
Gymnastik mit Brigitte - Shaking Blues [Damit sie schoner, schlanker und beweglicher werden]
Big Bad Jack - Gros Jambon [Disco Gag!!]
La Pandilla - A-Chi-Li-Pu [La Pandilla]
Adventures in Cacophony - Syncopated Steno [Adventures in Cacophony]
Northgate 'A' Band - Theme From Rocky [7"]

Set #4 - BC Sterrett
Reels Psychadeliques - La Chose (excerpt) + La Ballade De Rose ET Alfie [Reels Psychadeliques Vol. 2]

Set #5 - Live Performance Break
Musical Saw performance by BC Sterrett

Set #6 - BC Sterrett
Marshall McLuhan - The Medium is the Massage (Side 1 Excerpt) - [The Medium is the Massage]
Dave Pell SIngers - Laughing [Mah-Na-Mah-Na]
Fred Weinberg - 1958 Revisited [Electronic Toys 2]
Dr. Pepper - Standard [The Most Original Soft Drink Ever Original Cast Album]
Ted Steele - Grievin' [For Grieving Lovers]
Margo Guryan - Someone I Know [Take a Picture]
Jeff Gray - Strangers in the Night [Live...In Concert at Saltair]
Baker, Johnson & Dickinson Advertizing - Jingle "Soft Shoe Duet" [for Stark, Wetzel & Co., Inc.]
Takeshi Terauchi & "Blue Jeans" - Track 2 Unknown Title [Title in Japanese]
Three Peas in a Pod - Goin' Out of My Mind [Time is Money]
(Request) Greaseman - "Barroom Brawl" [What it Must be Like to be .... "A Real Lawman"]
(Request) Palmer Rockey - "Feelings of Love" [Rockey's Style]
Mills Brothers - Jungle Fever [The Human Orchestra]
The Shangaans - Taboo [Jungle Drums]
The Bermudas - Chu Sen Ling [Girls in the Garages Vol. 5]

Set #7 - Otis Fodder
The Shaggs - I Love [Shaggs' Own Thing]
Telly Savalas - Rubber Bands and Bits of String [Telly]
Sam Sacks - That Old Black Magic [Sing it again, Sam!]
The Pan Am-Go Commercials - Take Your Wife By The Hand / A Medley of Japanese, Spanish, French, and Portugese [The Name of the game is Go]

Set #8 - BC Sterrett
Chevrolet - Chevrolet Experience [The Chevorlet Experience]
Dilulio and Kerr - The Conquest of a Will [The Death of the World of Now]
Francoise Hardy - Tu N'as Qu'un Mot A Dire [Je Vous Aime]
The Collage - She's Just Laughin' At Me [The Collage]
Blue Phantom - Compression [Distortions]
Will Jima - The UFO Message Side 1 Excerpt [The UFO Message]
Mollie Thompson - The Cockeyed Ballad [From Worlds Afar]
Peter Yarrow and John Simon - Beach Music + The Wabe [You Are What You Eat Soundtrack]
Highland High School - Smiling [In the Key of "C" 1975]
48 Girls - Let's Get a Little Sentimental [Taking Off Soundtrack]

Set #9 - Otis Fodder
Vincent Bell - Caravan [The Best of Vincent Bell]

August 19, 2002

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys - Heroes & Villians Suite
The Beach Boys - Surfin' (Demo)
The Beach Boys ID
The Beach Boys - Vegetables
The Beach Boys - The Wood Chop Song (aka Friday Night)
Claudine Longet - God Only Knows
The Beach Boys - Roller Skating Child
Brian quotes "How To Speak Hip/ Hang On To Your Ego (Alt Version)
Olivia Tremor Control - Hideway
The Beach Boys - George Fell Into His French Horn
The Beach Boys - Bicycle Rider
Langley Schools Music Project- I Get Around
The Beach Boys - Wind Chimes
The Beach Boys - He Gives Speeches
Janean Brady - Do You Want To Feel Happy?
The Beach Boys - Ms. O'Leary's Cow
The Beach Boys - I'd Love Just Once To See You
The Beach Boys - Johnny Carson
John K. Fitzpatrick w/ Bazza - Wouldn't It Be Nice
The Beach Boys w/ Annette Funacello - The Monkey's Uncle
The Beach Boys (Smile Ad)
The Beach Boys - Never Learn Not To Love
Feelds - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
The Worm Eaters (Movie Clip)
The Beach Boys - Do You Like Worms?
The Beach Boys - Tones (aka Holidays)
The Beach Boys - Wonderful
Short Hair Front - Here Today
Girls On The Beach (Movie Trailer/Intermission)
The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (Early Take)
The Beach Boys - Mama Says
The Beach Boys - H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
The Beach Boys - Cabin Essence (Backing Track & Vocals)
Melt Banana - Surfin' USA/You're Welcome
"Don't You Think The Beach Boys Are Boss?"
The Beach Boys - I'm Bugged At My Old Man
Brian In His Room
Wild Man Fischer - In My Room
The Beach Boys - Let's Get Away For Awhile
The Beach Boys - The Little Girl I Once Knew
The Beach Boys - Bull Session With "Big Daddy"
The Beach Boys - Heroes and Villians (Segment)
The Beach Boys - The TM Song
The Beach Boys - Dogs Session
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Brian Wilson talks about the song "Fire"
Langley Schools Music Project - You're So Good To Me
The Beach Boys - Little Pad
The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations Closing Bit
The Beach Boys - Heroes and Villians/I'm In Great Shape/Barn Yard (Demo)
The Beach Boys - Barn Yard
Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her - You Still Believe In Me
The Beach Boys - Solar System
Abner Newton & Brain in Slow (Plunderphonics) - Ten4gv
The Girls On The Beach (Film Clips)
The Leningrad Cowboys - California Girls
The Beach Boys - Good Time
Artist Unknown - Tea Break
Brian & Carl Wilson on Surfing
The Beach Boys - Studio Outtakes (with Murray Wilson)
Toru & Kojima - Surfer Moon
The Beach Boys - She's Going Bald
The Beach Boys - I Want To Pick You Up
The Beach Boys - Fall Breaks and Back Into Winter (Woody Woodpecker...)
The Beach Boys - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Stereo Version)
Fantastic! - Brian Wilson
The Beach Boys - See You At The Show
Gary Usher - Caroline No
Saint Etienne - Stevie
The Beach Boys - Roll Call
Kim Fowley - Almost Summer
The Beach Boys- You're Welcome

September 10, 2001

Archbishop Jason Polland, B.C. Sterrett, & Korbi Povey - Intro
Cab Calloway w/ The Kipper Kids - Some of These Days
The Nourishment - Buddy Cried
Joe Tepperman Station ID
Optiganally Yours - Stop Touching Me
Skeleton Crew - The Sparrow Song
The 12 Steppes - Me and Sally
Mailbox - A Little More
Mental Rental - Hero's Lament in the Park/Heroine Appears
Tom Owen - Super Computer
My Man Friday - Tangerine
The Bran Flakes - Give Yourself a Stereo Check-Out
Ron Frangipane & his Orchestra - Something
Rev. Fred Lane & Ron Pate's Debonaires - Shoelaces
Gazzillion - Never Play Baseball with a Hornet's Nest (PSA)
They Might Be Giants - Violin (?)
Barnes & Barnes - Ah A
Jonny Cohen's Love Machine - I'm Not an Anorexic
Majestic - Bub
Archbishop Jason Polland - The Lemon Pledge
James Kochalka Superstar - Have You Ever Kissed An Idiot?
Bubble Couch - Parachuting
Optiganally Yours - Walk & Chew Gum
The 12 Steppes - It's All Good
NSPS - The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg
Brian Dewan - Cadavers
Mark Mothersbaugh Station ID - Takes 1 & 2
DEVO - Love is Stronger Than Dirt
The Residents & Renaldo and The Loaf - The Shoe Salesman
My Mom's Station ID
Dick "Two Ton" Baker - I Like Stinky Cheese
GST Mugwump - My Many Smells
Tama - Onaka Panpan
Milky - Emperor of Oranges
Bereft - The Appropriately Titled Song
Sparks - Under The Table With Her
Thirsty Alley Station ID
Thirsty Alley - I Formed the World with My Tongue, I Cleared...
Flossie and The Unicorns - Free Guitar Lessons For Animals