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February 14, 2018


The Intro and the Outro

January 1, 2018

MOFOHappy New Year 2018.

Launching this site today as an ongoing project to store past bits that appeared on blogs, sites, social accounts, and offline journals + continue on with the new. Personal bytes all in one place. Projects, bands, collaborations, interests, inspirations.

These days, current focus is creating songs again for release one day… and listening to more sounds than I create… always.

So, welcome to the new year 2018 and I sure hope it’s better than the last 3 months of 2017. A complete shit show. The only illuminating latter part of 2017 is being thankful for friends and family, clients and partners, and regaining health and direction as the year progressed.

Thanks to Queen Crimson for the MOFO logo and Otis illo in this post.

Thanks for tuning in!


Viens, Mon Amour

December 8, 2017

There is a digital campaign underway to reissue early classic soundtracks from Cinepix and the first release to drop is the soundtrack for Viens, Mon Amour / Love in a 4 Letter World from 1970.

The French and English versions can be found here:

Viens, Mon Amour: Apple Music | Spotify | CD Baby

Love in a 4 Letter World: Apple Music | Spotify | CD Baby

The tracklist is basically the same. There are 2 songs which change. Track #1 by Charles Linton (who sings in both languages) and Track #10 by Louise Lemire in French / Sharon Ryan in English.

Love in a 4 Letter World

I am happily heading up the transfers. Straight transfer, EQ flat, one hand on mouse, other on coffee cup. We had to run with transferring from NM Vinyl LPs as no master tapes have been found (and a few have searched this one out). Applied no Noise Reduction, spent time zooming in and taking care of pops manually and only ran low passes for click removal on a few select sections. Never any full track processing. Was good to be a bit overly cautious about it and imperfections happily remain to attempt to achieve the best transfer/end result possible.

The crazy thing is, all of these sealed LPs were packaged with no inner sleeves, so of course the fear of an LP sitting in a basement for almost 50 years is justified. Thankfully, they played without issue, no excess surface noise or other abnormalities.

After my end, it was sent over to Harris Newman at Grey Market for mastering.

Thanks to Ralph Alfonso, Paul Baillargeon, and Greg Dunning (son of Cinepix co-founder John Dunning) for making this all happen!

Next up…

The holy grail of Valérie is #1 on our list and we are working hard to make that happen. I created a labor-of-love mix of the soundtrack in 2010 from a 2nd generation VHS copy and with the help of Sébastien from Mondo PQ (cover art) and Simon (article/interviews), we posted it online. While no masters have been found, there is a good quality DVD version and we are still looking for the best quality to work with.

Also on the horizon… Y’a Plus De Trou À Percé / Loving and Laughing


December 2, 2017

Waxing over vinyl. Part of a short film series, RPM (Records People Music) on YouTube from Parkade Studio, shot in 2016.

View all 5 episodes here. Featuring: Adam O’Callaghan, Death of Vinyl, DJ Luv’s Record Canyon, and Kid Koala.

Critter Jams

November 27, 2017

Cool review from Critter Jams on our latest Bran Flakes release Help Me.

Critter Jams

Potato Chips

November 22, 2017

A great music video for Potato Chips made by the talented Dylan Stanford!

KZSU Review

September 24, 2017

KZSUThanks KZSU Stanford for the track by track review of our latest Bran Flakes album, HELP ME.

UB RADIO Salon #500

August 14, 2017

3-hour (extended special) celebrating the 500th episode of UB RADIO SALON. 500 consecutive weeks of broadcasting LIVE radio sound-art/improvisation, performed live from the Chakra Chimp Research Kitchens, Northern CA-USA. Live broadcast on 13-AUG 2017 via DFM RTV Amsterdam-NL.

Listen and Download:

The uB-500 players on location:

uB-Players via Remote:

+ big shouts out to Michael Wertz for this fantabulous UB show poster design!


Help Me

August 2, 2017

Our new full-length album HELP ME is out now!

24 Songs – 40 Minutes. It’s our best album yet – we love it.

How to get it:

Bandcamp (Best for us!)

iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Please spread the word and help us out!


1. Help Me
2. Bill
3. Polka
4. Ride The Tiger
5. Potato Chips
6. Caution
7. Cotton Candy
8. Have You Seen?
9. Vacation Slideshow
10. Hey What’s Going On In Here?
11. Comfort & Love
12. I Can Be Whole
13. The Letter A
14. Of Course
15. There’s A Lot Of Things In Life Today
16. How To Take A Good Selfie
17. Clap Your Hands
18. Electronic Voices
19. Pinky Duck Wagon
20. Nope.
21. Friyay!
22. Dum Dum Dum
23. On The Moon
24. Dream

365 Days Discogs

June 28, 2017

10 years ago (in 2007) my daily custodian duties revolved around posting audio to a blog as a total undeniable obsessive labor of love.

For the past few months, within free moments, I have been adding selections featured on the 365 Days Project to this list on Discogs. All in the hopes of helping others locate and find recordings featured. Simply because it all falls back to sharing and discovering “together”.

  • With the ephemeral nature of sharing online, a posts life expectancy can be rather short-lived. I created this site as a way to express future bits + archive the past that appeared on blogs, sites, social accounts, and offline journals.

    Questions, comments, rants, recipes? Do get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for checking in to see what this MOFO is posting.

    Catch me over on Mixcloud too!

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