What It’s All About

2009 | Video by Andy Arkley


2009 | Video by Susan DeLint

Fifty Four Fifty

2009 | Video by Andy Arkley

Don Knotts

2009 | Video by James Allenspach


2010 | Video by The Bran Flakes


2017 | Video by Parkade Studio


Waxing over vinyl. Part of a short film series, RPM (Records People Music).

View all 5 episodes here. Featuring: Adam O’Callaghan, Death of Vinyl, DJ Luv’s Record Canyon, and Kid Koala.

The Girl That I Used To Be

2013 | Video by Chris Lozano


Sampling André Popp’s ‘Ophelia’ (vox/vibes), Pop Concerto Orchestra’s ‘Arabian Melody’ (bass), and featuring Bomarr on Drums. From our 2009 album, I Have Hands.

Potato Chips

2017 | Video by Dylan Stanford

Mysteries of uB

2017 | Video by uBmonkey


audio hour one:
Otis Fodder – Volume is an Everyman

audio hour two:
RoBo & dAs – Broken Correct Orgone

Unchained Passion

2013 | Video by Jewish General Hospital

In The Luggage

2009 | Video by Eric Kilkenny (Martinibomb)

T-Shirt Monster

2010 | Video by Zerofriends


“Filmmercial” from director Stephen Reedy and artist Alex Pardee (Zerofriends).

Starring Kate Freund & Nip/Tuck’s John Hensley.

Featuring The Bran Flakes song, Fifty Four Fifty. Watch out for T-Shirts!!

Beat Head

2010 | Video by Stewart McCullough

I Have A Friend

2009 | Video by MonsieurLunatique

Tullis & Clark

2011 | Video by WFMU


2010 | Video by Stephen Reedy & Jenn Horvath

Cumberland Gap

2009 | Video by Stuart Christensen

Gabe R.

2008 | Video by Stuart Christensen

I’m Dead

2014 | Video by UBRadio Salon

Still Dead

2014 | Video by UBRadio Salon