Volume is an Everyman

March 1, 2017

audio hour one:
Otis Fodder – Volume is an Everyman

audio hour two:
RoBo & dAs – Broken Correct Orgone


Mysteries of Ub episodes air on Bay area cable TEE-VEE via Peralta TV. Peralta TV can be seen on Comcast cable channels 27 (Alameda and Berkeley) and 28 (Oakland, Emeryville and Piedmont) and throughout the Bay Area on AT&T’s U-Verse channel 99. It is seen in well over 500,000 households throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and also available World-Wide at the Vimeo page and obligatory facepage

Flashback for friends/collaborators who may remember the Comfort Stand netlabel project from ran from 2003-2006.

The Netlabel Interview Project is set up as a platform to interview and document netlabel history.


Comfort Stand

Netlabels can participate here.

Old Tapes

June 29, 2016

A long time ago in a bedroom (with a 4-track) far far away…

Old Tapes

From the collection of Jonny Smokes.

20 Years Ago…


I Remember When I Break Down

A Home

March 1, 2016

The Bran Flakes have a track featured on ‘A Home’, a digital compilation in aid of the UK Refugee Council. Featuring new and exclusive music from The High Llamas, Laetitia Sadier, The Go! Team, Kiran Leonard, and more!


Only FIVE pounds (just over 7 bucks USD) and ALL proceeds go to the Refugee Council (a charity dedicated to resettling and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK).

A Home

1. The High Llamas – Citizen
2. Laetitia Sadier – Turn The Other Cheek
3. Boys Age – Cult Pop
4. Adrian Knight – Free Man
5. Capt. Lovelace – Tout Azimut
6. The Bran Flakes – Nonsense
7. The Go! Team – Aerial Station Wagon
8. Julian Lynch – May
9. Steve Sobs – Cold World
10. /please/ – Phantom Fireworks
11. Aldous RH – Sick & Tired
12. Kiran Leonard – His Actions Speak Louder Than Words
13. Ed Askew – Houses At Dawn

Ultimate Hits

January 26, 2016

Ummmm, pretty excited here. My first full release on vinyl!!


Some of you might know this project I have been doing since 1992, The Bran Flakes.

Always wanted to have stuff I made on vinyl and outside of a few compilation appearances on wax, this is the first full length. Been a long journey from cassettes in the late 80s to CDs in the 90s/00’s to digital and now with my bandmate Mildred (Andy Arkley) and our pal 安竹馬 at Future Logic Development Corporation, we have started a new label release journey.

It’s $20 USD for the LP with instant digital download + you can preview all tracks before buying. Orders ship within 24-48 hours.

Ultimate Hits

1. Hi 01:34
2. Rodeo Butterfly 02:39
3. What It’s All About 01:50
4. Buttermilk 00:07
5. Cool Fresh Apple Cider 02:52
6. Feelings 02:22
7. Kayla 01:31
8. No More Free Will 01:33
9. Good Times A Goo Goo 02:06
10. Stumble Out Of Bed 02:51
11. Fifty Four Fifty 01:07
12. Van Pop 02:00
13. I Have A Friend 03:01
14. I Wonder Where My Grandmother Is 01:06
15. Do You Want Salad With Your Taco 00:45
16. Mini Mountain Queen 01:02
17. A Susie Moppet Singtime Sing-A-Long Song 01:10
18. Evil Knievel 02:05
19. Smith Corona 10-Day Typing Course 01:21
20. Riddle 01:35
21. Dear Mom and Dad 02:28
22. You Can Do Most Anything 01:21
23. You Can Sample 02:22

On sale at Josey’s Records in Farmer’s Branch, Texas (North Dallas). Photo by 安竹馬.

Ultimate Hits Texas

If you order directly from Bandcamp, odds are you’ll receive a personal thank you note for purchasing. Photo by Benjamin Berg.

Ultimate Hits Letter

Critter Bounces

July 4, 2014

Critter Jams looks back at our 2002 release Bounces.


My Invisible Friend

June 13, 2014

2 new Bran Flakes tracks on this FREE digital comp.

My Invisible Friend Vol. 1

FREE download here.


Meaning what? 14 artists from all around the world collaborated without knowing who they were collaborating with. That was setup by the label.

Here is our track with Os Caramboleiros.
Produced by The Bran Flakes.
Video design & animation by Pablo Jurado.

Here is our track with Logosamphia.
Produced by Logosamphia.
Video design & animation by Pedro Grillo.

My Invisible Friend Vol​.​1

01 – CLOVES with Stolenmeltdown – My Invisible Friend
02 – THE BRAN FLAKES with Os Caramboleiros – It’s Your Move
03 – THE COCONUT MONKEYROCKET with The Cow Goes Moo – Aunt Fish
04 – OS CARAMBOLEIROS with Néstor +3 – La mierda en la boca
05 – PLAYOFONE with Melöfo – Amig@ invisible
06 – THE COW GOES MOO with Logosamphia – Arcade Bee
07 – LOGOSAMPHIA with The Bran Flakes – Inidadbodja
08 – BLUE STATES with The Coconut Monkeyrocket – Field of View
09 – IONN CONNOR with Cloves – Blind Man Footwork
10 – MELÖFO with Voetbal – MIF Never Shows up on Dates
11 – TOTTORINOS with Playofone – SukkalaKan
12 – VOETBAL with Ionn Connor – No me chilles, que no te veo
13 – STOLENMELTDOWN with Blue States – Minor Big Fellow
14 – NÉSTOR +3 with Tottorinos – Me voy a dormir

Fashion Week Tokyo

March 26, 2014

Designer Pim Sukhahuta asked The Bran Flakes if she could use our music for her show at Fashion Week Tokyo, and of course we said YES!

Our songs run from 0:24 – 11:32 and then back again from 15:07 to 16:20.

Thanks Boing Boing!


Raymond Scott Rewired
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