The Friendly Persuasion Show

Logo by Suzanne Baumann @ Fridge Magnet ConcoctionsHey! Welcome to the Friendly Persuasion Radio Show you nut!

A smorgasbord of aural happenings beaming to you every Friday from 3-6pm Eastern on WFMU‘s brand new streaming station, Sheena’s Jungle Room.

Click here to visit the Friendly Persuasion Shindig at WFMU where you can listen to archived shows, peruse playlists, and get all chatty with your fun self. Our station schedule is located here.

Hope you have a grand time!
– Otis and Friends

Best way to listen is click the image below to go to the WFMU home page, choose Sheena’s Jungle Room and click that big ol’ play button.

Sheena’s Jungle Room stream is 24/7! Check the schedule to catch a show!

If you tune in on a Friday (Noon-3pm PT / 3-6pm ET / 8-11pm GMT) you’ll catch Friendly Persuasion!

So what is this? Radio Show? Podcast? Vehicle?

Well, if you look to your left – or scroll up if you are on a tiny device, you should see links to view playlists. They are all sorted up by year, super guests, stations. A number of shows have links to listen at WFMU or older shows uploaded to Mixcloud.

The show is recorded weekly in Montreal and broadcast on WFMU, beaming down into your Noggin’ by whatever new-fangled device you happen to be blessed (or possessed) with. Check out the WFMU Station Schedule, our Facebook Clubhouse and the Blog.

Interested in a guest host slot, creating a mix for the show, a theme, recording an ID, painting a pretty picture? I love it all. Email me!

Keep on scrollin’ below for the show history…

The show started in early 1999 on Free Seattle Pirate Radio and ran about 6 months. Broadcasting from Midnight-3am, sometimes on Friday or Saturday, and I recall the studio moving about the Capitol Hill area a couple of times. Radio on the down-lo with a range covering the Capitol Hill to downtown area as memory serves.

In August of 1999, the show joined Antenna Internet Radio (remember the glory days of streaming RealAudio 32Kbps G2 streams) and was featured in RealAudio’s Take5 Guide. Shortly after in September of 1999, the show hooked up with Cool and Strange and became the official show of the magazine. In late 2002, AIR went off the net after a 4-year run and in early 2003 C&SM ended it’s amazing 27 issue print run.

June of 2003 saw a custom one-off show on BTTB (Back To The Basics) followed by a reboot in August 2003 on LUVeR, a run of 30 shows on Luxuria Music in 2005, a few show repeats by Hellbound Alleee, and a small pocketful of magical moments capped off 2005 on Shirley & Spinoza.

In 2007 the show was condensed into small segments (10-20min), appearing within The Lounge King Show on Montreal’s Mix 96 FM with repeats on Horizonte Imer (Mexico), Ibero (Mexico), Ibiza Global Radio (Spain), Iceberg (Canada), Lounge Radio (Switzerland), MondoEZ (Italy), Radio Lounge (Germany), RMX (Mexico), and UC Radio (Mexico).

2009 the radio bug ate half my brain propelling the show back online at DFM RTV INT with repeats & special shows going out over KAOS Radio (Austin), Radio23 (Portland), and unaRadio (Buenos Aires). End of 2010 the show was shelved.

Fast Forward to 2018 and Friendly Persuasion is back baby on WFMU‘s new swingin’ streamin’ station Sheena’s Jungle Room headed up by Mr. Fab with a ragtag bunch of pals playing platters.

+++ A huge loving thanks to guests, folks who contributed IDs/themes/shorts, and to Suzanne Baumann for the show logo!